Cure to Aging

Era of New Thinking (Neothink®)

After a schoolyard fight, the boys get sent to the principal’s office.  The first question the principal almost always asks is: Who started it?  “Who threw the first punch?”


We inherently know natural law.  It is okay to defend ourselves with force, but not okay to initiate force, hence the age-old instinctive first question: “Who started it?”  The only moral use of force is self-defense force to protect oneself from initiatory force.

Government regulations forced on us are more complex and confusing than a schoolyard fight, but the fundamental principle still remains: IT IS NOT OKAY TO INITIATE FORCE.  Regulations forced on business, for instance, if not a form of self-defense force, are immoral and wrong initiatory force.

Natural law applies across all time, all cultures, all lands.  For example, across all countries, throughout all generations, the first question a school principal instinctively asks boys fresh from a schoolyard fight is: “Who started it?” or “Who threw the first punch?”

The new Twelve Visions Party exists to bring America The Prime Law, which is based on the supreme natural law: no initiatory force.1

1I started the Twelve Visions Party over a decade ago to accommodate a political campaign dedicated to one objective: bringing awareness to the Prime Law.  The Twelve Visions Party today is less active.  It can rise again with any serious campaign dedicated to one objective: bringing the Prime Law Amendment to America.  Moreover, the Libertarian Party — or any political party or political campaign for that matter — is welcome to adopt the Prime Law Amendment for their centerpiece.  The party or politician is insignificant.  The Prime Law is everything.  The Twelve Visions Party rose to showcase the Prime Law.  Political parties will vanish altogether with the Prime Law Amendment.

All governments including the American government immorally violate the Prime Law, the supreme natural law.  Some examples in America are the increasing, subversive regulations across many industries.  Indeed, those subversive regulations are examples of initiatory force.

The simplest way to understand initiatory force is to understand that the only moral use of force (i.e., forcing actions through regulations, laws, litigation) is self-defense force for the physical protection of the people and their property.  By recognizing that self-defense force is the only moral use of force, one can immediately identify the regulations backed by force crippling the energy industry, for example, as immoral initiatory force.

The new Twelve Visions Party with its Prime Law has one objective: End Initiatory Force.  The Prime Law is the tool to do this.  If the Prime Law were embraced by the American people and then grew in popularity to become an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the freedom and prosperity of every American citizen would soar beyond all previously known experiences as shown over the following pages.  And that is precisely why I wrote this message: to show the American people and the world the heights of freedom and prosperity each and every citizen would enjoy and pass on to their children and grandchildren.  And that is why I formed the new Twelve Visions Party: to spread these ideas to the American people and to the world and to hopefully someday shift our government-by-force to something much different via the elegantly simple Prime Law Amendment.  That change will make everyone wealthy, including the poor.  Discover over the pages to follow the wealthy life you were meant to have (and can still have).

A New Dimension of Civilization

Babies are born into a world ruled by illusions.  We go from cradle to grave taken in by and giving power to those illusions.  Consider the illusion of money: currency not backed by tangible value such as silver and gold by definition means its value is an illusion. Yet, we go from cradle to grave taken in by and giving power — buying power — to that illusion.  The problem with illusions is: reality eventually asserts itself.  As demonstrated throughout history, the longer the people support illusions, the more devastating the correction when reality sets in.  Throughout history, when reality eventually asserts itself, unbacked currency collapses.

Consider the illusion that government (beyond protection of its citizens) provides value.  People go from cradle to grave taken in by and giving power — ruling power — to that illusion.  Throughout history, when reality eventually asserts itself, big government (government beyond protection of its citizens) collapses civilizations.

Beyond its one valid purpose of protecting its citizens, government by definition does not create or produce values.  But people are taken in by and give power to its well-orchestrated illusions.  Indeed, politicians provide well-orchestrated illusions of bringing values to society, but the one and only real value government brings to society is protection, as demonstrated throughout my message.  Any so-called “values” beyond protection are illusions that will eventually collapse and destroy civilization.

The reason people follow and give power to illusions such as our unbacked currency and such as our growing ruling class is explained throughout my message.  In short, the reason we follow our leaders and their illusions reaches back to our primitive minds and thousands of years living in a following mode, following the imagined gods, god-kings, oracles, pharaohs — following leaders — as opposed to the modern mind’s capacity to integrate reality and lead itself.

Your journey here shapes you into a powerful, illusion-free Self-Leader.  The Self-Leader easily integrates reality and sees through illusions.  The Self-Leader charts his or her own course to a monetarily and emotionally rich life.

Until you become the Self-Leader, you will follow and give power to illusions all your life.  Unbacked currency has buying power; the politicization of society has ruling power.  All that power and so-called “value” sit upon illusions, and the general populace lives from cradle to grave supporting those illusions.

In the end, following illusions as opposed to integrating reality will lead to disaster – from currency devaluation to hyper-inflation to the economic meltdown of our country…from shrinking freedom to growing rule of man, socialism, tyranny.

Unfortunately, we see those consequences already starting to happen.  We know we are in the early, intro-catastrophic era.

Can we stop the looming catastrophic era?  Yes, and the process sits inside this manuscript.  Will we stop it?  No…our hard-wired primitive mentality follows leaders and their illusions and will not stop until the illusions collapse as reality sets in.  When those illusions collapse, we will then see the world as it is.  And it will be too late.

