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How Government Could Evolve Into A Super-Competent, Customer-Driven Protection Service

The TVP government structure will maximize its one and only purpose of protecting the individual against initiatory force:  This is how the TVP and Neothink® Business will synthesize to bring us the competent protection-only government that provides the conditions for unprecedented wealth, health, and peace.

As you know, government will undergo a fundamental change with the Prime-Law Amendment.  The concept of government would fundamentally change from a government based on power to a government based on service.  That fundamental change from a power basis to a service basis would evolve a businesslike system — a businesslike protection service.

The evolution from a power basis to a service basis will steadily happen with the success of the Twelve Visions Party.  I will lay out a very simplified, an oversimplified explanation of the highlights of the new businesslike government structure we would be aggressively working toward:

After the Prime-Law Amendment, we will work toward evolving the daily functioning of our government into the most competent value-creating system — the Neothink® Business System as detailed over your year-long journey here.

To really understand this transition from a power-grabbing political/force basis of government to a value-creating business/service basis, you must know about the breakthrough Neothink® System and its mighty division of essence.  With the briefest of highlights, here is a quick synopsis of the ideas:

The Neothink® System’s division of essence is the ultimate division of labor because each job of labor also includes the mind — the ability to think and make the job more and more valuable.  The division of labor works by dividing a company into its physical movements, which become its jobs of labor such as (before robotic arms) the man driving in rivets on the assembly line.  My division of essence, on the other hand, divides business into its physical movements too, but movements that include the thinking mind in order to creatively advance the essence of the business (i.e., its marketable values).  Through my Neothink® tools that you will learn during your journey, all jobs at all levels can creatively advance the essence of the business.  This evolution from dead-end jobs of labor (body of the business) to open-ended jobs of essence (mind and body of the business) replaces stagnation with exhilaration — a must for abiding happiness.  Each mind/body job becomes alive and valuable to the company’s creative forward movement.  You will get a full understanding of the division of essence during your journey in the Neothink® Society. …Let us now apply the powerful division of essence to the new, businesslike protection service…our new TVP government:

The three branches of government as set down in the U.S. Constitution are 1) the Legislative Branch (creating laws for citizen protection), 2) the Executive Branch (executing laws for citizen protection), 3) the Judicial Branch (interpreting laws for citizen protection).  Instead of three branches of government, we can now identify them as the three main physical movements of protection (protection being the essence of government) that include the thinking mind in order to make each movement more and more valuable.  This begins the government’s ultimate division of labor, known as the division of essence.  The purpose of government, the essence of government, remember, is protection.

So, the three main mind/body movements of government protection are 1) creating the laws for protection, 2) executing the laws for protection, 3) interpreting the laws for protection.  But, how does the government break down further?

Inside those large main mind/body movements of protection are smaller mind/body movements of protection, just smaller value-creating subsets or mini-movements of the overarching main movements of protection.  For example, under the main movement of executing laws for protection, comes four mini-movements: 1) executing foreign affairs, 2) executing money matters, 3) executing the military, 4) executing justice.  Each is a mind/body movement with a clear purpose of protection, the essence of government.  Notice, those mini-movements are four of the thirteen Departments of the President’s Cabinet — Department of State, Department of Treasury, Department of Defense, Department of Justice.  In a protection-only government, the other Cabinet Departments are not needed.  Interestingly, those four Cabinet Departments were the original four the father of our country, Neothink® man George Washington, established in setting up our government.

The “mind-with-body” movements of protection are self-contained chunks of essence from the overall value-creating essence of the government, which is protection.  Collectively, the mini-movements of protection make up the government’s division of essence.  The massive government continues to divide into its mind-with-body movements of protection or chunks of essence, down to smaller and smaller chunks of mind-with-body, value-creating movements of protection.  For instance, the federal prison system is a complete chunk of essence, a full mind-with-body value-creating movement of protection that falls under the larger movement of executing Justice, which falls under the overarching main movement of executing the laws.  The police force, the armed services…those are chunks of essence, mind-with-body value-creating movements of protection that fall under larger mind-with-body movements of protection.

