Cure to Aging

A New Paradigm

We are entering a major paradigm shift from business titans of the past to business titans today.  Going back a century ago, creative destruction such as cars replacing the carriage or electric light bulbs replacing kerosene lamps…such creative destruction destroyed old jobs while creating many more new jobs.  Today, however, that model no longer exists.  Creative destruction today destroys far more jobs that it creates.  Let’s explore that new paradigm:

A lot of people are going to be jobless as the digital world devours the brick-n-mortar world.  Civilization does go through creative-destruction cycles, but the jobs created usually surpass the number of jobs destroyed.  However, the nature of a digital/robotics future, for the first time the jobs created fall far short of the number of jobs destroyed.  In fact, that is largely the reason the digital world is destroying our brick-n-mortar world:  with employees obsoleted by computers and robots, business’s biggest expense, payroll, is reduced to fractions.  Therefore, purchasing products on-line is cheaper.  So the business goes more and more to the cheaper price…to on-line, not to the brick-and-mortar stores.

Retail is one clear example, but the reach of the digital world including artificial intelligence, automation and robotics goes far beyond retail.  Traditional manufacturing jobs, creative jobs, even management jobs are being replaced by automation, 3D printers, computers, robots and artificial intelligence.  The entire brick-and-mortar traditional business paradigm from hiring to distribution is being pulled apart by the digital world.  Instagram sold for a billion dollars with just a dozen employees.  Snapchat had just six employees when Zuckerberg offered to buy them for three billion dollars.  Any brick-and-mortar company worth three billion dollars would have thousands of employees.  A lot of good people will not have jobs in the digital/robotics future.  Some experts predict as high as 60% unemployment!1

1My value-creation  techniques  that  you  receive  during your one- year journey will save you from this looming job-killing threat to society.  Over time, my Neothink® techniques will save millions of people who lose their jobs to the digital takeover.

So what does that mean for ordinary people?  What are they supposed to do?  And what would happen to society as a whole? …Many good, hard-working people will simply be locked out of the workforce.  What’s going to happen?

If society starts experiencing 30%, 40%, 50% unemployment, our existing political/societal structure could not hold up.  The financial strain on the workers to support society under the massive weight of government — from welfare to military — would become too great and the entire structure would collapse.

To survive, society could be pushed into an altogether new political structure.  Imagine a never-before-seen structure where the few geniuses of society could radically raise the buying power, wealth and standard of living of all the people.  Imagine a political/societal structure where the few make the many wealthy.  Such a structure must materialize to survive the digital destruction of traditional jobs.

We have seen bits and pieces of this few-making-the-many-wealthy possibility throughout history.  As I pointed out, a recent example involves the computers.  As I said, today people can buy the computing power that previously only Fortune 500 companies could finance.  The people themselves did not become multi-millionaires in order to afford this leap in buying power.  No, the few geniuses of society brought this leap in buying power and prosperity to the masses.  And I also pointed out that even before high technology, a hundred years ago, in the span of a few years suddenly ordinary families could buy an automobile that previously only the richest elite could afford.  The one genius of society, Henry Ford, made that possible for the masses everywhere with his mass-production breakthroughs.

A breakthrough political paradigm allows for this unique phenomenon in which the few geniuses of society can raise the prosperity and standards of living of the masses.  That new political paradigm is based on the Prime Law as demonstrated earlier in my message, which  details  a  Prime-Law  America  that allows the few geniuses of society to make the masses live like today’s wealthy!  Prime-Law America, Prime-Law countries will have the only political paradigm that can save us as our jobs evaporate by the millions into thin air.  We will need the few geniuses of society to relentlessly raise the prosperity for the many millions upon millions of ordinary people as they lose their jobs to the digital world.

Of course, the people will need to choose the Prime-Law Paradigm over totalitarian takeovers, which often happen in high-unemployment countries.  Consider that use of initiatory force in a totalitarian dictatorship drains the masses in order to make the few leaders wealthy.  By contrast, no use of initiatory force in a Prime-Law Paradigm unleashes the few geniuses to make the masses wealthy.

To see what’s coming, know that at some point survival must kick in:  This MUST happen for all of us to continue living a quality standard of living, saving millions of us from falling off a cliff into the abyss of poverty…the few saving the many.  This political paradigm shift must occur soon; this paradigm shift at the highest political levels MUST happen for our survival.  This political paradigm shift will give everyone a quality standard of living, even today’s poor.  This political paradigm shift and ONLY this shift will save the middle class from falling into an underclass and keep society from collapsing.  This shift happens with the Prime Law Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Why?  Because it sets free the geniuses of society.

Think about this: today the digital world currently makes a handful of people billionaires (i.e., political businessmen) while costing thousands, tens of thousands, and soon millions of people their jobs.  That creative destruction is unstoppable.  There is one antidote: a political paradigm shift that will open the gates and allow growing numbers of geniuses of society to make everyone’s standard of living soar like the wealthy…like the early days of the computer revolution.  Everyone gets the buying power of the rich, including the poor!  How?  By unleashing all the Steve Jobs and Henry Fords of society — the market businessmen, yes the James J. Hills (Chapter: The Geniuses Bring You Everything) as opposed to today’s political businessmen blocking open competition in tandem with politicians.

In the breakthrough Prime-Law Political Paradigm, as amazing as this seems, everyone will live like today’s millionaires.  Again, we MUST have this new political paradigm shift to survive the demise of our jobs.  Without it, the country and the world will experience dramatically increasing unemployment.  With it, the country and the world will experience dramatically increasing prosperity and peace.  Read on and embrace the salvation of civilization…embrace wealth, health and peace on Earth through the Prime Law.

The next political wave might have nothing to do with massive national political campaigns, nothing to do with the two major parties and their endless fundraising.  The next political wave might come through economic necessity for the survival of civilization, through a Prime-Law Amendment to our U.S. Constitution, prompted by the increasing destruction of our beloved brick-and-mortar jobs.  The next political wave might come right out of these pages.

Indeed, the new political paradigm in which the few geniuses of society make the masses wealthy is laid out for the world in my revelation of the Prime Law Amendment.  This Prime-Law Political Paradigm could likely come out of nowhere and become our next political wave out of necessity for our survival.  This new political structure is just waiting to save us.  It will make everyone wealthy, including the poor.