Cure to Aging


Those who have read my writings know that I am not supportive of politics per se, not of any party.  I lean neither left nor right.  I see political policies in context of individual freedom or restriction thereof.

During today’s historic political battles between democrats and republicans, I began judging whose policies are right and whose are wrong.  Along the way, I began to realize that today’s political battles are not really a matter of policies per se, rather today they’re battles of dishonesty vs. honesty.

Innocent people easily get trapped in the illusions of dishonest politicians.  They exist in both parties.  In fact, illusion is the name of the game.  You see, the vast majority of good Americans would never support dishonesty…but they often do not know they are supporting dishonesty because they are caught up in the politicians’ deceptive illusions.

To get past the illusions, first people must stop their affiliation with political parties and look at political events with dishonesty versus honesty in mind.  And there is now a tool to cut through the cloudy illusions to what is honest.  That tool is the Prime Law.

You see, the Prime Law is the fundamental natural law of protection, protecting the smallest and most vulnerable of all minorities — the individual.  And because the Prime Law is the fundamental law of humankind, whatever action or policy that violates the Prime Law is dishonest and immoral.

By breaking down everything I see in today’s political battles by the Prime-Law Standard, I easily decipher the dishonest from the honest.  Now, I present the Prime Law to the world for all innocent people to do the same.

Closed Minds

The political left and the political right will never see eye-to-eye.  Millions of everyday people tend to choose one side or the other.  The political toxicity today makes everyday people pick sides and become more and more close-minded, moving more and more to one side or the other.

As that polarization happens, the arguments become more and more outrageous and impossibly CONFUSING.  Rational progress becomes increasingly hopeless.

But now something very clear, concise and obvious can easily clear everything up for everyone: the Prime Law.  It simply states that “No person, group of persons, or government shall initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual’s self, property, or contract.”

If that elegantly simple law became the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, then every political argument could be answered easily by everyone.  The fundamental law of protection — no one may initiate force against anyone else — would stop harmful regulations, destructive legislation, immoral litigation.  In other words, for the first time, pure freedom would reign.

As an Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, the Prime Law — the fundamental law of protection — would become the Supreme Law of our country, for no other law could violate this most basic, fundamental natural law of individual protection.

No longer would complicated political spin and illusions cloud and confuse us.  No longer would the left or right violate its people with their demands when, beneath the rhetoric, initiatory force is required.  For, in the end, initiatory force always removes freedom and prosperity despite the political illusions of the “greater good.”

I will remind you of this thought:  With the Prime Law, no more need exists for political parties and their platforms, for the Prime Law takes care of everything.  Imagine that.

How To Bring The People Together

We can stop the turmoil and the divide in our country.  We can stop the hate.  We can stop the civil unrest, end all talk of a civil war.  We can bring the people together with one simple new law.  It’s the elegantly simple solution to all the political angst out there, easily unifying both sides.

Most people who are passionate about politics, those on both sides, are largely caught up in illusions created by our political leaders.  Ordinary people who stand (often angrily) with the left or the right are nearly all good people.  A simple new law will enable all those good people to escape the illusions that are controlling their emotions…escape their anger and hate with elegantly simple answers they will all agree on.  America needs this!

This simple solution begins with a simple question: “Is it OK for an adult to use force on another adult?”  The answer is obvious: “Except for self-defense, NO it is NOT okay for an adult to use force on another adult.”  All good people, both on the left and the right, agree that an adult may not use force on another adult, unless in self-defense.

From that universally agreed upon, obvious premise, a new elegantly simple law is born that everyone can accept: the Prime Law.

The elegantly simple and blatantly obvious premise that an adult may not use force on another adult, except for self-defense — the Prime Law — is the one universal law that will bring together all the good people on the left and the right.

As obvious as it is that an adult may not use force on another adult, the government actually does this all the time.  But illusions of “the greater good” obscure the fact that adults (politicians and regulatory bureaucrats) are using force on other adults (citizens).  For example, comply to these crippling regulations or pay a fine…or worse, go to prison.  Remember, the only use of force that is moral and justified is self-defense.

Political leaders on both sides may not like the Prime Law because it greatly limits their power by banishing the use of initiatory force.  But the people will love it — all the good people.  It would protect them from any person, group, or government using force against them.  Moreover, making this obviously benevolent and moral law the law of the land would bring everyone ─ the poor, the needy, the wealthy — the prosperous lives they were meant to have.  See how, as an Amendment to the United States Constitution, the Prime Law would send everyone’s wealth, health and peace to never-before-seen heights, including the poor as my message continues.