Such chunks of essence — mind-with-body movements where value creation and value elevation of the business’s essence can occur — exist throughout all value-creating businesslike structures.  Of course, the TVP government’s essence is protection.  Chunks of essence — mind-with-body movements where value creation and value elevation of protection can occur — would exist all throughout our new Twelve Visions Government.  Those mind-with-body value-creating movements of protection will cover all functions of the protection-only government, bringing out the best protection service.

During your journey, you will learn The Neothink® System that demonstrates how the division of essence allows decentralization while, at the same time, allowing strong centralization, which is exactly what a service-based U.S. Government will need.  For example, the fifty states would most effectively become their own chunks of essence (i.e., protection).  In other words, they would function autonomously under their own constitutions.  They could compete, and people would vote with their feet.  However, the Prime-Law Amendment would filter out every state and federal bad law in the country, including the 16th Amendment giving Congress the power to lay and collect taxes on income.  All citizens everywhere would be protected by the Prime Law of Protection: no initiatory force.

Moreover, without getting into too much detail, once you understand how the division of essence works, you will understand the mutually beneficial internal Essence Tracking Reports that will rise up from the states to the federal main Movement Heads.  And you will understand the Essence Meetings that will bring centralized control over the decentralized U.S. Protection Service.  The service of protection and justice, from the local level to the federal level, will snap together into one unbreakable Neothink® puzzle-picture through the Essence Tracking Reports.  That Neothink® service — that intense value-creating thinking put in at every level of government — will deliver the greatest value creation to the American people.  Peace unlike ever before will blanket America.

Let me pause here to make a point: The separation of powers and division of powers will no longer be necessary, for a ruling power will no longer exist.  Whereas, as the saying goes, power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely…our new government will be merely a service — a pay-as-you-use service.  Instead of forced tax collection, citizens will voluntarily pay for superior protection.  People will pay for peace.

There will be absolutely no ruling power, no reason to separate or divide power.  All divisions will come by way of the division of essence to maximize the values being created — the protection of our citizens.

With that in mind, I see two possible scenarios here for the Twelve Visions Government that would be determined based upon which one would deliver the best service when the time approaches:

Scenario One: Do not link the federal and the states’ Essence Tracking Reports and Essence Meetings.  The federal responsibilities stop with federal law, courts, prisons, national defense; the states’ responsibilities cover state law, courts, prisons, police.

Scenario Two: Vertically link the federal and states’ Essence Tracking Reports and Essence Meetings.  The federal and states’ responsibilities link vertically under one essence of protection.  This is possible only because we are shifting from a power basis to a service basis.

The better approach is yet to be determined.  Since the Twelve Visions Government will eventually become the first government NOT based upon power, rather upon service, either approach will be valid.  The determination will be made upon one factor: which approach provides the customer with the best service, the best value, the best protection!

Imagine…a value-creating businesslike government built upon the value-creating breakthrough: the division of essence.  The division of essence is the next evolution of the almighty division of labor.  That next evolution lifts dead-end jobs of labor into open-ended jobs of value-creation for the ordinary working person.  Imagine, value creation broken down into the workers’ jobs by the ultimate division of labor that includes not just labor, but the mind as well, the superior division of essence.  That division of essence in business has proven to bring forth the most creative breakthrough-values, often by ordinary workers!1  And that is exactly what we want from our government: the most creative, breakthrough-protection. 

1Your next message during your year-long journey delivers the life-changing division of essence.  Some members call it the miracle in their lives!

We want no weapon to be able to penetrate our country; we want no criminal or terrorist to be able to violate our citizens.  The division of essence ignites every man and woman’s creative mind throughout the entire business and, in this case, will bring us what we want for our country: breakthrough protection and abiding peace.

I created the division of essence for maximizing value creation by igniting all workers’ creativity.  The division of essence is a powerful value-creating force that will thrive in the purely free Twelve Visions World.  The division-of-essence structure of business will cause the creation of the most amazing consumer values in all areas of life including medicine.   And now, we will bring that division of essence to the structure of protection.  We will enjoy the best protection ever achieved on our planet, even during a world of escalating terrorism.  And people will gladly and voluntarily pay for abiding peace, health, prosperity and happiness.

As I said, the new division-of-essence structure of protection will adopt tools such as Essence Tracking Reports and Essence Meetings.  I will not go into the details here, but you will fully understand those terms during your journey here as well as understand Movement Heads, mind/body mini-movements of protection, their mini-movement heads.  Your journey will explain all those terms, used below, and the value-creating power of the division of essence.

