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New Idea

Imagine everyone is wealthy, healthy and safe, including today’s poor.  Imagine our standards of living soaring beyond anything ever seen before.  But how?

Consider a single law, a Prime Law, that removes initiatory force (opposite of self-defense force) from society and government.  If we take away initiatory force, then we no longer have government as we have always known it.  By definition, we have a business.  Indeed, revenue collection can no longer function through implied force; instead, the people have to voluntarily pay for the value.  Therefore, we have a business.  The value must be so good that we want to pay for it.  The value, of course, is national protection and economic prosperity.

Just imagine our government as a competent business run by competent businessmen who protect our country and stimulate our economy.  With such competent national security and unleashed freedom (via removing strangling regulations under the Prime Law), standards of living will soar as demonstrated on the pages to follow.  Read further to discover this super-competent businesslike protection and freedom and resulting universal wealth.  What follows is the greatest path ever conceived to universal wealth, health and peace.

A Better Life: The Life You Were Meant To Have

For years I studied many of the most successful people today and throughout history.  Over and over again, I observed the extraordinary drive of extraordinary people.  I concluded that extraordinarily driven people rise to greatness.  And I believed few people had that extraordinary drive to rise above others.

Over time, however, I realized that actually many people have that extraordinary drive, yet only a handful ever rise to greatness.  Whether in business or the arts, millions of people possess the drive and the dream.

Moreover, over time I have come to see how chance plays a huge role in business and the arts.  And if given the chance — the opportunity — many people have what it takes; they will rise with a superhuman drive…rise to greatness.  More often than not, it takes that opportunity, that lucky break.  Given the opportunity, many people can become that Steve Jobs, that Katy Perry.

And therein lies the real problem — the culprit — as to why we don’t live the spectacular lives we were meant to live: in this country the opportunity is not here for us!

We long for “something more” out of life because something more is within our reach; we can have it if we had the opportunity.  But the opportunity never comes.  Indeed, do you ever feel that there has got to be something more to life?  You sense there is something more because there is a better life you are meant to live but unknowingly are blocked from.

In a bountiful, free country like America, the people should enjoy well-paying jobs at the very least.  In fact, I will go so far as to say that in America, people should be well-off, even today’s poor.

But today in America, something is stopping that from happening.  Something is wrong from top to bottom, from left to right.  And that something wrong is stopping our rightful prosperity.

The American system just no longer works.  The people running the system do not really matter in the long run; they simply fill a bad system.  They vary quite a bit, from liberal left to conservative right, but they just fill a bad system that blocks the life you were meant to have.

What makes the American system bad?  It was a good system increasingly ruined with poisonous rule by force.  The whole system today is built on a destructive premise that allows rule-by-force, which increasingly enables the destructive rule of man and steady demise of the masses.  A privileged ruling class of men and women — politicians and bureaucrats — forcing others to live by their rules backed by force, whether liberal or conservative, leads to the long and steady demise of the non-privileged, non-ruling working class.

Natural laws of protection are necessary for those in society to peacefully coexist.  All other man-made laws beyond the natural laws of protection are erroneously built on a system of rule by force, building a privileged ruling class whether liberal left or conservative right.  The people running the system will come and go, cycle left and right, but the system itself is bad.

America put the most and best obstacles in place to resist the rule of man and block its destruction of the working class and our opportunities.  But over two centuries those obstacles are no longer able to hold back the rising rule of man.  The fall of the working class is now upon us.  Our opportunities are going…going…gone.

The problem goes on and on because the masses focus only on the political candidates and their political parties.  But that is the sleight-of-hand of the ruling class.  We look closely at the candidates put up for election without seeing the real deceit — the bad system built upon force, steadily growing a privileged ruling class (with its destructive rule of man), steadily draining the non-privileged, non-ruling working class.  Opportunity becomes a remnant of the past.

New Wealth: The Wealth You Were Meant To Have

The Obamas, Bushes, Clintons, Trumps, Bidens of our time function in a bad system.  Conservatives fighting liberals, liberals fighting conservatives…by being caught up in that passionate fight, we all miss the real enemy — the bad system built on force.  Liberals and conservatives just fill that bad system built on force.  The bad system itself is taking us down.