Indeed, the people need and will love the Prime Law — all the people, both on the left and the right.  They will come together, for the Prime Law is the savior of our country and our individual lives.  Politicians and regulatory bureaucrats will object, but not the people…bringing us back to a government for the people, by the people.

See Through An Insidious Political Technique

More than ever before in America, an insidious political technique confuses the innocent general public.  This age-old political technique creates illusions of nobility for undeserving politicians.  They erroneously project their own wrongdoings onto political opponents.  Consider how Hillary Clinton who destroyed her BlackBerry smart phones and tens of thousands of emails with BleachBit while under legal order to save them…of all people she accuses Donald Trump (love him or hate him) of obstruction.  

That millennia-old technique makes the guilty politician actually appear noble, “rescuing the people” from an evil-doer.  But that is merely an illusion.  In reality, the perpetrator (think Hillary and obstruction) is deflecting the people’s concerns and suspicions to the political opponent (such as Donald Trump).      

This sleight-of-hand technique now occurs at an all-time high in today’s American election cycle, making the choices to the American people thoroughly confusing.  So confusing, in fact, they might actually put the wrong politicians into power who can devastate our country.

Perhaps the most innocent people who came close to making that horrible mistake are the millennials who by and large support Bernie Sanders or one of the other socialist radicals.  This unfortunate young-person’s socialistic culture comes out of our highjacked educational system.  Indeed, over the decades the progressive left has systematically gained control of our public education, using federal funding as their Trojan Horse, just as James Madison feared.  History classes now teach impressionable children that our founding fathers were not good people and that American greatness is immoral.  Today’s K-12 education shapes and molds the children’s minds into an anti-American, anti-capitalism, socialistic culture.  And then as the socialist radicals with the help of mainstream media use their political trick of projecting their own evil doings onto their political opponents, today’s young voters become Bernie Bros.

Consider that hardcore government-control socialism drives the ordinary family into poverty as clearly seen in Venezuela today and in country after country throughout history, yet the radical socialists in today’s election cycle claim over and over again that capitalism drives the ordinary family into poverty using their age-old projection technique.  And more than ever before, that political trickery hopelessly confuses the electorate.

So, for the first time, let me offer one very simple solution to clearly wipe away all the confusion in politics:  Every ordinary person whether republican or democrat can agree on a simple premise that it is NOT OK for an adult to initiate force against another.  And with that simple premise comes a very simple law, the Prime Law, that should become an amendment to our Constitution.

Every politician’s confusing rhetoric, confusing policy or legislation suddenly clears up with the Prime Law.  Just ask the simple question:  Is government initiating force on Americans?  That is all you need to ask to know what is right versus wrong.  All those socialists’ demands for free this and free that, for instance, become crystal clear as wrong in light of the Prime Law.  Indeed, government has to use initiatory force to make Americans pay out money for redistribution.  Initiatory force is wrong, period.  All the socialists’ illusions, including their bogus projections of guilt heaped onto capitalists, instantly evaporate with the Prime Law.

And those emotionally confusing (for most people) proposals such as the Green New Deal immediately register with the people as wrong with the Prime Law.  Indeed, government would have to initiate force on tens of millions of Americans to enforce the demands of that legislation.  Remember the premise: no adult may initiate force on another.  That simple premise clearly and easily burns through all the socialists’ illusions and trickery.  The Prime Law will eventually help millions of voters cut through the illusions to clearly and quickly see good-for-me-and-my-country versus bad-for-me-and-my-country policies, legislation and regulations.

To learn about the sweeping possibilities of this simple law, the Prime Law, you will get a deeper look at what the Prime Law can do for you and for America as my message continues…

More Political Illusions: Man-Made Global Warming

I remember being a young boy over a half-century ago and listening to my father, who was a renown scientist for DuPont, telling me a story that contrasted true science from pseudo science.  Here is in essence what he said to me:

Imagine that a mountain existed that no person on Earth has yet climbed.  Scientists work for years trying to determine what is on top of that mountain.  Over time, they calculate and predict a particular rock formation sits on the mountaintop.

Years later they finally gain the ability to get to the top of that mountain.  And when they do, the rock formation is NOT what they had predicted.  Now here is how we separate the true scientists from the pseudo scientists:

The True Scientist

The true scientist sees the rock formation; it contradicts all the years of work that incorrectly predicted something different.  This scientist salivates over the contradictory discovery, for the true scientist knows that the contradictory find opens up other exciting discoveries to be made in order to explain the against-all-odds contradiction.  The true scientist cares only about LEARNING and NOT agendas.  The contradictory discovery opens an exciting learning curve, an adventure for the true scientist.

