Cure to Aging

Adding Rights Versus
Eliminating Force

Consider the Founding Principle of the Bill of Rights: Natural/ Inalienable Rights

The founders were on track with Natural Law — Natural Inalienable Rights

The problem is: “Rights.” “Rights” stop one level short of “Force”.  Politicians easily manipulate “rights.”  They cannot manipulate “force.”

Let us look more closely at Rights versus Force:       

Rights:  adding the positive…can keep adding, twisting, manipulating — forming today’s myriad of laws, regulations, mandates that “add” to people’s “rights.”  “Rights” multiply.

Force:  removing the negative…cannot keep adding anything. Cannot twist, cannot manipulate — can merely remove the one negative. Now we have achieved the irreducible fundamental of protection.  

Eventually the Bill of Rights was doomed. In fact, founding father John Adams believed the Constitution would last 40 years only.  James Madison, author of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, believed a century at most…certainly not over two centuries, which is a tribute to the amazing document they did accomplish in our U. S. Constitution. But as most of the founders feared, it was doomed. Instead of adding the positive as in the Bill of Rights, they missed the masterlink by not removing the negative.  Force.

In fact, “rights” have become the weapon of politicians and regulatory bureaucrats ever since because “rights” can be so easily manipulated. Through their illusions of compassion, they can add more and more “rights” in the name of social justice, for instance.

The Bill of RIGHTS is steadily weakened by the disease of politics and is being beaten down. The concept of “rights” is the breach in the whole document.  Again, the concept of “rights” means ADDING THE POSITIVE.  With clever illusions, “rights” become a weapon for growing government control and violations of our freedom.  By contrast, the concept of “force” means REMOVING THE NEGATIVE.  Once you remove the negative, there is nothing left for government to violate our freedom.

Once the negative (i.e., force) is removed, it cannot be manipulated or added back in. But once the positive (i.e., rights) are added, well they can be manipulated, and MORE “positives” can be added to law, which is exactly what has happened. Sound-good “compassionate RIGHTS” are increasingly generated today in the name of social justice.  Those “rights” serve political agendas and rising ruling power. Championing those “rights” wins votes from large segments of the population, increases political popularity and media headlines…but brings with them the use of initiatory force to redistribute our wealth or, for example, to enforce health mandates or climate regulations.  Indeed, those “rights” built on illusions of “good” drain our freedom. They fool the public!

Removing the negative is THE fundamental of protection, not adding “rights” — no, not even the Bill of Rights. The founding fathers sensed this problem with the Bill of Rights, but under enormous survival pressures went ahead with adding the positives, the Bill of RIGHTS, and tragically missed removing the negative, the Prime Law.

Adding the positive versus removing the negative opened the door to the corruption of the Constitution.  Adding the positive (rights) tears apart our country today.  Removing the negative (force) provides pure freedom forever, which we can look forward to in the Prime Law Amendment.

A worthy question is:  Will freedom last FOREVER under the Prime Law? Consider that the Ninth & Tenth Amendments attempted to permanently preserve the people’s freedom:

Ninth Amendment
The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Tenth Amendment
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Yet today our freedom wanes.

So, will the Prime Law be corrupted over time as has the Bill of Rights?

No. Here’s why:  I call the Prime Law the fundamental of protection since it explicitly banishes initiatory force including in government; removes it forever.

As you know, the Bill of Rights including the Ninth and Tenth Amendments do not get down to the fundamental — eliminating initiatory force. They stop one level above the fundamental of protection.

Over time the illusions of politicians and regulatory bureaucrats have twisted “rights” to mean anything they want. Just witness the head-on violations of the Bill of Rights today being twisted and manipulated as valid, particularly during the pandemic!

Furthermore, the government machine adds more and more entitlements to serve the “rights” of their favorite segment of the population.  So they twist the meaning of the constitution to serve their agendas, using initiatory force in the process. With the Prime Law, they could never get started.

All violations of freedom begin with initiatory force.

History of the founding fathers showed they were desperately searching for the Prime Law, but just never did get down to that fundamental of protection. They needed to flip their thinking from adding the positive (rights) to eliminating the negative (force).

They were under enormous pressure to get the Bill of Rights quickly or lose EVERYTHING. Perhaps under less survival pressures they would have made the flip to eliminating the negative, the final integration of permanent pure freedom:  The Prime Law.

Consider the words of a heartbroken father whose beautiful daughter was stabbed to death by a criminal roaming the streets, “I blame what’s endemic in our society right now…everybody seems to be oriented on giving back rights and bestowing favor on people that rob others of their rights.”  Lost in his grief, he makes that powerful point about the problem with “rights”.  Yes, “rights” are destroying America.