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The Twelve Visions Party &
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The TVP Movement 

The Twelve Visions Party seeks to end the rule of man in order to launch the wealth of mankind.  The ordinary person has not made the cause-and-effect connection between ending the rule of man and launching the wealth of mankind.  Once that connection is made, it will be all over for the republicans and democrats.  In their place will rise visionaries and their Twelve Visions Party.

The cause-and-effect connection between ending the rule of man and launching the wealth of mankind is surprisingly easy to make.  Over the next few pages you will make that connection. 

Most people don’t know that they could live wealthy lives if not for the resurging rule of man and its strengthening ruling class.  Most people don’t understand what rule of man is or how it cuts their standard of living to fractions of what it could be.

The rule of man has, like an infectious disease, adapted and resurged in America since her founding over two centuries ago when rule of man was nearly eradicated with our U.S. Constitution.  In an America that eradicates rule of man, you and every citizen would live like a millionaire…everyone.  How?  Eradicating the virulent disease killing our country and killing all countries on Earth — the deadly rule of man — would free the geniuses of society and their super technologies to soar as never seen before.  The rule of man is a fatal, societal disease that needs to be eradicated to save our country and save our world from economic collapse.

The U.S. Constitution came closest to replacing rule of man with rule of nearly flawless law.  But there was a weak spot in the U. S. Constitution, a breach, through which the rule of man leaked, a slow leak at first, but now a flood destroying the unrivaled prosperity once enjoyed by Americans.

The Twelve Visions Party repairs that breach with the Prime-Law Amendment and Protection-Only Budget.  The Twelve Visions Party proposes the Prime-Law Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, which would plug the leak — now a FLOOD of rule of man drowning America in debt, regulations and taxes.  The Prime Law eradicates the rule of man thus offers the people — ALL PEOPLE — great wealth.

People do not really understand the rule of man, what that means, and what it leads to.  When you take the end results of rule of man, its devastation becomes very clear, examples being the bloody regimes throughout history from a Stalin Soviet Empire or a Mao Tse-Tung Red China to a Hitler Germany or a Saddam Hussein Iraq.

The rule of law, on the other hand, can be terribly confusing because often the rule of law is, in reality, rule of man, that is, man-made laws.  Just imagine the courts in a Stalin Russia or Hitler Germany.

Rule of law must rise from natural law — universal laws that apply throughout nature and in any country, any civilization across all lands and all time.  Natural law for human life reduces down to individual protection — live and let live without violating others.

Our Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution rose from natural law and were nearly flawless.  But our founding fathers missed the most fundamental, natural law — the Prime Law of Protection, which essentially says live and let live and no person, no group, no government can initiate force.  That Prime Law that outlaws initiatory force was missed by our founding fathers.  All rule of man requires initiatory force — man forcing others to obey the ruling class and their man-made laws, regulations and rules; self-serving laws as opposed to natural laws…agenda law as opposed to natural law.  Rule of man requires initiatory force.  Natural law does not require and does not allow initiatory force.  The most fundamental natural law of protection — the Prime Law — only allows force to protect citizens from those using or threatening initiatory force against them.

I have brought forth the Prime Law and formed a political movement around it — the Twelve Visions Party (TVP).  That Prime Law, as an amendment to the U. S. Constitution, would immediately patch the breach that has allowed the devastating rule of man back into our government.

What exactly is the Prime Law?  The Prime Law simply eliminates the use of initiatory force.  All abusive man-made laws and regulations require the use of initiatory force against its citizens.  So, without initiatory force, there can be no rule of man.  Initiatory force, by the way, means initiating force.  The Prime Law ends initiatory force and the threat of force.

This entirely new dimension of civilization, this never-before-seen prosperity option is elegantly simple:  Once you eradicate initiatory force, you eradicate the rule of man, and amazing things happen for the people.  When you swipe away the thick web of regulatory and legislative rule of man in one swoop, then the pure and open freedom left behind allows entrepreneurs, businesses, sciences, technologies to soar ahead at rapid speeds never seen before.  We would experience a Great Technological Revolution the world has never seen.  Costs of goods would drop to fractions as buying power soared.