If you want to stop following illusions, read my message.  Your journey will shift your mind into the modern Neothink® Mentality that integrates reality as opposed to following illusions.  Our minds can now chart their own course to financial and emotional wealth as opposed to following and serving leaders.  In short, you become the Self-Leader and live a financially and emotionally rich life.

I started the Neothink® political movement to fundamentally change our government of illusions that the people fatally follow…to a government of values that brings the people history’s greatest protection and prosperity under the Prime Law.

I founded the Twelve Visions Party to catch our fall when reality sets in and the illusions come crashing down, making this new political party relevant to every American right now, today.  Moreover, the new Twelve Visions Party can turn everything around right now if enough people became aware of the Prime Law.  Do not let this life-saving information stop with you.  Discuss the Prime Law with others and text them this link: and suggest they pass it on.  That single action of passing it on can start a peaceful revolution to save our future.

With increasing failure of America’s currency, government and economy, the people will begin to, one by one, break from the illusions and, for the first time, discover the Twelve Visions Party and its Prime Law, America’s safety net.

The Twelve Visions Party takes us into a new dimension never experienced on Earth: the dimension in which initiatory force is prohibited in the ruling body, banished by the Prime Law.  Therefore, for the first time, the destructive rule of man cannot exist.  Indeed, the rule of man requires initiatory force to exist, and politicians and regulatory bureaucrats must weave well-orchestrated illusions to downplay and disguise their growing rule-by-force.  Without initiatory force, with the Prime Law that banishes initiatory force in our government, we will for the first time live in pure freedom without politicians’ and bureaucrats’ rule by force and without their illusions.  We will enjoy a prosperity never known before, as demonstrated within my message.

To enter that never-before-known dimension requires never-before-seen fundamental building blocks — the fundamental documents and prime literature upon which the new dimension is built.  Those building blocks to a never-before-known world of pure freedom and extraordinary prosperity and peace, those documents that will end initiatory force and its illusions, will not look like anything seen before in this world.  The Prime Law, the TVP Platform, the TVP Bylaws, the Neothink® Prime Literature — the building blocks from which rises the new world free from the insidious rule of man and his illusions — will look very different than other laws, platforms, bylaws, and literature.

Ending the destructive rule of man — the disease of civilization — ends our leaders’ control, power, and wealth at our expense.  Man’s inherent dark desires and egos no longer have power in the new TVP Government, lifting us to a prosperous new world.

The Twelve Visions Party with its Prime Law is a worldwide movement to bring civilizations around the world into the new dimension free of initiatory force and its virulent rule of man.  Indeed, effectively eradicating initiatory force and its insidious rule of man, this political movement is for all peoples of all countries.  The Twelve Visions Party will end the ruling class and unite the non-ruling-class everywhere.  Its Prime Law is the fundamental document for taking civilization out of its only dimension ever known on Earth and bringing civilization into a new dimension never known on Earth:  That new dimension is a world free of initiatory force, free from the virulent rule of man.  This is the fundamental document to disarm leaders of their age-old weapon against the people, initiatory force, and to end their ruling classes everywhere.  The result will be universal wealth.

The TVP transcends borders, races, religions.  Its mission is: a world free of initiatory force and its rule of man.  The job of this worldwide movement is to cure civilization, each and every civilization, of its disease — the rule of man.  That is the single, collective goal of the universal TVP Movement.

The Greatest Kept Secret Of All Time For Universal Wealth, Health, Peace Hidden For 3000 Years

Your leaders have prevented you, your parents, your children from living an amazing, wealthy life.  For 3000 years leaders of all civilizations have shared this secret.  They have even waged wars and starved their own people to guard this secret.  By leaking this secret inside these pages to enough people, you and your loved ones will eventually live like millionaires.

Universal wealth comes to America with one simple change.  The simple change will eradicate poverty and multiply the people’s wealth.  It will make all people wealthy, including the poor!  And your leaders do NOT want you to know this simple change — their most highly-guarded secret!  For, this simple change that delivers universal wealth will end their control over the people.

The change is elegantly simple — so simple that it just might catch on with the people and sweep across the nation.  If it does get swept into action, then the people’s buying power and standard of living will multiply as dramatically as we observed in the computer industry during the personal computer revolution.  Poverty will perish.  Everyone will become wealthy.  And our leaders will lose their privileged positions of power and wealth.

What could possibly be such a simple change that would 1) cause a spectacular boost to our wealth and 2) eradicate poverty?

By forbidding just ONE thing among our leaders, EVERYTHING changes dramatically for the better.  That one thing is initiatory force.

By forbidding initiatory force among our leaders, the political machine can no longer impede progress and burden everything good.  A Great Technological Revolution would drive down costs and drive up our buying power as rapidly as we witnessed in the unimpeded computer revolution, but across the entire economic landscape.  As with the computers, your buying power over everything would multiply many times over.  You would become wealthy; everyone would become wealthy including the poor.

To understand the rightness of this prosperity-explosion requires a deeper philosophical understanding of human life, which we will thoroughly expose during your amazing year-long journey ahead!  To simplify that philosophical understanding for those who have just begun the journey, let me ask one simple yet profound question:  Why should one adult control another?

Only one type of force is necessary among humankind and that is: self-defense force.  Although initiatory force has ALWAYS existed in every ruling body including the American political system, it is unnecessary and actually very damaging to humankind.  But people believe it is necessary, and they do not know it is extremely damaging to their prosperity because initiatory force has always existed within all political systems.  It is the leaders’ greatest kept secret!  People have never seen the other political paradigm of no initiatory force to compare to.