The Pseudo Scientist

The pseudo scientist reaches the top of the mountain and sees the contradicting rock formation.  Without anyone else knowing, the pseudo scientist pushes the contradictory rock formation off the mountaintop.  The pseudo scientist, often backed by government grants, has an agenda and is more interested in fulfilling that agenda than learning.  That is NOT true science.  That is pseudo science.

Climate Change

Now we learn that a federal scientist, an Obama administration scientist, brushed aside inconvenient data that showed a slowdown in global warming heading into Obama’s signing onto the Paris Climate Accord.  That is an example of agenda-driven pseudo science…the “scientist” who would push the contradictory rock formation off the mountaintop.  Unfortunately, the control-mankind/violate-the-Prime-Law global warming “agenda-scientists” do exactly that — brush aside inconvenient data.

Consensus of Scientists

The very idea of a consensus of “scientists” indicates agenda-driven pseudo science.  True science discovers and learns, discovers and learns, which follows a process of proving or disproving while adhering to reality and has NOTHING to do with a consensus.  A consensus of “scientists” is a giveaway of an agenda.

During the Dark Ages, many scholars agreed and formed a consensus that Earth was the center of the universe.  Their geocentric Earth-centered consensus was the official pseudo-science position of the Church, from where their financial support came.  The Church declared Earth was the center of God’s creation for its political grip on the people.  Copernicus waited until he lay on his deathbed before releasing his work showing his heliocentric sun-centered science that would stun the world, weaken the political grip of the Church, fuel the Renaissance and lead to the Age of Enlightenment.

We have a similar situation today with the consensus on global warming, the political agenda for control of the people and their businesses — through initiatory force, of course.  Many of those “scientists” are dependent on or seeking government grants.  Any true science that contradicts the agenda of man-made global warming weakens the governments’ political grip on their people and, therefore, must be “pushed off the mountaintop.”

The Prime Law

Once again, government regulations and laws that require initiatory force tighten governments’ political grip on its people and, therefore, is bad for the people.  Indeed, the Prime Law can help you see through the bureaucrats’ and politicians’ illusions of “compassion” and “concern for our well-being”: if their regulations or laws require initiatory force on the people, then the regulations or laws are a power grab, as in the Green New Deal, tightening their regulatory or political chokehold on the people.  Use the Prime Law as your tool to see through the agenda-driven, pseudo-science illusions.  Remember, climate change always occurs on Earth, but man-made climate change has become the darling of agenda-driven pseudo scientists who routinely “push the contradictory rock formation off the mountaintop.”


I will end this illusion with a brief point to help put my readers at ease:  Man and only man can create and build values.  That unique mental capacity has been our survival mechanism since the beginning.  We create and build tools, weapons, and shelter for our survival.

Our essence — our ability to CREATE — our survival mechanism…makes worrying about potential problems such as global warming, for instance, unnecessary negative energy.  Our survival mechanism and essence is creation, and our ability to create means we will create the necessary solutions to serious problems facing mankind.  Indeed, when I was a boy decades ago we were told our ecosystems would fail and life on Earth would perish due to toxic air pollution.  But mankind created solutions, and today we have clean air.  We no longer have that particular worry.  Now we are told life on Earth will end because of a different form of emissions — carbon emissions — that cause global warming.  EVEN IF IT WERE TRUE, man would create solutions to end the problem, and in our future we would no longer have that particular worry. By knowing that man’s essence is creation, we can relax in the face of “global warming” scares (and any other such political efforts to gain increasing control and power over the people and their businesses).  So RELAX and enjoy life, and try to find your path of value creation!  I will help you with that in his exciting message, next!

See Through The Privilege Illusion

I hear all the time about White Privilege in America.  I get it.

But let me ask a few sincere questions:

What about American Privilege?  Indeed, those living in America have it much better than citizens of most other countries and have a real shot at the American Dream.

What about Free-World Privilege?  Indeed, the opportunity in the free world far, far surpasses opportunity in the totalitarian world.

What about Capitalism, Laissez-Faire Free-Enterprise Privilege?  Indeed, those living in capitalistic, free-enterprise countries far surpass the living conditions and opportunities of those living in socialistic, state-run countries.

What about Rising-Tiger Asian Nations Privilege?  Indeed, those living in the rising-tiger Asian countries enjoy far greater privilege as in South Korea for instance than those barred in brutal Asian dictatorships as in North Korea for instance.

What about Nordic privilege?  Indeed, those living in the Nordic countries enjoy some of the highest standards of living worldwide.