Super entrepreneurs and super technologies racing ahead unhindered would immediately start driving down prices.  We have seen isolated examples of this throughout history.  Consider the computer revolution of the late 20th century: Computer buying power multiplied a thousand times as computer consumers became computer rich. Another example happened a hundred years ago during the early car industry when Ford Motor Company perfected the assembly line.  Buying power multiplied dramatically through mass production.  And that multiplying buying power spread throughout other industries as the production-line brought the world mass production and economies of scale.  Standards of living soared.

Even before all that were the railroads.  Consider the earlier example of maverick James J. Hill who used his transcontinental railroad along the northern border of the United States to single-handedly multiply the standards of living of many, many poor Americans.  That one man would have multiplied the buying power of our entire nation if not for the devastation from the rule of man and its ruling class.

In those examples, we were experiencing prosperity-explosions that happened in a vacuum free of the rule of man.  Those great prosperity-explosions were eventually killed by the rule of man.

As we eradicate the rule of man and its ruling class, we eradicate poverty!  And, something else amazing happens: as technologies race ahead in all industries, as entrepreneurs, businesses, scientists race ahead unhindered, free of the thick regulatory web, the medical industry is no exception.  Eradicating the rule of man in turn eradicates disease after disease as the unhindered medical industry rapidly advances.  Costs of medicine and procedures fall as medical breakthroughs occur more and more frequently.

So, eradicating the ruling class eradicates poverty and eradicates disease (and brings us breakthroughs to slow down aging).

There is yet another enormous benefit of eradicating the ruling class:  We will eradicate crime and terrorism.  You see, the Prime Law is the fundamental law of protection.  Imagine the full might and focus of government as a protection service against initiatory force or threat of force.  First, there would no longer be a deadly competition of funds between protection versus entitlements.  Entitlement money buys votes, so that wins out in the end, jeopardizing national security.  When the government focuses on its one and ONLY proper purpose of protection against force or threat of force, however, then our country will evolve the greatest protection and peace the world has ever seen.

Once we eradicate the rule of man, then we eradicate poverty, eradicate disease, eradicate crime and terrorism.  The Twelve Visions World begets wealth, health, peace (the TVP Emblem).  Indeed, the title of the TVP Platform is no overstatement or gimmick, as follows:  Make All People Rich, Including the Poor!  Literally the TVP will make all people rich, including the poor.   It is time for people to discover the Twelve Visions Party and claim a rich life in America!

The Debt

Many people today are rightfully afraid of the debt our country and other countries are accumulating.  The TVP Budget breaks from the rule-of-man entitlement-filled budgets and adheres to the Prime Law Protection-Only Budget: money is budgeted to protection only — the ONLY valid purpose of government.  Imagine a budget that is restricted to and dedicated to protection ONLY.  Suddenly our budget drops well over fifty percent!  Just that alone gets our deficits and debt under control while increasing our safety and prosperity!

Indeed, we will also experience a prosperity explosion as the man-made, debilitating regulations — regulations that have nothing to do with protection — lose their power over our economy.  All this GOOD begins with a psychological shift among the people, realizing our government exists for our protection and NOTHING ELSE.  With even the slightest move in this direction toward the Protection-Only Budget and the Prime Law, the standards of living will start to rise.  Why?  Because economic freedom goes up and, therefore, prosperity goes up too.  Then, the people will begin to personally and emotionally make the connection I stated earlier:  End the rule of man to launch the wealth of mankind!

Rule of man is seductive because of entitlement programs paid out to over half our population and because of special ruling-class relationships with big businesses and big unions.  Rule-of-man has been hard to leave behind.  But more and more people will realize, through the TVP Movement, that those free-money temptations will continue to destroy their standards of living, even poor people dependent on government welfare.  As they abandon their support for the rule of man, their poverty will begin to vanish.

The Great Technological Revolution has NEVER happened before.  It requires the removal of the rule of man and all his bad regulations and bad ruling-class laws.  The only way to do that — to eradicate the rule of man — is to remove initiatory force with the Prime Law.

We can start with a Protection-Only Budget.  With a budget for our protection only — a budget consistent with the Prime Law — we will quickly stop funds from hemorrhaging and from going toward those rule-of-man regulations holding back the Great Technological Revolution.

A TVP President will boldly submit a Protection-Only Budget.  Although Congress will fight it and reject it, the immediate economic benefits will be fast and phenomenal, which will lead to a Great Replacement Program in which TVP candidates are put into office during the mid-term elections.

Then the pressure will quickly build for the full Protection-Only Budget and the Prime-Law Amendment.