There is one very simple law — the Prime Law — that would successfully remove initiatory force from our political system by making the Prime Law an amendment to the U. S. Constitution.  (The tenets of the Prime Law were blocked by every government since leaders first enjoyed their power thousands of years ago):

This simple yet profound law would eradicate poverty across America and multiply prosperity for every American.  This simple yet profound law would also remove the leaders’ power and control over the people, which is why the leaders have fought to keep this specific knowledge from leaking for thousands of years.  The resulting economic freedom would send buying-power soaring.  The unregulated computer revolution was a small forerunner to the Great Technological Revolution that will send buying-power soaring a hundredfold, even a thousandfold, making everyone rich.  This entirely new approach, for the first time based purely upon self-defense force or protection only, will make everyone wealthy, including the poor.

The new protection-only political system rises from the entirely new idea that no initiatory force exists in our government.  At first, the idea seems ridiculous, for no political system has ever existed without the power of initiatory force.  And that is because the leaders would not allow any other way.  But when reading this message, the resulting wealth, health, and peace becomes evident and overwhelming.  The Prime Law is the people’s greatest gift; the leaders’ worst nightmare.

Until now all forms of governing: tyrannies, dictatorships, fascism, communism, socialism, democracies, republics, even so-called capitalism in our world all fall under the one and only dimension of governing experienced on Earth.  That one and only dimension allows varying degrees of initiatory force in the governing body.  Never before has initiatory force been explicitly banished from the governing body.

Now with the Prime Law, for the first time government, law, and the people’s prosperity can go into a new dimension.  That new dimension is a civilization free from initiatory force, which means free from the rule of man.  There has never been a civilization free from the rule of man.  Our leaders would have never allowed it.  The results will be soaring new technologies that drive down costs to fractions.  Your buying power in this next dimension will soar as never seen before.  That soaring buying power will pull the poor out of poverty and push everyone into the wealthy elite class.  The Twelve Visions Party with its Prime Law takes us into the new dimension of no rule of man.  Poverty and hunger will vanish.  Diseases will be eradicated.  Everyone will be rich.

Rule of man destroyed all civilizations throughout history.  The greater the move away from rule of man, the greater the prosperity.  America is the shining example.  But without the Prime Law, over time rule of man adapts, evolves and takes over and takes down civilization.  It is happening now to our America, to the greatest country that ever existed on Earth.

America was founded on the most rule-of-man-resistant governing body ever conceived.  But without the Prime Law, America was still stuck in the only dimension ever known on Earth — the same dimension in which initiatory force exists in the governing body.  Therefore, the rule of man eventually takes over.  And the rule of man is now taking America down.

The Twelve Visions Party with its Prime Law will save us and take us into another dimension never known on Earth in which initiatory force does not exist in the governing body.  This new dimension will end poverty, hunger, even disease, and will make you rich.  It will also end the leaders’ power, end rule of man, which is why they have never allowed this idea to leak.

The Twelve Visions Party with its Prime Law is the answer to all our problems.  The dangerous debt goes away with the Prime-Law-based, Protection-Only Budget.  Poverty goes away with the unburdened, rapidly advancing new technologies driving down costs.  Diseases go away with unburdened, rapidly advancing new medical technologies and life-saving drugs.  We enter a new dimension never known before, the dimension of no ruling class, the dimension of pure freedom.  Without a ruling class, civilization will advance at never-before-known speeds.  All the arguments against this new dimension will quickly subside in light of the results that eradicate poverty, hunger and disease — that raise everyone’s standard of living to that of a millionaire or more.

But to go into the next dimension is not easy since it has never been so much as envisioned before.  Make no mistake, not even our beautiful America experienced this other dimension, which is why we are struggling against the rise of socialism today.  The Twelve Visions Party with its Prime Law is a precious but fragile gift being offered to mankind.  Accept this gift and pass it on.

The Seven Immediate Effects of the Twelve Visions Party With Its Prime Law

First and foremost, the immediate effect of the Twelve Visions Party will be the end of poverty.  Rule of man is inextricably linked to poverty.  Look around the world and throughout history: the greater the rule of man the greater the poverty.  The Twelve Visions Party with its Prime Law is the party to end rule of man and poverty.

Only the TVP can take us into a new dimension where rule of man does not exist…where poverty does not exist.   Why?   The Prime Law.  The Prime Law eradicates initiatory force.  Without initiatory force there can be no rule of man.  Of course, your leaders do not want you to know this.

So the first, foremost and immediate effect of the Twelve Visions Party will be the end of poverty.

The second stunning effect of the Twelve Visions Party will be the rapid eradication of many diseases.

The rule of man’s regulatory bureaucracies politicize the medical industry and destroy it.  When we end the rule of man, and their regulatory bureaucracies can no longer politicize the medical industry, then research-and-development money will dramatically pour into the medical industry.  The results will be rapid and uninhibited medical progress in an environment of no debilitating web of political regulations retarding progress.

The Twelve Visions Party with its Prime Law and Protection-Only Budget will depoliticize the medical industry.  The war against disease will then move very fast with nothing political holding the geniuses back, supercharged by record amounts of research-and-development money pouring in.  Cancer, heart disease, and possibly the ultimate disease — aging itself — will be cured within a decade in the Twelve Visions World.

The third welcomed effect of the Twelve Visions Party will be the eradication of terrorism and crime.