What about European Privilege?  Indeed, those living in free and tolerant Europe enjoy much better living conditions than those living in rigid religious and non-tolerant Middle Eastern Islamic countries.

What about “worked my ass off” privilege?  Indeed, those who “worked their asses off” in school and in the workplace generally live with more material success than their more laid-back less-driven peers (just saying, not judging).

Many more such questions can be asked all around our planet.

Okay, so let’s ask:  What about white privilege worldwide?  Indeed, people in the mostly black continent of dictator-dominant Africa live in some of the worst living conditions on the planet, far, far below the mostly white places of the world.

By using this questioning, Socratic approach…one begins to see a common denominator that runs through all those questions, namely: greater privilege comes from greater freedom.  Without preconceived agendas, that conclusive common denominator changes the idea of “privilege” from something negative, wrong, envious that should be torn down or abandoned to something positive, right, aspirational that should be built up and sought after!

We now can want and strive for privilege because underneath it all, privilege comes from freedom.  Don’t attack privilege, rather embrace it and spread privilege to more and more and more people around the world!  And in America, many minorities do become essentially prisoners to the welfare state.  They could and should free themselves to discover privilege.

Let us change “privileged” from “groups of people” to everyone!  Let’s start an epidemic of privilege!  How?  By bringing more and more freedom into their lives.

As you know, there is a new idea, a new law that can do that called the Prime Law.

Saving America From Racial Tensions 

The laws now in America prevent people from initiating force on each other, but the government can initiate force on its people, which includes the police of course.  And that’s been a problem.  There’s never been a law that unconditionally banishes the government from initiating force on its people — NEVER been done, not even in America.

We tend to forget, the framers of our Constitution were deeply concerned about potential government abuse of its people, which is why they created the Bill of Rights.

But over time, the Bill of Rights was not enough.  The government initiates force on its people all the time.  So we need and now introduce the law that will save America – the Prime Law: No person, group of persons, OR GOVERNMENT shall initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual’s self, property, or contract.  Force is morally-and-legally justified only for protection.

Violation of force, either from the police or from angry mobs would violate the Prime Law, and severe consequences would be imposed every time, no exceptions.  We need to synthesize the elimination of both those problems in America today.  The Prime Law does that.

There is no law like this; the Prime Law would save our country.  Think about it: equal protection of every individual — protection from the government itself, as well as protection from angry mobs.  This is something everyone could get behind and support together.  In fact, protecting every individual equally from unprovoked force from the government itself, can bring all people peace of mind.  This protection from government brings us all — especially minorities — some sense of security. The Prime Law would dampen heated racial tensions.

Providing the same protection to all people to this extent for the first time in our history would end police brutality and open the door to more awareness and balanced opportunities.  We’d all be equal in the eyes of justice.

2020 began the craziest period of most of our lifetimes: the country divided, police brutality prevailing, coronavirus controlling our lives, struggling with racial injustices, cities burning.  In order to put a dent in those problems, every minority from every corner of this country needs equal protection.  The Prime Law gives us all protection.

Let’s point out there’s a minority that’s never been properly protected.  Our founding fathers missed it.  It’s the smallest and most vulnerable of all minorities, it’s the minority of ONE.  That’s right, the minority of ONE.  Think about it: The smallest and most vulnerable of all minorities is the Individual.  YOU — the minority of one.  YOU — the individual.  The individual needs to be protected.

It’s a mind-bender: Protect the individual and suddenly EVERYONE is equally protected — every individual: YOU, ME, EVERYONE.  It makes no difference the color of your skin or your religion or your sexual orientation because we are all individuals.

The Prime Law protects the individual, which means everyone, equally.  Using force on others has been taught to be unacceptable as early as kindergarten, right?  But the government uses force on its people all the time.  The Prime Law would forever fix that wrong.

The 13th Amendment ended slavery.  The Prime Law as our 28th Amendment just may be the next step towards solving racial injustice, especially police brutality…as well as stop the rioting too.

That’s right, the Prime Law ends perhaps the most egregious problems in America today: police brutality and mob violence.  The Prime Law will make this a better country.   Support the 28th Amendment Movement: go to and sign up.  We will be reading your comments.

Cure Cancel Culture

I believe in free choice, and I respect everyone’s spiritual choice.  What I do NOT believe in is a ruling class controlling an underclass.  So I condemn the organized religions that use initiatory force and even start deadly wars over the millennia.  An insidious weapon of control is the idea of original sin — guilt — used to control peoples’ lives and actions.  I do NOT believe in a group or class of people wielding such power and control over others. 