Neothink® Control

The Movement Heads will receive the weekly and monthly Essence Tracking Reports from their mini-movements under them.  Those tracking reports are the Movement Heads’ puzzle pieces.  The Movement Heads will snap those tracking reports together like puzzle pieces into the big Neothink® puzzle-picture.  Then monthly, the Movement Heads will hold their Essence Meetings with their mini-movement heads.  The three main Movement Heads of the United States Protection Service will be the persons with the big picture — the Neothink® puzzle-picture — of their respective movements, and they will guide each mini-movement head to best serve the big picture.

The three main Movement Heads — the heads of the three branches — carry enormous responsibility.  They are the best at the movement they serve; they rise to the top through superior performance.  They give invaluable big-picture guidance to their mini-movement heads at the federal level and to their fifty mini-movement heads at the state level (if the vertically-linked paradigm takes hold).  Again, the Movement Heads receive their Essence Tracking Reports, snap together the big picture for their specific movements, and hold monthly Essence Meetings with their mini-movement heads in order to guide them through the big picture toward creating the best values — the best protection.

That big picture comes together from everyone’s essence-work revealed on their Essence Tracking Reports, from everyone’s creative efforts to best serve their chunks of essence of protection.

The three main Movement Heads will be selected by a board of directors.  (I will explain the board of directors in a moment.)  The board will select the three main Movement Heads, as in any successful business, based on performance.  The board will select the three persons best suited to snap together the big picture and guide the mini-movement heads.  Those three Movement Heads of 1) creating protection-only law, 2) executing protection-only law, and 3) interpreting protection-only law have the businesslike responsibility of providing America and her citizens with the greatest protection-performance ever known on Earth.

Similarly, the mini-movement heads of protection will earn their positions through performance.  Remember, we are steadily replacing an intrusive, political government based on power with a citizen-friendly, businesslike government based on service — a comprehensive protection service aimed to please and to earn its keep.1

1Having read this far into my message, you begin to realize that with the leap from a power-basis government to a service-basis government, the only supreme law needed becomes the Prime Law.  The U.S. Constitution itself is no longer needed to frame government.  Indeed, as you can see in this Chapter, more efficient and effective ways of delivering protection will quickly arise and evolve with every focus being on improving protection of our citizens.  In the end, the Constitution of our country will be The Prime Law.  Our founding fathers took us through an incredible leap from government for a ruler or rule of man to government for the people or rule of law.  Neothink® takes us through another incredible leap from government for the people regressing into rule of man to government for protecting the individual or rule of flawless law, the Prime Law of Protection…the leap from a power-basis full of initiatory force to a service-basis free of initiatory force.

Because of rapidly declining crime in the future Twelve Visions World, the cost of the protection-only government — your protection service — would continue to drop year after year.  Someday,  when  the  entire  world population has evolved into the Twelve Visions World, the government — your protection service — might no longer be necessary.  Government as we know it might become extinct.

Until then, the board of directors will select and assist the Movement Heads in their immense responsibilities.  The board of directors will consist of nine persons with the most outstanding careers at serving the essence of government: three with the most outstanding careers in the legislative-protection movement, three with the most outstanding careers in the executive-protection movement, three with the most outstanding careers in the judicial-protection movement.

Those nine board members will advise the Movement Heads as they integrate and coordinate the three movements of government.  Remember, there will be many mini-movement heads and three Movement Heads.  Each Movement Head will receive Essence Tracking Reports from his or her mini-movement heads.  The Movement Heads will snap together the national puzzle-picture for their specific movements and guide their mini-movement heads across the country.  They will meet monthly for their all-important Essence Meetings where the Movement Heads give their mini-movement heads big-picture guidance and expectations.  In turn, the three Movement Heads will submit their own national Essence Tracking Reports to the board — the nation’s Leading Head.  From those three Essence Tracking Reports, the Leading Head, the board, will snap together the final big puzzle-picture and, in turn, give the Movement Heads the final big-picture direction, guidance, and ultimate expectations.