When results replace rhetoric, the momentum and public support will rise quickly into an unstoppable wave that will wash over Washington, D.C. and wash away the rule of man — the ruling class as we know it.

The TVP can save our future from crippling debt and civil unrest; the TVP can end the rule of man and launch the wealth of mankind.  The TVP exposes the ruling class and unites the non-ruling class.  The TVP offers the path to a wealthy America no longer shackled with a ruling class.

The Twelve Visions Party is for everyone in the non-ruling class.  There are reasons those on the right could dislike us.  There are reasons those on the left could dislike us.  But there is a much stronger reason those on the right and left and all in-between could love us: we have the ONLY program that will make all people wealthy, including the poor!

Our method is: end the rule of man.  Our tools are the Protection-Only Budget and the Prime-Law Amendment.  I invite everyone in…liberal democrats, religious right, all in-between including persons of every religion, race, class, indeed, the entire non-ruling class.  People of every race, creed and color, business owners, struggling poor and unemployed Americans: discover the TVP.  The Twelve Visions Party is the non-ruling-class unifier!  The TVP seeks to make everyone rich, everyone!

Everyone who comes into the Twelve Visions Party does so with the same drive and purpose: to live a wealthy and prosperous life!  That is our universal common-denominator.  And when I say wealthy, I really do mean wealthy.  There is no reason to live as most of us do now.  We have financially stressed lives because of the rule of man.  When the rule of man ends, the entire bogus side of government ends — everything that does not deal with protection ends.  With that computer-industry-like, unhindered freedom, a Great Technological Revolution will ensue as the world has never seen before.  Costs will plunge as buying power soars, and everyone rises to the wealthy elite class! 

Once we all realize and agree that the rule of man is our scourge, then the steps to a wealthy future are straightforward. The Twelve Visions Party gets rid of the rule of man in two ways:

1) temporary but effective — The Protection-Only Budget.

The Protection-Only Budget will SAVE our future from crippling debt.  The TVP’s Protection-Only Budget breaks the budget away from rule of man and instead adheres to the Prime Law of Protection (the only valid purpose of government).  The Protection-Only Budget limits spending to protection.  “But what about needed entitlements?  What about needed regulatory bureaucracies?”  The REAL ANSWERS to our economic and unemployment woes materialize by getting rid of most entitlements and regulations, for with unhindered freedom from rule of man, all people will become rich as costs of living plunge.

Now, the second way to get rid of the rule of man is final:

2) permanent and definitive — The Prime-Law Amendment.

Ending initiatory force ends rule of man.  When we all understand that the rule of man is society’s scourge, then the Twelve Visions Party becomes everyone’s choice.  It will be all over for the democrats and republicans who increasingly govern civilization through rule of man.  As I said before, the Twelve Visions Party has all the answers.   When the Twelve Visions Party eradicates the rule of man through the Protection-Only Budget and the Prime-Law Amendment, the results will be a Great Technological Revolution, plunging costs, soaring buying power, and wealthy people — everyone, including today’s poor!

So, what we are about is very simple:                      

#1 The rule of man is the devastating societal disease.
#2 We eradicate the rule of man through the Protection-Only Budget and the Prime-Law Amendment.
#3 All people get rich including the poor in the ensuing Great Technological Revolution.

Understanding the Twelve Visions Party requires recognizing those three simple steps…

Step 1)  Grasp that the poison to civilization is the rule of man.
Step 2)  End rule of man with the Protection-Only Budget and Prime-Law Amendment.
Step 3)  Watch all the people get rich, even the poor!

That is why the TVP Platform is entitled “Make All People Rich, Including the Poor.”  It is not hyperbole.  It is reality.

And that is why the Protection-Only Budget and the Prime-Law Amendment, which end the rule of man, are listed in the TVP Bylaws as the pillars upon which the TVP rests.

Who will be drawn to this new political party?  The answer: VICTIMS.  We will pull from both the left and the right.  Why?  The Twelve Visions Party rescues victims; people NOT in the ruling class are victims.  The poor are victims; the middle-class, even wealthy business owners not part of the ruling class are victims!  We are being played against each other by the ruling class.  By playing us against each other, we do not see the real enemy — those playing GOD with our lives — the ruling class!

Everyone in the NON ruling class is a victim.  Inner-city minorities will find the TVP Movement very appealing and beneficial.  Country-club white Christians will find the same.  The Twelve Visions Party is going to pull our entire family together — the entire suppressed NON ruling class!  The Twelve Visions Party is the real UNIFIER.

