Cure to Aging

Our Appeal To Everyone

I have spent time with some famous, influential people in the Hollywood entertainment scene.  And, as you know, Hollywood celebrities can be very opinionated when it comes to politics; so much so that Hollywood celebrities often will not associate with those who oppose their political views.

I recently had dinner with a living legend in the music industry.  I will not use his name here because he does not know I am revealing this story.  But he is a huge President Obama supporter; was one of the largest donors to Obama’s campaigns.  On the other hand, I recently had dinner with a famous actor, whom you would know, but he is the rare Hollywood conservative who laments President Bush’s absence.  As you can see, I associate with people on opposite ends of the political spectrum.

Now both those Hollywood celebrities know about my political movement.  Yet, in both cases they deeply like me and look forward to spending time with me.  That is unusual with those very opinionated…I’ll even go as far as to say, politically-obsessed individuals.

So let us take a deeper look at this.  Why do those politically obsessed celebrities consider me a close friend when my political movement dismisses both of their political obsessions as the destructive, suppressive ruling class pushing the non-ruling class down into an underclass?  The answer unveils our broad appeal with our TVP approach.

To get the answer, let me first tell you why I like those two individuals and why I know they both belong in our TVP Movement as opposed to being devoted Obama and Bush supporters.

You see, I clearly understand the separation of the ruling class and the non-ruling class.  I clearly see the two families of all societies.  I see both the loving, non-ruling class that exists by adding values to society versus the power-hungry ruling class that exists by taking values from society.

By clearly seeing that dichotomy, I can see that these two good people are part of our loving family, members of the non-ruling class adding net values to society.  By clearly seeing who they really are, seeing through their misguided support of the ruling class, I realize their support is not support for a net-drain ruling class.  Instead, they support the illusions of that ruling class.  Now that is the key here.  They are not really supporting Obama, Bush.  They are supporting the illusions of the ruling class.  They are supporting illusions.  As do most people, as do your own family and friends, these two good individuals who are part of our benevolent non-ruling-class family, support complex, sound-good ruling-class illusions without realizing what they are doing, without realizing they are supporting that which hurts society, hurts them, their children, their families.  Because these two non-ruling-class value creators support that which hurts society and their loved ones, they too are victims of the ruling class.

They would never support the ruling class if they understood what is explained in my literature and understood that those political structures destroy their children’s and their grandchildren’s futures.  My friends support illusions.  They unsuspectingly support something harmful to society.  Those two good individuals are sadly victims and do not even know it.  Those two famous individuals are victims just as our own family and friends who adamantly support the ruling class, whether the left or the right.

By understanding who those good people are — i.e., value contributors to society who are victims — you can understand my compassion and patience.  In turn, they deeply like me even though I do not agree with their political obsessions.  With the background I just gave you, the reason they deeply like me becomes clear, and as I explain this to you, we are all going to project the same understanding and patience for people in the non-ruling class as part of our own loving family, the non-ruling class.

So, within good people such as those two famous individuals who are misguided, within good people you know who are misguided, within all good people who contribute values to society, there is a common denominator deep inside that we all carry: the child of the past.

When we were children, we looked toward the future and imagined our lives as bigger than life, achieving major accomplishments, making major contributions to society, and feeling the pride and exhilaration that comes with such a creation-driven life.  But now, for reasons I explain in my writings, we as adults live in a less than exhilarating, smaller than life existence.  Most of us are trapped in routine ruts, and we increasingly feel we missed out on the life we should have lived.  Most people are living less than the life they once imagined, the life they were meant to live.  That will be fixed during your journey, starting with my next message.

Surprisingly, even famous actors and music legends often feel they could have done something more with their lives.  Whereas our adult selves eventually resign to the lives we are living, deep inside our child of the past still looks for that something more to our lives.  That goes for all of us in this world suppressed by a ruling class.  The child of the past within is looking for that bigger than life existence filled with exhilaration.  Everyone in the non-ruling class has that child of the past deep inside wanting to rise to its human potential.

And here is a secret that I inject into all my literature:  I reach inside and touch the child of the past, hiding deep within every good person, and that answers why those celebrities in the entertainment world, the most unlikely people who are married to their political views, why they respond so favorably to me once they get to know me and know about me.  Their attraction is the same as your attraction; their child of the past is reaching out for me, and I feel that affinity when I am with them.  It is very clear what is happening.  They will not go so far as to walk away from their political leaders.  But the TVP seed has been planted, and it will grow within them over time.

Ask yourself, what do we visionaries really offer?  Rising from everything I have written over the past thirty years, we offer that bigger-than-life existence that our child of the past deep within still hopes for and never stops searching for.  Underneath it all, we are reaching deep within, reaching for that child of the past.

You know wonderful people who will turn to you and passionately say how they support the likes of Obama or Bush (or whoever is the latest).  They are prepared to bond or argue depending on who you support.  Instead, look at those people and love each and every one of them for being a good person in our value-contributing, non-ruling-class family.  They are merely caught up in the illusions of our ruling-class leaders on both sides.

