Cure to Aging

Earned Power vs Unearned Power

While growing up, my father talked about the earned power of value producers such as business builders (job creators) versus the unearned power of value destroyers such as certain politicians (job destroyers).

Never has his identification been more on display than during Donald Trump’s presidency.  Regardless of how you may feel about Trump, his pre-Coronavirus record-setting benefits to our country go unchallenged.

Donald Trump, as a businessman before his election, would deal in big-dollar numbers — tens of millions of dollars and sometimes hundreds of millions in big business deals.  When Donald Trump made major investments to build tall, beautiful buildings, his power to do so came from decades of learning-curves, discipline, struggles, failures and victories, growing wisdom, experience, achievement…always striving for perfection.  Hard work.  Everyone involved knows his competent command of mega business deals, and they witness a man of genuine earned power.

Contrast that business magnate to Vice President Joe Biden wielding around a billion dollars when he puffed his chest and bragged before cameras that he would not release a billion dollars to the Ukraine government until and unless they fired the prosecutor looking into the Ukraine energy company, Burisma, which provided Biden’s son with a high-paid bogus position.  When Biden bragged about withholding a billion dollars until that prosecutor was fired, talking tough, pompously addressing the press…I looked at that politician and thought, now there’s an example of unearned power!  Take him out of the government position in which he controlled other people’s money and he could never, ever wield around a billion dollars!  On his own, if never given his government job using other people’s money, he would be able to wield around only a few thousand dollars, not a billion dollars as in his incompetent government job.

Businessman value-creator Donald Trump wields genuine earned power.  Politician value-destroyer Joe Biden wields unearned power.

Who Is the Adult in the Room?

When a star anchorwoman for a national cable news station repeatedly referred to President Trump as a “Frankenstein’s Monster”, my fatherly instincts wanted to say, as I do to my children when necessary, “Now, now, now…no name-calling!”

Yes, I suddenly saw the well-known anchorwoman in a different light.  I saw her as immature and angry like a fussy child.  Regardless of which side a person is on, sinking to bitter name-calling is childish, period.

The mainstream media as a whole has, for lack of better words, gone childish.  I see that childishness constantly across cable and network news.  I am not taking sides here; I am merely making an observation about demeanor.  Indeed, for all that’s been said criticizing Trump’s demeanor, I along with many millions of others increasingly see the media as children having tantrums.  (When Trump calls an adversary a name, at least it is often rooted to a character trait or behavior, such as “low-energy Jeb” or “Pocahontas”.)

Dozens of people I have casually talked to about what’s going on today have told me something similar.  Of course, the dishonest media attempts to project the opposite, relentlessly confusing the people with illusion after illusion.  Remember, as I demonstrate in my previous chapters, the Prime Law easily cuts through those illusions for the innocent individual, for the people.

I do believe if President Trump were ever introduced to the Prime Law he could handle some of the vicious attacks and name-calling a little more eloquently, easily pointing out the constant desire among his political enemies to regulate people’s lives, ultimately through the use of initiatory force.  Indeed, initiatory force is the weapon needed for socialism, and Donald Trump’s opponents are embracing socialism.

The Prime Law eradicates socialism.  With the Prime Law as his weapon of self-defense, Mr. Trump could easily jujitsu media and political attacks upon him, easily flip the attacks over so the people could see the true political underbelly hungry for initiatory force — hungry for political power despite illusions of compassion and love.

In fact, I believe that any honest politician (if there is such a thing) who adopts the Prime Law could find himself or herself indestructible, for both political and media opponents could not really lay a hand on him/her with the Prime Law.  Yes, it would be breathtaking to see a U.S. President adopt the Prime Law as his or her guiding compass.  But that most likely would not happen, for politicians seek political power both on the left and the right.

I guess the only possibility would be an elected businessman who has no political aspirations and only wants to improve the country’s prosperity for the people and future generations — of course, including his or her own children and grandchildren.  …Could such a dynamic exist with Donald Trump?  He is NOT a politician by nature.  He is a businessman who wants to improve the country’s prosperity for the people and future generations, including for his own children and his grandchildren.

Donald J. Trump: What Do We Have Here?

When I sent my first political manifesto to Ross Perot in early 1992, its three main emphases were 1) replace career politicians with market businessmen — a concept Mr. Perot used with great success in his campaign, 2) remove many, many regulations in order to free business and boost standards of living, 3) cut taxes in order to boost the economy and the prosperity of American citizens.

Those three points above actually came to our highest office with Donald Trump.  Hate him or love him, he is a market businessman who is rapidly removing regulations and dramatically cutting taxes.  The economy and standards of living across all demographics dramatically rose (pre-Coronavirus) as a result.

