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An Idea And An Emotion

We have all heard before that America began from an idea…the idea that a country’s government is run by the people, for the people.  But we have not heard that America also began from an emotion…the emotion LOVE.

Not so widely known is our Founding Fathers’ deep LOVE for humankind.  And with today’s growing attacks on our country’s origins, on our Founding Fathers, on our Constitution…you will be hard pressed to learn about the immense love and kindness our Founding Fathers felt for their fellow Americans.

Love is a multi-dimensional emotion experienced only by the more intelligent animals in the animal kingdom.  Only conscious man can experience the full and deepest dimensions of love.  And the more mentally developed the person, the deeper his or her capacity for love.

The American experiment led by our Founding Fathers rose from a deep LOVE for the people.  Research into our Founding Fathers reveals the deep, precious love they felt for mankind.

Today we have a false form of so-called “love” on the rise: pseudo love.  Politicians create illusions of love for the people.  The people have an impossible time seeing through the pseudo-love illusions, however, for those illusions project “compassion” and “concern for the people.”  But secretly, that pseudo love is driven by an agenda…an agenda that delivers greater power to the politicians.

For instance, the socialists today promise “compassion” by providing FREE everything, but that “compassion” comes through rigid regulations, harsh laws and overwhelming taxes backed by initiatory force.  Indeed, the socialists’ “compassion” will be used to increase their power and tighten their political grip on the people as seen today in Venezuela.

Now with the Prime Law, anyone can clearly see that “compassionate” pseudo love comes with an agenda.  That agenda imposes regulations, laws, and taxes that tighten the political stronghold on the people, always cloaked in illusions of compassion and concern for our well-being and “the higher good”.

Here’s How To Tell The Difference Between True Love vs Pseudo Love

True Love never ever imposes initiatory force on the people.  As with the Founding Fathers, every effort is made to weaken and restrict government’s ability to shrink our freedom through laws and regulations backed by initiatory force.

Pseudo Love imposes initiatory force on the people.  Using their illusions of compassion and concern for our well-being and for “the higher good”, those politicians increasingly strengthen the government’s ability to shrink our freedom through laws and regulations backed by initiatory force.

We have seen that happen throughout history.  Those politicians are very different than our Founding Fathers, for those politicians do NOT love the people; in many cases they resent the people, thus their constant attacks on our Constitution, particularly on our civil liberties.

Their sophisticated illusions of “love”, “compassion”, and “concern for our well-being” — promoted by today’s mainstream media — become too difficult, too impossible for the ordinary person busy making a living and tending to their families to see through.  However, do try to detect those who genuinely LOVE our country (by increasing freedom) versus those who secretly do NOT LOVE America (by increasing restricting laws and regulations)…those who want to fundamentally change America…those rising socialists taking us toward despotism just as our founders warned us!

When the illusions get too difficult to see through, go to the premise of the Prime Law to cut through the illusions: no one should ever use initiatory force upon another — regardless of the promised “social good” or “social justice.”  For then the new laws and regulations being proposed by the socialists can be seen for what they are and not what the illusions of compassion appear to be.  With the Prime Law as your tool, you can see that the new socialists’ proposed laws, regulations, and taxes would actually tighten their grip of power on the American people for the socialists’ own “superior” existence.  They do NOT LOVE the American people!  They love power and control.  They love superiority.

To this day, I give my sincerest thanks for the LOVE this country was founded on where superiority was placed on the people’s rights and NOT on the government’s power.  That love is shown through the freedom given to the American people.

Today we must stop those rising politicians who do NOT love the people, who want to take away their freedom with collectivist laws and regulations that would bring power and control to the government and tyranny to the people:

The Prime Law is the ultimate expression of love for the people; the Prime Law brings pure incorruptible freedom to the people.  The Prime Law was the final integration our Founding Fathers searched for but did not have the time to find.  Let us finish their work; let us put this final integration of freedom and love in our Constitution:  The Prime-Law Amendment…or in honor of our Founding Fathers: The Individual Rights Amendment.

Creeping Socialism

When I grew up, everyone admired job-creating business leaders.  We idolized them.  They inspired us.  They were our heroes:  Steve Jobs, hero. Lee Iacocca, hero. Sam Walton, hero. Andy Grove, hero.  We looked up to…we LOVED our business heroes.

Today, the exact opposite is happening.  In The Lego Movie, the evil villain was called “Lord Business” and “President Business.”  In nearly all kids movies (save for Marvel and DC Comics), the bad guy is the businessman.  Inspiration to succeed gets sucked out of our kids.

Moreover, government makes it DANGEROUS to start a business today. The regulations and punishment make entrepreneurs and job creators disappear.  The Administration at the time of this writing has removed many of those dangerous and crippling regulations.  And business is booming (prior to the Coronavirus).

Socialistic-leaning government, while whipping up public fanfare through illusions of “compassion” spread by its media allies, races toward destruction of business, such as happened to the coal industry (prior to an administration change).

We now struggle with a “Democracy Dilemma.”  Democracy is taking over America in a sort of mob role.  Now that over 50% of voting-age Americans receive some form of government assistance, the majority support taking more from business owners and redistributing that money.