We are all individuals, and the Prime Law protects the individual — the smallest of all minorities — the minority of one.  As individuals, we all want the same thing: a happy, prosperous, wealthy life for ourselves and for our children and grandchildren.  That common denominator is the reason why the Twelve Visions Party exists.  The Twelve Visions Party is for everyone — EVERYONE!  Now the people must discover this gift.

The Neothink® Movement

Over forty years ago I began discovering a new way of thinking that I named Neothink®.

For forty years, I researched and developed Neothink®.  The Neothink® Movement is a strong self-improvement dynamic that has existed for decades.  The TVP Movement has grown out of the Neothink® Movement.  The TVP Movement is a movement to improve our world.  The Neothink® Movement is a movement to improve ourselves.

Neothink® is a new way of thinking in which one becomes a self-leader who is not dependent on the destructive leaders of our country today.  My future lessons teach those self-leader Neothink® tools for an explosion of personal prosperity.  As a matter of fact, my earlier message began your year-long journey in the Neothink® Society into our world of the wealthy elite!  My next message will simply blow you away with the money, power, and love it brings you.

The TVP weakens and ties the hands of our destructive leaders through the Protection-Only Budget and the Prime-Law Amendment.  The TVP weans people from their destructive leaders.  Neothink® Society members with my turnkey techniques are READY for and WANT this.  They are self-leaders and know that by clearing away the destructive rule of man and his massive web of regulations and legislation, the results will be wealth, health, and peace for all — even for the smallest and least protected of all minorities — the individual, all individuals.

Because we must wean ordinary people from their leaders — from their false security blankets — the Twelve Visions Party must initially grow from self-leaders within the Neothink® Society, from those ready to break away from ruling-class leaders.

As you know, for over 40 years I have studied and developed this new way of thinking called Neothink®.  Very briefly, Neothink® conditions the mind to think for itself — to see through illusions to what is and to stop depending on leaders who create illusions to manipulate the people.  Neothink® enables people to know what is really going on and to have the confidence to become self-leaders.

That Neothink® mentality — that self-leader mentality — applies to all aspects of life, from politics and running our country through self-leadership under the Prime Law instead of through powerful leaders under their man-made laws…to business and running our careers through self-leadership for much greater creativity and monetary payoffs (the foundations of the Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink® Society).

Whereas the TVP corrects our political structure for great prosperity, the Neothink® Society corrects your work structure for great prosperity.  You will learn everything during your year-long journey.

The wealthy members of the Neothink® Society all took this year-long journey upon which you are about to embark.  Today those wealthy Neothink® Members understand self-leadership versus being tricked into living under powerful leaders — living a subservient life under a ruling class…pushed down into an underclass.

Therefore, members of the Neothink® Society understand the vital need for the Twelve Visions Party … for saving our country from increasingly powerful leaders, from an out-of-control ruling class.  Indeed, members of the Neothink® Society understand the Prime Law and Protection-Only Budget.  So, the Twelve Visions Party has the advantage of rising from our members — from the Neothink® Society.  A point will come — a tipping point — when the TVP members begin growing beyond our Neothink® Society members.  Until then, growth of the Twelve Visions Party comes with growth of the Neothink® Society.

As people connect the cause-and-effect relationship between the rule of man and their prosperity, specifically how eradicating the rule of man results in standards of living beyond anything the world has seen, they will support the TVP.  Indeed, the Twelve Visions Party has the only tools and complete program that can successfully eradicate the rule of man.

Those tools, of course, are the Protection-Only Budget and the Prime-Law Amendment.  The key when approaching the public, however, is to make all this very simple to communicate, very simple to grasp, and very easy to drive home with an emotional charge.  Our slogan is:  End the rule of man to launch the wealth of mankind.  Eradicate the rule of man and everyone lives spectacularly wealthy lives.  That is our message to the public.

Initially, for now, our growth and strength comes from within — from within our Neothink® Society.  The TVP will benefit enormously by the growth of the Neothink® Society.  The members know that the rule of man means government backed by initiatory force.  The rule of man is the disease of all civilizations.  All fallen civilizations came at the hands of the rule of man.  Indeed, the rule of man kills civilization and is killing ours.  The Neothink® Society and its Twelve Visions Party can turn this country around and save our country from dying.