Your good friends do not know it, but they support illusions that make them victims.  They support the illusions of the ruling class.  Now think about that: they support illusions.  They have no idea that they support harm toward their loved ones.  That makes them all victims, and with that insight you can look at them with compassion.  They support harm toward their loved ones!  With that understanding, with compassion and patience and tolerance, you can reach out your hand to each and every one of them and invite them to look into something different, something that will bring them a worthy and wealthy life, something that will greatly benefit their loved ones.

Just remember, they are in the same family — the loving non-ruling class, and they are pushed down by the ruling class, by those they support.  Invite them to take a look at a new world.  In the Twelve Visions World, we will all live in the wealthy elite class under the Prime Law of Protection as opposed to living under a ruling class with all of us sinking into an underclass.  Even today’s poor will rise in that new world and live in the wealthy elite class.

By the way, I am slightly misusing the word “elite”.   “Elite” indicates a societal separation, such as the highest class of society as opposed to the lower class.  However, the lower class of society goes away in the Twelve Visions World.  I am slightly misusing “elite” because there will no longer be a lower class.  Everyone is going to be in the wealthy elite class by today’s standards.  In tomorrow’s Twelve Visions World, there is not going to be an elite class versus an underclass separation.  Everybody is going to live in the wealthy class.  The problem now is: no one can see that wealthy world because we have nothing in history to compare it to.  The best we have are little nuggets of examples that I have previously stated:  We have the computer industry; we had the assembly line breakthrough in the early 1900’s when we broke through into mass production and saw a rapid acceleration of standards of living.  We had the James J. Hill example earlier.  But, perhaps the best example is the founding of our country when we largely broke away from the ruling class and rose to unrivaled prosperity.  Those are closed-nugget examples.  We have never had a pure example to follow, including early America.  So this great wealth is hard for people to understand.

In early America, the non-ruling class strikingly broke away from the ruling class with the founding of our country.  Consequently, we rose to great prosperity.  The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution rose from non-ruling-class natural law and nearly eradicated ruling-class man-made law.  But whereas the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution rose from natural or non-ruling-class law as opposed to man-made or ruling-class law, the founding fathers missed the fundamental natural law of protection — the Prime Law of no initiatory force.  Without the fundamental natural law of protection, the consummate protector of the non-ruling class, without that Prime Law, well, the ruling class would creep back in.

And ruling-class man-made law did creep back into America.  Ruling-class man-made agenda law by nature requires initiatory force.  Indeed, man-made agenda law must force the non-ruling class to obey the ruling class’ agenda.  Let me say that again:  Man-made agenda law must force the non-ruling class to obey the ruling class’ agenda.

Without the Prime Law of no initiatory force, rule of man would return and grow like a disease, and eventually it would arrest the productive elements of society and start leading the non-ruling class down into an underclass as we are experiencing today.

The Twelve Visions Party is first and foremost about bringing the Prime-Law Amendment to the U. S. Constitution along with the Protection-Only Budget.  The Protection-Only Budget is the Prime-Law Budget.  It is a budget that abides by the Prime Law of Protection.  We need that Protection-Only Budget now, even before the Prime-Law Amendment, to save our nation from bankruptcy and civil unrest.

Only the Twelve Visions Party can eradicate the societal disease, the rule of man, through its Prime-Law Amendment and Protection-Only Budget.  The ensuing pure freedom and Great Technological Revolution will bring us — all of us including the poor — great prosperity and an exhilarating bigger-than-life existence.

The Twelve Visions Party is different than both political parties in that it is the party not of the ruling class and their man-made agenda laws; the Twelve Visions Party is the party of the non-ruling class and its natural Prime Law of Protection.  It rescues all those trusting, innocent faces who passionately turn to you and to me and support the illusions of the ruling class.

People cannot know what it will be like to live under the Prime Law of Protection as opposed to the ruling class.  As I said, there are no pure examples.  But if people had a clue, if their child of the past had a clue, they would shift their allegiance to the Prime Law and its Protection-Only Budget.  With a clue of what the Twelve Visions World would be like, their child of the past would sense that the Twelve Visions World is where it belongs.

This manuscript gives people that clue.  My message gives people and their child of the past inside that clue they need.  So, we do have everything we need right now.  But we need to get this clue out there in large numbers, and this is where I am going to turn to you to give those in your community the clue. 

The Prime Law through the TVP is here as an idea whose time has come.  We must communicate this idea in a stimulating way to our communities.  People need to know what life would be like in a civilization living under the Prime Law as opposed to living under the ruling class as we do now, sinking into an underclass.  The direction we are heading now is dangerous.  It could be catastrophic.  But under the Prime Law of no initiatory force and, therefore, no ruling-class laws and regulations, everyone including today’s poor would live like millionaires. …Pass this message on to a loved one or friend.