The answer is elegantly simple once we see beyond the battles inside the system, beyond the battles between conservatives and liberals.  Once we see that the entire system built on force is bad regardless of who fills the system, then we can change civilization dramatically for the better.  We need to step outside of the existing system into something new, as provided in the information that follows.

The bulk of my message was written from the perspective of saving our country and its citizens from the inside out by providing a new system that will make all people wealthy, including the poor.  One change, an amendment to our U.S. Constitution, would send the prosperity and peace of civilization beyond anything ever seen before on Earth.

To make that change (that would make everyone wealthy) easier to grasp, let’s imagine a new country…a new paradigm that shows just how prosperous a country free of the rule of man can be.  Let it serve as a model for our country — any country — with the Prime Law (i.e., a law that ends the bad system built on force and ends its rule of man) as its constitution or supreme law.  And realize to get this prosperous new system in our own country is exactly one constitutional amendment (the Prime Law Amendment) away.  Indeed, as a constitutional amendment, the Prime Law would end the bad system built on force and its rising rule of man in America.

A New Paradigm

Imagine a new country with the Prime Law of Protection (as seen above) as its supreme law, a protection-only government run as a competent business, with no force…indeed, with revenues voluntarily paid.  That idea initially seems incredulous.  But on closer look, one realizes that in such a civilization with record-breaking prosperity and peace, the people will want to pay for the conditions that make their standards of living higher than any civilization throughout history.  This would become the first and only civilization in which the prosperous citizens would voluntarily, without coercion and force, pay their government.

Instead a voluntary tithe would bring in the revenues.  People immigrating to the new country would first sign a covenant stating that in order to move there and live there as residents and citizens, they will tithe ten percent of their income to the country’s protection services.  The tithe will be a contractual agreement for all immigrants:  To live and benefit in this purely free civilization in which protection is provided, immigrants must contractually agree to tithe ten percent of income to the country’s protection services.  That tithe is the communal commitment, the societal agreement to live and benefit in the beautiful society.

A resident or citizen may freely choose where to spend his or her ten percent.  A management company will form known as “government” that will hire private protection services to bring safety and peace to the citizens and residents.  A citizen or resident may place his or her ten percent with that management company known as “government”.  Or he/she may spend his or her tithe with a rising competitor to the “government” management company.  The “government”, a protection-only management company, allocates its revenues to private protection services…from Prime-Law-based military, police, courts, prisons, legal professionals/scholars…to disaster preparation and relief.  In all circumstances, “dollars” (i.e., the country’s currency) do the voting as opposed to political elections.

Protection services are the only purpose of the protection-only prime-law government.  Citizens and residents vote for their protection services with their “dollars”.  The division of labor would naturally bring out a competent, expert management company called “government” to collect and allocate protection funds to the best protection services.  The military would consist of different protection companies.  A similar competitive situation would apply to police protection and for professionals and scholars who develop the Prime-Law-based laws and provide the justices who most accurately serve the Prime Law.  ANY failure to uphold the Prime Law — the supreme law of the land — would result in severe loss of trust, and “dollars” would flow to competitors who accurately uphold the Prime Law.1

1If the richest 10 Americans sold their entire lifetimes of worth, everything, and combined all their money, it would amount to less than 10% of just one annual budget of America.  At a national level, the rich could not overwhelm the government against what is best for everyone when “dollars” do the voting.  “Dollars” voting is a sound, valid approach.  And the rich will never do something to hurt the system that allowed their success.  The rich, just as everyone (all the people will be rich) must, of course, adhere to the Prime Law.

Those expert professionals/scholars/businesses studying/ providing/protecting  laws  that  purely  uphold the Prime Law are, of course, subject to the Prime Law.

Competing protection services will keep competence and value front and center…no more bumbling bureaucracies as we see in democracies. Instead super-competitive, super-competent businesses protect us.  Those multiple, competing businesses are natural watchdogs on each other.  This is a new concept of civilization and government.  This concept should have evolved into existence between two to three thousand years ago, but the few wanting to lead the masses through the use of force has prevented this concept of civilization from ever rising until now.  This is a purely free civilization where leaders have no access to initiatory force, no power to subjugate others.  Leaders exist only as long as people are willing to pay for their services…pay for their values.