Years after sending that manifesto to Mr. Perot, I fully understood the bedrock my political ideas rested on.  That bedrock is the Prime Law.

 That breakthrough led to my second, complete and completely grounded political manifesto that shows how, with the Prime Law as our 28th Amendment, EVERY U.S. citizen and resident would become wealthy, even today’s poor.  I present that stunning new world of wealth, health and peace in the TVP Platform.

I do not believe Mr. Trump has seen the Prime Law.  He is more like my first manifesto, where I pointed out that the good business sense of market businessmen would do a far superior job than career politicians.  Our economy and standard of living would benefit by those who know how to get things done, get rid of red tape and run our country more like a business than a bureaucracy.  We got that in Mr. Trump.  Many feel threatened by him.  But the economy and standards of living responded exactly as I had predicted…good for the people.

Realize, people hate and people love.  Mr. Trump is a lightning rod largely because of his boisterous — some might say bellicose — larger-than-life personality.  And let’s face it: he threatens the Establishment, which has most of Washington, D.C. and mainstream media in survival/attack mode.  But we cannot argue with the results.  We are all — all of us — benefitting from this market businessman who slashes crippling regulations and slashes life-draining taxes.  Unabashedly.

A Bill-of-Rights America Versus A Prime-Law America

The specific Bill of Rights enumerating what government cannot do brought America’s individual rights down…down to man’s law competing with man’s law.  The generalized Prime Law is natural law we are born with, given by God; inalienable God’s law, which cannot be touched or challenged by man’s law.

Consider that throughout Trump’s Impeachment Hearings republicans argued with democrats about violations of the first, fifth and sixth amendments while democrats argued there were no violations in those specific set of circumstances — the factions arguing back and forth down at man’s-law level…man’s law versus man’s law.  By contrast, with primacy of God’s law — inalienable natural law we are born with…given by our Creator — indeed, with primacy of Divine law over man’s law…with our Prime Law we would have none of those problems we otherwise witness every day with the republicans and democrats tearing the country apart, fighting one another at the inferior level of man’s law.

Let us imagine, for a moment, if the Prime Law Amendment were part of our Constitution — how would have the Trump Impeachment Hearings progressed?  Well, we would have questioned if the President violated the Prime Law by using initiatory force, threat of force, or fraud (a passive form of initiatory force).  In a Prime-Law America, rising above agenda-driven man’s law and party-driven interpretation of man’s law, we would instead all live by God’s law or natural law — the inalienable Prime Law.

I will not extrapolate how the Trump Impeachment Hearings would have turned out in a Prime-Law America, but you can sense for yourself how dramatically different the entire impeachment proceedings would have been if we were asking just one paramount question: is the President guilty of initiatory force, threat of force, or fraud in his dealings with Ukraine?

The Know-It-All Millennial

I have noticed a disastrous trend among millennials.  Too often I see these young adults come across so self-assured on a particular subject as though they know that subject matter inside out, when in fact they know nothing about that subject.  Their education failed them, so they replace ignorance with pseudo confidence.

A good example is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Over and over again she makes sweeping, self-assured comments on matters she knows nothing about.  She replaces her ignorance with pseudo confidence.  But notice how she avoids every debate-challenge from peers grounded in those subject matters, from Candice Owens and Ben Shapiro, for instance.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a rising power-seeking politician, a hard-core socialist; she is not an innocent victim of today’s educational system.  However, I see innocent millennials speaking with a similar self-assured, authoritative voice about, for example, man-made climate change that “will destroy life on Earth.”  I am annoyed at how ignorant those millennials are on the subject, yet they speak with such bold confidence.

Of course, a liberal education created that phenomenon: voice your argument on ungrounded feelings, not on contextual facts and reality.

The important point to recognize is: most of those millennials are good, innocent victims of a lacking, liberal education that indoctrinated them with liberal beliefs.  Their minds have been hopelessly tangled in non-reality, in ungrounded emotional knots.  Liberal education trapped their innocent minds in the illusions of destructive liberal political agendas.  Again, James Madison, author of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, feared this politicized education.

For the first time, their indoctrinated minds — hopelessly tied up in non-reality, tangled up in ungrounded emotional knots — will easily unravel.  Those innocent millennials will experience enlightening epiphanies when they lay eyes on the Prime Law.  Indeed, the Prime Law will free their otherwise hopelessly trapped minds.  Like a new beginning, they can now walk out of their house of liberal horrors…walk away from imagined fear of imminent death due to man-made climate change and see it for what it really is:  a liberal political weapon for control and power.

Seeing the world through the eyes of the Prime Law removing all initiatory force is a liberating experience today’s millennials will, one by one, embrace.  For, they will now easily see the crippling regulations being introduced that require initiatory force on the people and their businesses.  The Prime Law frees innocent millennials from their mental prisons.