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Free The Geniuses Of Society

When our founding fathers left the Constitutional Convention in September 1787, they were asked what kind of country they gave us.  Benjamin Franklin famously answered, “We gave you a republic, if you can keep it!”

His answer cried out for the one final integration that would preserve our freedom.  Even after adding the Bill of Rights (just two years after the U.S. Constitution), our founding fathers knew they missed something.  Had they made the final integration — the Prime Law — explicitly banishing initiatory force throughout not only society, but throughout government as well, then Franklin would have had no concern, no worry at all about holding onto America’s extraordinary freedom.  Had our founding fathers made that final integration of freedom, America would have experienced more than the extraordinary freedom that she enjoyed while rising to the most prosperous and powerful country in history.

Let’s now jump ahead a century to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  The results of the American experiment — a self-governing government by the people, for the people — was an astounding success.  America rose to the most prosperous country, rapidly advancing with stunning innovations such as efficient electricity, the light bulb, mass production with the assembly line, falling costs, rising wages and soaring standards of living.  The geniuses of society made life good…the geniuses of society — the inventors, innovators and industrial empire builders.  The country loved and admired “the Three Titans” Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone.  The people knew that those geniuses of society made life good, wonderful for everyone.  The people mourned the deaths of such geniuses of society and cherished their lives.

After a hundred years of power-sucking politicians, bureaucrats, judges and journalists boosting their own political power by creating illusions that business titans are not good for the people — nefarious greedy people who need to be regulated and controlled — we the people began to believe them.  Their motive, particularly starting with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s regulations upon the businesses of the Three Titans, has always been to steal power, money and control from the genuine geniuses of society, the true benefactors of the people.

Now, after yet another century of steady political and media brainwashing, the people have allowed their freedom and the freedom of the geniuses of society to be largely confiscated by politicians, bureaucrats, justices and journalists.  …Indeed, this is the very problem our founding fathers feared.  We are heading toward despotism.

What can you do to bring our freedom back?  It all begins with one word:


Over the past century, we have been conditioned to not trust the geniuses of society.  So this will take some work to break through the illusions created by the media, politicians and bureaucrats — illusions that our business leaders are villains who need to be regulated, controlled and punished.  Shifting our embedded thought patterns will not be easy.  Even Hollywood, indeed almost every movie — including children’s movies — villainize the businessman.

But one simple law can help us around the illusions…and eventually help us to see directly through the illusions.  That fundamental law, the Prime Law, will someday save the world and make everyone wealthy.  There’s a lot of evidence that backs up that claim as fully revealed in the Society’s deep treatment of a Prime-Law America.

By banishing initiatory force, including from the government itself, no longer can the big regulatory bureaucracies hold back the geniuses of society.  For the first time, the geniuses of society — the Steve Jobs and Henry Fords — become purely free.

The Society demonstrates in detail exactly how such a phenomenon would occur, along with the skyrocketing wealth and health for ordinary people.

I like to use a modern example and a century-old example to demonstrate what happens to our standard of living when unleashing the geniuses of society.  The first example I use is the computer revolution.  Our computer buying power multiplied thousands of times.  Now we enjoy computer power that only Fortune 500 companies enjoyed a generation ago.  The personal computer revolution moved so fast from the 1970s to the turn of century that government could not get its regulatory grip on it, its stranglehold, and look what happened as told by Bill Gates in 1998: “The statistics show that the cost of computing has decreased ten million fold since 1971.  That’s the equivalent of getting a Boeing 747 for the price of a pizza.”

And that result of pure freedom is not just because of the technological breakthrough of the silicon chip.  Indeed, my second example goes back a century ago to the car business…back to when Henry Ford turned a millionaire’s toy into an ordinary-Joe belonging.  And his assembly-line breakthroughs swept through all industries to dramatically lower costs of living.  Such prosperity resulted in rising standards of living and the roaring ’20s.

This all happened before President Franklin D. Roosevelt, for the first time, flooded industry with debilitating regulations, causing sinking standards of living, exacerbating and prolonging the Great Depression.  Unregulated, unleashed geniuses of society cause our standards of living to soar.  Regulated, subdued geniuses of society result in falling standards of living and slowing economies.

Today’s executive branch aggressively removes burdensome regulations on business.  Standards of living have risen to record heights (prior to the Coronavirus).  By contrast, the new, progressive socialists are like FDR: they threaten overwhelmingly burdensome regulations that would permanently take away your prosperity.  With them in control, our standards of living would collapse.  We would sink into another Great Depression.

With socialism and burdensome regulations (i.e., initiatory force/shrinking freedom), then prosperity will dramatically recede.  On the other hand, a Prime-Law Amendment to our U.S. Constitution will quickly free the geniuses of society to bring us extraordinary wealth, prosperity and peace.