Today the progressive left in America has adopted that same powerful weapon of original sin — guilt.  Indeed, the original sin in America today is being born white, and that large group of people can now be controlled through guilt.  So let’s deal with this by using the Prime Law:

Racism and discrimination — let’s break it down:  Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, Native Americans, Women, the Handicap, LGBTQ.  Yes, the oppressed minorities.  But there’s a minority everyone leaves out.  And it’s never been pointed out.  As you know, it’s the smallest and most vulnerable of all minorities.  The minority of ONE.  The individual — YOU.  ME.  Every individual.

Indeed, protect the individual and suddenly EVERYONE is equally protected — every individual, regardless the color of one’s skin.  And what can protect the smallest of all minorities — the individual?  The Prime Law.  It’s a law of nature — something you are born with.  I don’t know if you believe in God, but if you do, it’s something you’re born with given to us by God: God’s Law, which rises above man’s law.

Whether you’re religious or not, it’s the most fundamental natural law of protection, something you are born with.  It’s the supreme law that protects the individual.

Initiatory force of any kind from anyone violates the Prime Law.  Self-defense force is morally-and-legally justified by the Prime Law.  Initiating force — never allowed…defending against initiatory force — always allowed.

Seems obvious, right?  But again, no government in the history of our planet has ever explicitly banished the complete concept of initiatory force from government itself.  The framers tried with specific limitations of government control as in the Bill of Rights, but they missed categorically wiping out initiatory force because they missed explicitly banning the general concept of initiatory force from government.  With the Prime Law, no one — not even government itself — may initiate force upon anyone else, under any circumstance.  It’s universal and unconditional.

That’s never been done before.  No one, including the police, may initiate force.  They may use force only for protection of individuals and their property — self-defense force.  Every individual is protected from any use of initiatory force or threat of force.  Every single individual is protected at the most fundamental level.

People will love that!  It frees us.  Everyone is equally protected from everyone, including government.  This goes a long way toward curing racial injustice and civil unrest.  Police brutality and civil violence will steadily decline. 

The police are government, and even government may not initiate force under the Prime Law unless protecting citizens from force or imminent threat of force.  Our first president, George Washington, reportedly said, “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence – it is force!  Like fire, it is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master…”

But under the Prime Law, government is NOT force. Using force except for protection of individuals and their property is forbidden under the Prime Law.  Indeed, that ends police brutality.  The Prime Law allows force only for protection of the individual and his or her property.  Only during episodes of violence may authorities step in and use force to protect individuals and their property — self-defense force.

And therein lies the beauty of the Prime Law…whereas it protects all of us from police brutality, it also stops violence everywhere it exists.  It will end racially motivated force.  And it will end rioting as well.  Force is not tolerated at any level from anyone.

Like a godsend, the Prime Law will end racial injustice and police brutality as well as mob violence and riots.  The Prime Law needs to become the 28th Amendment to our Constitution.

In the same way the Prime Law protects the individual from racial injustice, the Prime Law also protects the individual from white guilt.  We are all individuals, equally protected.  No more racial injustice against minorities and no more cancel-culture guilt against whites.  We’re all equal individuals — minorities of one.

Keep in mind, we’re the human family — a family of really good people, often manipulated by no-good politicians.  The Prime Law will sort it all out.  Let’s take care of it; let’s make the Prime Law our 28th Amendment!

The Prime Law and Unity

Powerful emotions exist on both sides following the 2020 presidential elections.  Those powerful emotions on both sides ‒ aimed against the other side — are ironically strikingly similar emotions…like mirror images.  And the whopping 155 million people who voted are largely good American citizens unknowingly unified in their hopes for our country.

So how is that possible?  Logic seems to dictate that one side spewing powerful emotions against the other side would be good, and  one side would be bad.

But once you understand how politicians and the political media form illusions, then you can understand this seeming contradiction: passionate people on both sides are largely unified in their hopes and desires for our country and for their children’s futures.  But so many of them, busy with their lives, cannot see through the political illusions to what is —to reality.  Illusions manipulate their thoughts, emotions and actions.  Tens of millions unknowingly vote for the illusions, not the politician.

If they all could see what is, then the vast majority of Americans would come together on their thoughts, emotions and actions to experience unity.  Indeed, most Americans are good people who want the same things for their lives and their loved ones.  As you now know, a single tool can cut through political illusions and bring about such unity: The Prime Law.

Once again, the father of our country, George Washington, understood the severe division political parties would bring our country.  The Prime Law would extinguish the need for political parties and cut through illusions to bring America a unity never seen before.