The entire might and focus of government will be protection.  There will be no competing funds.

Today for example, entitlement money competes with national defense and national security.  Because politicians (i.e., man) run the country, their vote-collecting entitlement money ultimately “wins”, which jeopardizes national security.

Why does entitlement money eventually “win” the battle of the budget over protection money?  Well, entitlement money buys votes.  Rule of man — man running our country with selfish re-election fever — pushes for vote-buying entitlement money, which jeopardizes national security.

When we remove the rule of man, when the Prime Law is an amendment to the U. S. Constitution, at that time our civilization moves into another dimension…into pure freedom in which government’s sole purpose is to protect its people.  All money, all focus goes toward protection, which would minimize terrorism and crime unlike we have ever seen before.  Moreover, people may lose their modest entitlement money, but they will quickly live like millionaires as explained in the pages to follow.  (Also, social security will be paid back with interest as seen on the pages to follow.)

The fourth needed effect of the Twelve Visions Party is minimizing unemployment.

To best understand this, let me go into something I write about in the pages to follow in which I talk about a split-run, a term used in the direct-mail industry.  I use the scenario: let’s split-run America.  In other words, let us say half of America continues on her current path, the other half splits off into Prime-Law America (i.e., an America with the Prime-Law Amendment).  In Prime-Law America there would be no taxes.  Now, no taxes seems to just about everybody as something undoable, but the reason it seems undoable is because our minds are stuck in the only political dimension known on earth.

You see, taxes (i.e., forced taxes) are intrinsically part of the only political dimension we have ever known…rule of man with initiatory force as our governing body, our ruling class.  So we are not able to look at the possibility of no taxes with any sense of credibility.  Without forced taxes, today’s political dimension would disintegrate, making the idea of no taxes impossible.  However, in the new dimension of no initiatory force and no rule of man and no ruling class, in my scenario of Prime-Law America, I ask: what would happen in such a country where there’s no taxes?

Well, first of all, businesses would move to Prime-Law America.  Suddenly that becomes the place where the jobs are, and hard-working people would follow for work in Prime-Law America where the jobs are available, where there are no taxes.  Prime-Law America would boom.  There would be a demand for real estate, for buildings, factories.  Homes would be built and bought.  We would see a rapidly booming economy with essentially no unemployment in an environment of pure freedom.  We would experience a prosperity explosion beyond anything ever seen before.  Everyone would live a wealthy lifestyle as the cost of living is driven down to fractions of what we currently experience through a Great Technological Revolution.  And people would gladly pay for a government that provides the conditions for this millionaire-like universal prosperity and peace.

People will pay for prosperity and peace.  Yes, people will voluntarily pay for a government that provides the conditions for them to live like wealthy millionaires in a world of safety and peace.  We just do not know this because we have never entered this new dimension of no initiatory force.  Ultimately the government would run as a protection service, as a business structure, as I describe later in detail.

So to recap the fourth needed effect of the Twelve Visions Party: it would eliminate unemployment as the country booms in this other dimension.

The fifth effect of the Twelve Visions Party would be greatly improved quality of life.  Standards of living would soar.  Our buying power would soar.  Our wealth would be something we never experienced before.

We would enjoy our lives.  We would live the lives we were meant to live.  In this new dimension, unburdened new technologies and unburdened geniuses of society would lift our buying power and quality of life to unimaginable new heights.

We have seen one microcosm of this relatively recently, and that was the computer revolution.  Imagine that computer paradigm that was very lightly regulated, during which computer buying power multiplied thousands of times…imagine that same freedom-paradigm spreading across all industries.  That image, that same phenomenon is what we would experience in Prime-Law America, otherwise known as the Twelve Visions World…the New World.

The sixth effect of the Twelve Visions Party would be the superior quality of education in a Twelve Visions World.

Today we have to ask why, in the greatest country on our planet, why do we see so many children graduating high school illiterate and incompetent?  The answer to that question baffles just about everyone.

But the answer to that question is: we have such a high illiteracy rate and incompetency rate of graduating high school students because the rule of man politicizes our school systems.  That is the answer.

Therefore, the Twelve Visions Party that eradicates the rule of man would eradicate illiteracy and inferior education.  Again, there is no explanation for illiteracy and inadequate education in this prosperous country other than: the rule of man politicizes education.  The Twelve Visions Party removes the rule of man.  Education becomes what it should be.  Children will graduate as integrated thinkers, as self-leaders, as value creators.

The seventh effect of the Twelve Visions Party: it will quickly stop America’s fall into insolvent bankruptcy.

The Protection-Only Budget, the budget that adheres to the Prime Law, would almost immediately cut our budget in half.  As I write about in the pages to follow, there would be a huge event I refer to as the Great Displacement Program, which would be the selling off to the private sector every aspect of government that has nothing to do with protection.  And we would use that huge sale in the trillions of dollars, including selling government land, to pay off Social Security.

So the seventh effect of the Twelve Visions Party is: it would quickly get a handle on our runaway deficits and debt.  It would stop America’s irreversible fall into bankruptcy.  Subsequently, as the Twelve Visions Party spreads around the world, it would stop the world’s fall into insolvent bankruptcy and remove the debt from our children’s and grandchildren’s futures.

The Prosperity Option

The Twelve Visions Party with its Prime Law will take the world into a new dimension never known before.   For three millennia the prosperity option has been held secret.  The three-thousand-year-old secret is the Prime Law, the prosperity option.

