Cure to Aging


Laissez-Faire Capitalism

Throughout history, capitalism brought the highest standards of living to civilizations. The eternal criticism of capitalism by the socialists was the extreme wealth gap between the working class and the companies that hired them…citing the unregulated poor working conditions, no health care, no minimum wage during the Industrial Revolution. The socialists point to the human condition during that time; they point out that large corporations exploited employees in the absence of government regulations.

The capitalists, on the other hand, point out that the standard of living of the working class continued to rise throughout the Industrial Revolution, particularly when compared to the rest of the world. They point out that the Industrial Revolution led to the working class living with better choices of food, housing, entertainment than aristocrats just decades before.

I leave those arguments in the ivory towers of academia. I know we are in a different time now — out of the Industrial Revolution and into the Technological Revolution. The human condition is different now. What the world does not need now are more “rights” forced upon us from government…more regulations and redistribution from government. Instead the world needs the removal of initiatory force from government…removal of “rights” and regulations based on initiatory force. The world needs the Prime Law.

Almost as an afterthought I came to realize that the Prime Law is the only “turnkey technique” throughout history that delivers pure laissez-faire capitalism. Pure laissez-faire capitalism has never existed because initiatory force has always existed in every government. The U.S. Constitution came close, and America quickly rose to the highest standard of living ever seen, but our Bill of Rights eventually died out while more and more legislative and regulatory “rights” introduced more and more initiatory force in our government. Removal of initiatory force — The Prime Law — is the light-switch that permanently turns on pure capitalism and its bright light of prosperity. No other on-off switch has ever existed. This is a first — the Prime Law is the switch that turns on pure capitalism…forever.