With “dollars” voting for protection services (as opposed to elections voting for politicians), the very best results prevail.  “Dollars” voting means the protection services are constantly making necessary improvements, a rapid evolution to the best values…a rapid evolution that benefits mankind.  Our future requires this rapid positive evolution of protection to outrace the rapid destructive evolution of state-sponsored terrorism and potential nuclear proliferation among rogue nations.

People voting within a democracy, say, every two or four years, can be largely deceived and controlled by illusions.  And consider that voting happens only every four years for, say, the U.S. President, in contrast to constant pressures on results and values when “dollars” do the voting every day!  Dollars flow to the best services.  A presidential election and re-election get us into nearly a decade of an administration instituting destructive policies and ideologies that are essentially irreversible.  And the example and influence of a president’s destructive ideology for eight years upon young children plants harmful mental views in their young minds.

Voting with “dollars” brings civilization the greatest values quickly.  This is a completely different, brand-new concept of civilization and government based on no initiatory force within government, eliminating all subjugation while creating a businesslike, values-first, protection-only government.

Multiple protection services would rise and evolve for our benefit.  We will gladly financially support those services that guarantee our peace and prosperity.  You must read the pages that follow to understand how we will be the wealthiest civilization that ever existed and how we will gladly support that which guarantees our prosperity: our protection services.  The new-concept Prime-Law Society that hires its government surpasses the age-old democracies that elect their governments.

An inherent problem with democratic elections is they devolve into a sort of mob rule. The founding fathers worried and warned about the electorate sinking into such a state1. How many times are you left scratching your head wondering how the people could put such a horrible socialism-pushing candidate into office? It boils down to who is getting what from their policies. Namely, once people are receiving money from the government, they vote for the candidate that protects those policies. And once over 50% of the population receives money from the government, it’s all over. We sink into socialism as is happening today.

1Founding Father Benjamin Franklin wrote, “I agree to this Constitution… and I believe, further, that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic government, becoming incapable of any other.”

The new country would make The Prime Law its Constitution: pure freedom, pure protection with no initiatory force permitted, not even in government.  The Prime-Law Society is a new dimension of civilization, for EVERY civilization throughout history allowed initiatory force within its government.  With the Prime-Law Constitution, NO OTHER PURPOSE of government exists beyond protection.  And if we were to start a new Prime-Law country, the government would rise as a service we voluntarily pay for. Competing services will have the freedom to rise too.  In essence, we HIRE our government.  We hire AND fire our government!  Doesn’t that feel right to you?

In such a society, there is no administration backing an ideology through force — through laws and regulations that the citizens must obey or suffer civil and criminal consequences.  Such initiatory force no longer exists, only self-defense force exists.  And children no longer live under destructive ideologies as their example.  Instead they observe the drive to create values that people love so much they voluntarily pay for.  What a beautiful observation for children to make and to strive for: a value-creation-driven life!

Self-defense protection involves a system of justice, including criminal laws and courts that deal with crime and uphold the Prime Law; civil laws and courts that deal with money, property, injury and uphold the Prime Law.  Self-defense protection involves a system of prime-law-enforcement that includes jails and prisons, local, state and federal police.  All these services will be hired and fired with our “dollars” doing the voting.

The use of initiatory force as found throughout ALL OTHER governments — all ruling classes — throughout history…will be banished through the Prime Law.  This entirely new dimension of civilization, the first and only civilization with initiatory force banished from its government, ends subjugation and for the first time opens the pure prosperity-path mapped out on the pages to follow.  The prosperity-filled Prime-Law civilization with a protection-only government is laid out like a safety net, here ready to catch America when her great fall occurs.

Initiatory force and subjugation would forever be banished by a Prime-Law Constitution (and by a Prime Law amendment to the U.S. Constitution).  By removing initiatory force from civilization including from the government, the pure value-creation nature of society emerges; the pure value-building nature of immigrants flocking to the new country emerges.  Pure and beautiful value-creating businesses fueled by pure and beautiful value-building citizens and immigrants would power the rise of this new world.

A major military defense would not be needed for some time.  Protection would initially come in the form of police and a prime-law-based justice system.  An infrastructure would need to be built first…an opportunity for utility, transportation, and communication companies interested in getting in early for excellent market shares.