There are two dimensions of civilization, but only one to date has been known on our planet.  In that traditional poverty dimension we have the history of the world.  Initiatory force is allowed in the governing body.  The rule of man steadily rises, and the ruling class gradually takes over.  Agenda-laws, regulations, litigation hold everything back.  The non-ruling class gets pushed down into an underclass.  Over time, poverty grows; freedom shrinks.  Mankind fails his potential; ultimately tyranny and poverty prevail.

Now there is another option.  It is the prosperity option, which has been held secret for 3000 years.  In the new prosperity dimension, we have the Twelve Visions World.  Initiatory force is not allowed in the governing body.  The Prime Law permanently banishes initiatory force.  Rule of man is eradicated.  The non-ruling class is truly free.  There are no agenda-laws, regulations, litigation to hold back civilization.  The non-ruling class rises into a wealthy elite class as prosperity explodes throughout society; pure freedom reigns.  The leaders lose their ruling-class power.  Mankind soars to fulfill its potential; peace and prosperity prevail.

This sheds light on the importance and value this new non-political party called the Twelve Visions Party is bringing to civilization.  The Twelve Visions Party will make this a better world for us, our children and their children.

3000-Year-Old Secret

I am going to sharply define the highly-guarded 3000-year-old secret that would send any nation and all its people to the richest levels the world has ever known.  For millennia, the political leaders of the world have waged wars and even starved their own people to death in order to guard this secret.  Once it is out, America and all her people will become wealthy.

In order to open our flight to riches, I must first close our fall into poverty.  In all civilizations throughout history, the more powerful and imposing the rule of man, the more tyrannical and poor the society.  America’s prosperity will end, and her fall into poverty will continue under steadily growing rule of man.  If we do not eradicate the fundamental ingredient that nourishes the rule of man, we will steadily sink into poverty and eventually into tyranny.

That fundamental ingredient is initiatory force.  For man to rule over others — over large populations — requires the ability to force those populations to obey their political leaders.  Yet, how can government lead a nation without that power of force?

Let us look more closely at the concepts of “lead” and “force”: let us take into account parameters. The government should lead, with use of force if necessary, when it comes to protecting us FROM FORCE or THREAT of FORCE.  Protecting the people was the original intent of our government.  And as you will see in the pages that follow, protecting the people is the one and only valid purpose of government.  In other words, self-defense force against those initiating force is the proper role of government.  Government should lead when it comes to protecting us…lead with the use of self-defense force if necessary, which includes the military, police protection, courts, justice, prisons.  With those parameters around the government’s role “to lead” and “to use force”, the government plays a vitally important role toward our prosperity and well-being.

Should government go beyond protecting us to impose its left-wing or right-wing political agendas upon us?  Should politicians and bureaucrats impose those agendas upon us through their laws and regulations that are backed by force?  If those laws and agendas go beyond the parameters of self-defense force necessary to protect citizens and their property…then those laws and regulations enter the parameters of initiatory force.  Within the parameters of initiatory force comes the rule of man: men and women forcing their political agendas — left-wing or right-wing — upon the populace.  If we disagree with those agendas, what then?  We are forced by man-made agenda-law, regulations or mandates to obey.  With those expanded parameters around the government’s role “to lead” and “to use force”, the government plays a deadly role against our prosperity and well being.

With initiatory force, government power goes beyond its one valid purpose of protection.  Government transforms from a valuable protection service into a destructive ruling class that steadily replaces economic freedom with political power, which inevitably pulls a nation down into poverty (and eventually tyranny) as is happening now in America.

All laws and regulations within the parameters of self-defense force are good and necessary.  All laws and regulations that go beyond those parameters of protection…laws and regulations that push political agendas — liberal or conservative — enter the parameters of initiatory force and must be eliminated in order to end rule of man and, consequently, end poverty and eventual tyranny.

But how can we, the people, get control of our government, embrace laws and regulations based on protection and self-defense force and eradicate laws and regulations based on political agendas and initiatory forceHow do we begin to stop rule of man, poverty, and eventual tyranny?

I have the answer.  It is called the Prime Law.  The Prime Law was developed as the tool to embrace good laws and regulations for our protection and to eliminate bad laws and regulations for our politicians’ and bureaucrats’ agendas.  The Prime Law can cap and clean the massive spill of bad political laws and bureaucratic regulations and get back America’s clean sea of economic freedom.

In 1787, this looming leak of bad political laws and bureaucratic regulations was not yet seen by our founding fathers.  Today the out-of-control, rule-of-man leak pollutes our economic freedom nearly to the point of no return.  We have one last chance with the Prime Law.  Its separation of bad political laws and regulations from good protection-only laws and regulations can save America.  This clean separation was missed by our founding fathers and is the missing ingredient to a perfect constitution that clears out and keeps out the insidious rule of man and forever eliminates poverty and tyranny. 

The Prime Law as an amendment to the U.S. Constitution would purify America’s freedom and lift all of us to a prosperity no civilizations of the world have ever seen before.

So, let us ask one last time: beyond the function of protection, should politicians and bureaucrats be leading our lives?  Should we allow the rule of man?  I say NO.  I have developed an entirely new political system — or better described as a nonpolitical system — to lead the country, limiting government and its leadership to protection only while eliminating the rule of man.

We must first remove the ruling-class political weapon of initiatory force, leaving our government with only one form of force — nonpolitical self-defense force against those violating us by using or threatening initiatory force against us.  The Prime Law is our tool to accomplish that otherwise impossible feat.