The board of directors will be responsible for replacing board members when the time comes.  The board will replace any Movement Head if performance permanently slips.  Although the board will select the Movement Heads and advise and assist them, the hands-on Movement Heads will be in charge of their movements.  With advice, big-picture direction, ultimate expectations, and possibly great pressure from the board, the Movement Heads will make the day-to-day decisions.  Through clear bylaws, the Movement Heads can eventually be replaced.  But, except for very specific circumstances (such as blatantly violating the Prime Law), they will make the final operating decisions until that day comes.

Since the Prime-Law Amendment guarantees no forced tax collection can ever exist — no IRS as we now know it and no IRS Criminal Investigation Division — the people will have the legal option to withdraw from government protection…withdraw from government protection against force being used against them, their property, or their contracts.  With that legal option to withdraw from government protection, the government would have to competitively provide a genuine value that people want to pay for.  The government employees would have to work hard to offer a valuable service — ever-growing protection and peace.  Again, people will pay for real protection and peace.  They do not necessarily want to pay for what they get today.

For example, speaking locally now, our police forces today are not really services of protection — of crime prevention.  Today’s police forces simply follow up after the crime.  We have crime follow up, not crime prevention.  Thus, we really have no protection whatsoever, no elimination of initiatory force or threat of force.  Our police — through no fault of their own — get involved only after the force occurred.

In tomorrow’s Twelve Visions World, we will have real protection.  The protection will be so good, in fact, we will want to pay for it.  We will want to pay the relatively nominal cost for safety and peace.  Movement Heads will oversee value-creating mini-movement heads who run the police forces, the armed services, the judicial and prison systems, the legal work that will include filtering out bad law, revising law, creating civil and contract law, determining legitimate liability laws and punishment for violating protection-only laws.  As a division-of-essence, value-creating protection service for the people, we the people will gladly offer our voluntary payment for a country of blissful peace, harmony, and soaring prosperity.

As any value-producing institution, the board will keep their Movement Heads as long as they are the most competitive for bringing value — protection — to the people.  Without forced tax collection, the government’s value will be easily measured by the number of subscribers.

The Movement Heads of government will be the gatekeepers of our protection as laid down in the Prime Law.  And every subscribed American will “own stock” in protection — in his or her protection.  So, American individuals will be “stockholders” in their own protection.  (A contract will be signed by the protection service with the people stating this stockholder relationship.)  If a growing number of the people were unhappy about the board’s performance or any Movement Head’s performance, they could call for a general vote of “stockholders” (i.e., subscribed Americans).  Also, the board will have the prerogative to call a general “stockholder” vote in the rare scenario the board prefers the “stockholders” to decide whether or not to remove a Movement Head.  The specific choice for replacement, however, will always fall upon the board.

Why will the board of directors ultimately be responsible for selecting the Movement Heads?  As in any value-producing business, the board members are closer to the company and its details than the stockholders.  The board members know best who is most qualified to provide maximum value to their customers.  Therefore, the board will select the Movement Heads.  Proven value-creating performance — not corrupt elections and dishonest campaigns rife with deceptive propaganda — will select our Executive Movement Head, our Commander in Chief, for example.  The massive political campaigns today are often designed to deceive a gullible public into voting for a particular candidate — into voting for an illusion.  Those deceptions and illusions will be gone.  Moreover, the political sickness I call re-election fever will be gone along with its symptomatic, attention-getting lawmaking and spending programs that destroy our economy.  (See the TVP Bylaws for a deeper look at selections versus elections.)

In tomorrow’s Twelve Visions World, if a growing number of the people — the paying subscribers — grow discontent, they may call for a general vote to remove a board member or Movement Head.  In such a rare scenario, the people tomorrow will not be caught up in propaganda and deceptions as they are during campaign season today.  The people will know they are not happy about something specific and will use their power as “stockholders” in peace to effect a change.  …Each individual will be equal under the Prime Law of Protection.  Thus, each individual will receive one vote.

Moreover, the board will call such a “stockholder” vote if it feels the people need or want it.  Remember, the people can always withdraw without being criminals, if ever the need arose.  (They would then choose from other accredited protection-service options to put their 10% tithe.)  If enough withdrew, a competitive service would rise to meet the growing demand.  But that technicality would only exist in theory, for without a force-backed government, only rational decisions and the best actions for the people will continually occur.  The gifts of life — the wealth, health, and peace described in the Neothink® literature — will shower upon the people.