And today’s children get spoon-fed anti-business socialism in the liberal academic environment, again just as James Madison, author of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, feared.  America faces a growing and dangerous momentum against business.

How can we stop the democracy dilemma and its mob rule?  There is no way to stop it now, not after such a high percentage of the population is taking from the public treasury.  The only way to save us from this dangerous death-cycle is the Prime Law.

There are two HUGE obstacles preventing this only solution to creeping socialism:

1) Do enough Americans want to put out the mental effort and honesty to understand the Prime Law and how it is the ONLY solution — a gift — that can save us from decline?

2) If and when enough Americans do embrace the Prime Law, will we have enough of a republic left to save us through a constitutional amendment — the Prime Law Amendment (or the Individual Rights Amendment)?

If we cannot overcome those two obstacles, then the only bright future would be a new country based on the Prime Law.

America’s Steady Slide to the Left

I’ve heard the following comment repeated throughout my life: “Democrats once considered liberal would now be considered conservative.”

On the other hand, I’ve never heard this particular comment even once in my life: “Republicans once considered conservative would now be considered liberal.”

Why is that?  Why the decades-long, centuries-long slide to the left?  The answer begins by understanding that a slide to the left is a slide toward big government.  The further left, the bigger the government…socialism, communism.

The answer becomes clear by acknowledging that big-government politicians are driven by power; the further left, the greater their power.  Driven by power and not genuine concern for the people’s well-being, those politicians pulling the country to the left have NO scruples, no concerns about driving for power over the people’s well-being.  By contrast, the politicians who genuinely care about the people give up political power for the liberty and well-being of the people.  In other words, politicians for less government and more freedom care about the people and do have a conscience.

In any political battle, the power-driven politicians with no scruples, no conscience, will run circles around the freedom-loving politicians with a conscience.  Indeed, deception, lies, illusions puts the power-driven politician at a huge advantage, thus the steady slide to the left — to the power-driven politicians.

The power-driven politicians almost always can appear the complete opposite of who they are through their arsenal of deception, lies, illusions.  They can appear to care for the people’s well-being…care even more than the freedom-loving politician who genuinely works with reality for our benefit.  In fact, through deception, lies, illusions the power-hungry politicians can appear as the saviors of humanity while making the reality-based freedom-loving politician appear as a cold-hearted enemy of the people.

The far-left democratic candidates provide many examples of deception, lies and illusions that make them appear compassionate and caring for the people when all they are really after is power — big-government control.  But with their promises of free this and free that…well, they appear to be the compassionate ones while the reality-based freedom-loving financially responsible politicians appear to be coldhearted by comparison.  The illusions invert reality.

So with the deception, lies, illusions coming from the progressive left — from politicians after power acquired through big government — the country is pulled left, for the reality-based freedom-loving politicians with no deception, lies, illusions cannot compete in the decadent political arena.  And the country sadly will continue to slide left until it is destroyed by big government, by socialism.

However, we do have one weapon now that, for the first time, can stop the slide to the left: the Prime Law.  You see, the slide to the left happens because of the deception, lies, illusions of power-thirsty politicians and mainstream media.  The Prime Law cuts through the deception, lies, illusions.  Confusion collapses when the ordinary man-in-the-street can see through the deception, lies, illusions.  Now, with the Prime Law, the ordinary person can see past appearances to what is.  Then the reality-based freedom-loving politicians can compete. 

By the way, the progressive left’s use of deception, lies, illusions explains why, on an international level, China successfully took enormous advantage of America, which is finally being addressed today.

A Growing Problem on the Left

I see a problem on the left escalating out of control.  Never before have I witnessed in America the extent to which the far left will make sweeping statements that land so far outside of reality, making false claims regardless how blatantly false.  The reason the left has gone so far outside of the reach of reality, boldly speaking massive untruths, has to do with the mainstream media’s willingness to carry along any illusion of the left.  Prominent media outlets have sent the far left a message: Any false narratives or general false concepts (not necessarily specifics) that you want to push, we the mainstream media will run with it without any challenge, without any pushback.  You are allowed to be as deceptive and dishonest as you want because we will give your illusions credibility and mass exposure.

With mainstream media giving the progressive left’s message unchallenged exposure and authority, regardless of reality, well today’s left has gone dramatically off the rails.  The left now pushes for socialism in America!  And it does so through illusions promoted on mainstream media.

To attempt to disintegrate those illusions spread all over the world 24/7 is simply too big of a task.  How does the innocent ordinary person see through the illusions coordinated by politicians and media, interlocking into a worldwide deceptive juggernaut?  Heretofore, the ordinary person had no chance.

Now for the first time, however, the ordinary person has a tool that easily cuts through illusions, even cuts through the coordinated juggernaut of illusions.  That simple tool that lets anyone cut through illusions to reality is the Prime Law.

By simply grasping the undeniable premise that no person has the right to initiate force on any other person, anyone can quickly sort out what is wrong in politics.  One can suddenly see through the typical political illusions of “compassion”, where people are forced to sacrifice money and freedom.  Such political illusions of “compassion” ultimately bring the politicians power and bring the people enslavement.  The Prime Law is here to protect the people and expose the politicians’ illusions.