A New Dimension

The Prime Law changes everything, for with it we enter an entirely new dimension of law, government, and civilization.  This new dimension is a brand-new paradigm never seen on Earth.  All law and politics and civilizations throughout history and currently, including America, are in the same dimension defined by the presence of initiatory force in the governing body.

Historically, the more checks and balances of power and divisions of power such as in America, especially early America, the better civilization does within that only dimension known to man in which the governing body is permitted the use of initiatory force.  In other words, the more obstacles put in place to limit government’s use of power — limit initiatory force — the more civilization thrives.

However, as we are witnessing in America, no matter how many obstacles are put in place, still, civilization stuck in that dimension that permits initiatory force in its governing body will ultimately be pulled down by rule of man, by the ruling class that has ever-increasing access to initiatory force — its ruling power.

Never has there been a civilization on our planet in which initiatory force was NOT permitted in its governing body.  Such a civilization would enter a new dimension never known on Earth.  The Prime Law brings civilization into that utterly new dimension.

The most prosperous civilizations throughout history only moved towards that new dimension.  America came closest, but still remained in the only dimension known to man — the dimension in which initiatory force is inherently in our governing body, which eventually strengthens into a ruling body backed by force.

Despite all the checks and balances and obstacles put in place, man creating, interpreting, and executing law backed by initiatory force axiomatically leads to the destructive rule of man — imperfect man influenced by ego, power, prestige, ignorance, selfish agendas, and inspired by control over others.  Man creating, interpreting, and executing law backed by and bound by the Prime Law, on the other hand, leads to pure freedom and unprecedented prosperity.

Explicitly removing initiatory force from civilization including and especially from the governing body brings civilization into a never-before-known dimension — a paradigm of prosperity never known in our world.

I am sometimes asked if the Twelve Visions Party is about going back to our founding fathers’ original concept.  The answer is NO; we are about making civilization leap forward into an entirely new dimension never known before: the entirely new dimension of NO initiatory force.

We are not setting up checks and balances and divisions of power to restrict government’s use of initiatory force as did our forefathers.  No, we are taking civilization into an entirely new dimension by banishing initiatory force within our government.

Only the Prime Law can take us into that entirely new dimension.  When people try to compare us to other political movements such as the Constitution Party or the Libertarian Party, the comparisons do not hold.  Those political movements are stuck in the traditional dimension.  They may move in our direction, but they could never take civilization into our entirely new dimension void of initiatory force…not without the Prime Law.  The Prime Law makes us unique, for it causes law and governance to leap to a new dimension never entered before…a dimension where rule of man becomes impossible.

Without rule of man, civilization will flourish.  Initiatory force in the hands of government is unnatural (violating natural law) but has existed as our ONLY option for so long that it seems normal.  Civilization would flourish with definitive removal of initiatory force and, consequently, removal of rule of man.  This is a new concept.  Imagine a civilization, a country with no initiatory force, no force-backed political agendas, only protection.  Early America came closest, but was missing the Prime Law.  It is hard to imagine a government without initiatory force, but that image has been simplified for you on the pages to follow.  This is a breakout concept that will change America and then the world.  The Prime Law is the 3000-year-old secret on how to become and remain the richest nation on Earth.  Now, let us open our flight to riches…

How To Become and Remain
The Richest Nation on Earth

All the people can live like millionaires, including the poor.  Let me explain…

During the computer revolution of the late 20th Century, computer buying power multiplied so dramatically that ordinary families could buy computers that a few years earlier only millionaires could buy.  The computer revolution’s paradigm was elegantly simple, as follows: the ruling class had little control over the computer industry.

The TVP takes that same paradigm and applies it to ALL AMERICAN INDUSTRIES.  Buying power can multiply a thousand times, not just for buying computers…but for buying EVERYTHING.  When the Prime Law nullifies ruling-class control over all industries, the resulting TVP-induced, unhindered Great Technological Revolution will spread that same “get-millionaire-rich” paradigm beyond the computer world across all industries.  With the new end-rule-of-man thus eliminate-the-ruling-class political system, with the Prime-Law Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, you will be able to buy what a few years before only millionaires could buy!

The new political party, the Twelve Visions Party (TVP), embodies that new political system.  The TVP ignites the most real and ambitious get-rich program for the people in the history of mankind.  The TVP Platform is named: Make All The People Wealthy, Including the Poor!  That title is literal, not figurative.  The Twelve Visions Party literally delivers the largest, most ambitious get-rich program since the beginning of civilization.  The entire non-ruling class, essentially all people will be the beneficiaries!  They will live like millionaires without lifting a finger!  People will become a thousand times richer!

If buying power multiplies a thousand times, then you become rich.  Consider this late-20th-century quote from Bill Gates: “Another sign of a healthy, competitive industry is lower prices.  The statistics show that the cost of computing has decreased ten million fold since 1971.  That’s the equivalent of getting a Boeing 747 for the price of a pizza.”  Through the TVP, that get-rich phenomenon applies universally.  That get-rich phenomenon happens through computer-industry-like economic freedom under a protection-only government purified by the Prime-Law Amendment and Protection-Only Budget (or Prime-Law Budget).  All people will get rich, including the poor!  And although the Twelve Visions Party has a comprehensive list of protection-only planks in its National Platform, the bottom-line results will be rapid and universal wealth (and health) for all citizens, including the poor.  It is the largest, most realistic and most comprehensive get-rich program ever conceived.

Consider the Twelve Visions Party a legitimate get-rich plan for the people…the biggest get-rich opportunity of all time.  The plan is quite simple: the rule-of-man ruling class on top of our society pushes us all down into a suppressed class — all of us.  If not for those political leaders pushing every industry down, then you would be rich; the ENTIRE suppressed class from all racial and social backgrounds would rise up into a wealthy elite class!  Universal wealth, health, and peace is a beautiful thing and, for the first time, is possible through the Twelve Visions Party.  Simply remove the rule-of-man ruling class through the Prime Law.  We will be a thousand times richer just as the mostly unregulated, free computer industry of the late 20th and early 21st century during which buying power multiplied a thousand times in a few short years!  The TVP is a calling for the entire non-ruling class, the suppressed class…the underclass.

If we remove the rule of man through the Prime Law (i.e., the Prime-Law Amendment), then the costs of living will fall and the people will rise up at all levels — the poor, the middle class, the successful, the self-made millionaires — the entire non-ruling class will rise up very rapidly into a wealthy elite class.  As the costs of living dramatically decrease, EVERYONE will become rich, including the poor!  The Twelve Visions Party provides a practical plan for removing the ruling class.  Therefore, the Twelve Visions Party provides the people with the greatest get-rich opportunity in the history of the world.

The computer revolution was a forerunner to the coming all-encompassing, TVP-induced Great Technological Revolution.  If someone tells you the computers’ exponential multiplication of buying power was an anomaly due to the invention of the silicon chip, then The Geniuses of Society section of this book give another indisputable example of this get-rich phenomenon 100 years ago before high-technology altogether.  The computer revolution was an anomaly due to the absence of the rule of man!  The TVP is here to eradicate the rule of man, the ruling class, and, consequently, liberate the suppressed class and send the entire suppressed class soaring up to the wealthy elite class.  Universal wealth is absolutely possible; it just has never been seen before.

Defining the Suppressed Class 

I ask both the poor and the middle class: how would you like to see your little bit of spending money buy ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times more goods?

I ask both the struggling and successful self-made business owners: how would you like to keep all of what you make without paying nearly half your money to the government?  How would you like to have no more state and federal regulations burdening your business and cutting back your profits?

The poor, the middle class, the struggling business owners, the rich business owners are in the same family, although they are played against each other by the ruling class.  But they are in the same family of the non-ruling class…or the suppressed class.

When the suppressed class is free from the ruling class, then the self-made business owners soar ahead and compete for our business; they drive down our prices, which in turn drives up our buying power making the poor and middle class more prosperous.  Remember the computers.

Society’s Two Families 

Society consists of two families of people: the ruling class and the non-ruling class or the suppressed class…that is, the ruling family and the suppressed family.

Because of decades of media abuse, most people today do not understand their family relationship.  For example, clever people in the ruling family influence people in the suppressed family to dislike each other.  We are led to believe we dislike, even hate those in our own family…those geniuses of society who are actually our greatest benefactors.

We don’t realize that those geniuses of society whom we are led to hate are actually part of our own suppressed family, part of the non-ruling class or the suppressed class.  They are the successful parents who want to make their children successful too. Those geniuses of society, if left alone by the ruling class, if not targeted, maligned, regulated, attacked and pushed down by the ruling class…those geniuses of society would raise the standard of living for all of us so fast and so dramatically that the less fortunate would quickly live prosperous and fulfilling lives.  In fact, even the poor would soon live like millionaires.

The computer revolution gave us our most recent example during which computer buying power multiplied a thousand times in a few short years.  The evolution of the assembly line, accelerating with Henry Ford’s automobile was another example…when people could suddenly buy cars and other mass-produced goods that only millionaires could previously afford.  There have been other examples, too, including an eye-opening example later in my message involving the railroad industry.  There are examples throughout history involving the airline industry, the food industry, the publishing industry, the housing industry, the appliance industry, the medical industry and more.  All such examples have a common thread: the ruling class was not yet hovering over those industries at the time of their prosperity-explosions for the people.  They all have yet another common thread: their prosperity-explosions for the people were all stopped by the ruling class as you will see when you read the heartbreaking story of James J. Hill later in this book.

The geniuses of society are like our successful parents who want to raise us to be successful and happy too (although we have been led to dislike or even hate our “successful parents”).  Henry Ford was so generous he was taken to court and thought to be going crazy for dramatically overpaying his employees and undercharging for his cars!  Of course, his genius worked, and he raised the standard of living of the entire country.  If the geniuses of society were left alone by the ruling class, and if the people were not fooled by the ruling class, then the geniuses would raise our standard of living and win our love just as the employees and customers loved Henry Ford.  But by maligning and suppressing our greatest benefactors under relentless bad press, suffocating regulations and abusive litigation, their ability to send our standard of living soaring to new heights is destroyed.  Through clever use of lies and propaganda, the ruling class leads us to dislike the geniuses of society as we remain suppressed in financially and emotionally inferior lives.

I have spent over thirty years researching and uncovering this well-hidden secret of the ruling class.  Political leaders have suppressed the tenets of the Prime Law for 3000 years.  I have written thousands of pages of evidence exposing this 3000-year-old secret-suppression by the ruling class.  I have also prepared in the TVP Movement the rapid solutions to liberate us from our Great Suppression.  As you will see, my rapid solutions will bring us stunning explosions in our standards of living.  With my solutions, all the people will live like millionaires in the Twelve Visions World.  We saw it happen to the computer industry; now it can happen across all industries. The Twelve Visions Party along with its Prime Law are here to make that happen.

Points to Remember:

The ruling class causes us to dislike or even hate the geniuses of society, the very people who will actually make us rich, including the poorest among us.  Indeed, even the poor will be rich in the new TVP political system.  The unhindered geniuses of society will make all of us rich by dramatically lowering costs of living and innovating cost-free technologies just as they did in the computer industry.  The Twelve Visions Party provides the practical protection-only political system.

The ruling class convinces us to admire or even love our charismatic political leaders, the very people who will eventually make us poor…including the middle class, even the rich eventually.  Our political leaders are members of the manipulating ruling class who were never around the computer industry during its prosperity-explosion for the people.  They suppress us and suppress the geniuses of society who could MAKE US ALL RICH.  The Twelve Visions Party opens our flight to economic freedom and personal riches.

The most ambitious get-rich plan since the beginning of time is upon us.  It is up to you now to recognize this rare opportunity.  YOU and your loved ones are the direct beneficiaries. This new direction has NEVER BEEN DONE before and NEVER CONCEIVED at this scale.  Bringing down the ruling class sends the huge suppressed class at all its levels soaring up to the wealthy elite class.  Including you!

How exactly will this happen?

The rise of the Twelve Visions Party with its Prime-Law Amendment and Protection-Only Budget (i.e., a Prime-Law Budget) will eradicate the rule of man to free all industries — pure freedom.  The unimpeded geniuses will drive down costs and drive up buying power until we all live like millionaires without us having to lift a finger.  America or any country that adopts the Twelve Visions Party with its Prime Law will become and remain the richest nation on Earth.

The Beautiful Society

The actions of animals, man included, are guided and shaped by survival.  In today’s society that allows initiatory force, irrationality thrives, and actions of politicians and bureaucrats actually require more and more irrationality just to survive.  Indeed, imagine the political arena now in America: irrational and dishonest behavior is actually part of the composite for political survival.  A completely rational and honest person would not survive in today’s political arena!

When I explain the beautiful society to people, they often have a hard time because they have never seen and therefore cannot conceive a society truly free of irrationality.  I am often peppered with questions such as: “What would happen if a very powerful business (you fill in the blank with something sinister)?”  Or, “What if society and its businesses started hurting the environment?”  Or, “What would happen if those with money and influence started to control our products and therefore influence who we become?”  And so on and so on.

Whereas I can thoroughly answer each and every one of the endless such questions and demonstrate how a Prime-Law society would always remain the beautiful society with no corruption or depreciation of freedom and prosperity, instead something deeper can wash through one’s conscience like a cool ocean wave that puts all the doubters at ease.  You see, mankind shapes its actions based on survival.  In this other dimension of no initiatory force, survival pressures will guide man to rational actions and will drive out irrational actions.  By contrast, in today’s society steeped in initiatory force from our government, the opposite is true as survival pressures guide man to irrational actions.  But when initiatory force is eradicated and a Great Technological Revolution drives down costs of living so low that we all become wealthy…well, irrational actions no longer make any sense and actually hurt one’s survival.  Lies, deceit, fraud, illusions that give politicians and political businessmen advantages today will reverse in tomorrow’s no-force dimension and will hurt politicians and businessmen.  Irrational actions for the first time will work against any and all advantages.  Imagine a person in that other no-force dimension wanting to rob a store.  Whereas in today’s opportunity-stricken dimension such an irrational and immoral action happens rather frequently, why would anyone in the other prosperity dimension ever desire or need to take that irrational action?  Everyone will be well off to begin with, and the irrational action would risk all that prosperity for nothing — for less prosperity and severe consequences.  There simply will be no more demand for irrational actions in the other dimension of no initiatory force.  In fact, all survival pressures in that other dimension will push people into rational actions only.  Irrationality disappears along with deceit, fraud, coercion and initiatory force.  The Prime-Law society becomes and permanently remains the beautiful society in which everyone prospers, even today’s poor.  There will be NO irrationality; survival will guide mankind into pure rationality.  That beautiful society gives us the life we were meant to have!

By understanding that irrational actions vanish forever, those endless “what if” and “what would” questions (all based on irrational actions) can go away in one swoop.  The Prime-Law society is the beautiful society in which all the people are rational, wealthy and healthy with eternal peace and prosperity.  Keep this in mind while reading my message: in the new dimension of no initiatory force, survival pressures push everyone into purely rational good-for-society actions and drive out irrational bad-for-society actions.  You just have never seen anything like it before.


The evidence of the poverty path versus the prosperity path is obvious and overwhelming.  To easily see proof of poverty as a result of initiatory force within the ruling class versus prosperity as a result of restricting initiatory force within the ruling class, just look across the political-economic landscape of countries today and throughout history.  Consider the poverty in the Middle East and throughout Africa — countries loaded with ruling-class initiatory force.  By contrast consider the prosperity in America in which the U.S. Constitution resists initiatory force within the ruling class.  Unfortunately, the U.S. Constitution has battled against the disease of mankind — initiatory force and its rising rule of man — for over two centuries and is battle worn and weary.  It needs reinforcement.  It needs new and absolute strength to stop the rule of man (initiatory force).  It needs the Prime-Law Amendment.