The new country would strive for recognized sovereignty in order for its people to gain recognized citizenship and renounce their home country’s citizenship and escape from their home country’s taxes, regulations, sinking standards of living, and to instead enjoy the soaring standards of living in the new country.  The inevitable soaring standards of living are described in my Split-Run section, next.  In there I hypothetically describe splitting America into two — one half with America’s existing political policies and the other half with the Prime Law as an amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  In Split-Run, you will see exactly how a civilization under the Prime Law will make everyone wealthy, including the poor.

In such a wonderful place of prosperity and peace, where the standards of living surpass any civilization in the history of the world, the citizens and residents would know that the Prime-law civilization with a protection-only government is the reason for their soaring standards of living.  So, only in such a nation would they gladly voluntarily pay for their Prime-Law, Protection-Only government.  In America, internal revenue collection must be backed by force in order to continue receiving taxes from citizens.  But in Prime-Law America, internal revenue is sent in voluntarily by citizens and residents1 who gladly protect their precious gift: their wealthy and peace-filled lives.

1Residents in the new country would in most cases be a short, quick step away from becoming citizens leading value-creation lives.

Immigrants coming to the new country would sign a covenant in order to come live in the beautiful society.  The immigrants flocking to the new country must contractually agree to tithe ten percent of their income to live there.  If they do not agree, then they should not come to the beautiful society.  Deadbeats will be ostracized2 by society.  Second and third generation citizens must tithe ten percent of their income or face ostracization.  If unhappy with “government”, citizens and residents may put their ten percent tithe elsewhere to accredited protection services (accredited by private, reputable services).  Private tracking services will be sure citizens and residents are paying their ten percent to protection services. The payment is a voluntary tithe, and anyone may withdraw their tithe from “government” and not be a criminal.  But to enjoy society and not face ostracization, one must put ten percent of income toward protection services.  Private tracking companies will make any deadbeats known to society.

2Ostracization is a very powerful technique that can exist without the use of initiatory force.  If private businesses of all sorts refuse services and products to a deadbeat, it will become virtually impossible for that deadbeat to live in that society.

Revenues happen through this voluntary tithe.  That money provides the internal revenue for a protection-only government, as described over the pages to follow.  This protection-only institution named “government” would essentially act as a management company hiring and firing the appropriate businesses and professionals to provide the greatest protection of its citizens (including protection-only laws, courts, jails, prisons, police, military).  Therefore, ongoing competition would exist among protection businesses and professionals.  And that competition will also work within, internally among the “government” management company itself, as  in  any  business.  Performance not elections, results not rhetoric, keep the “government” a value-creation institution.

Bottom-line is: income-earning citizens and residents would tithe ten percent of their income to their country for protection only.  For the first time in history, they will want to pay this, for in the new initiatory-force-free dimension, everyone will be rich as described on the pages to follow, including today’s poor.

Again any resident or citizen may allocate his or her ten percent tithe directly to accredited protection businesses if he or she prefers as opposed to the management company called “government”.  Private tracking services will be sure ten percent per income-generating resident and citizen is provided to protection services.  Most people will find it most efficient to put their ten percent in “government”.

But no one is a criminal if delinquent or even if he or she withdraws, for private tracking companies would expose deadbeats, and they would be ostracized, not turned into criminals as in America…but ostracized.

However, in the new freedom paradigm of no initiatory force, deadbeats will only exist in theory, for everyone will be rich as shown on the pages to follow, and everyone will pay to keep it that way.

What follows is the map into the Prime–Law civilization within America…as distinguished from starting a new Prime-Law country.  I spent several years developing this dimension of civilization never before experienced on Earth.  This prosperity-dimension delivers the life you were meant to live.  Now, you will see our existing world as hopelessly stuck in the only dimension ever known — the dimension of initiatory force and subjugation.  The new world eliminates initiatory force, and as you will see, without initiatory force in government, all people will be prosperous, even wealthy; businesses will be beautiful value creators, citizens and immigrants alike will be precious value builders.  Wealthy citizens and residents,  beautiful value-creating businesses, government hired and fired, our “dollars” doing the voting…it’s a new dimension of civilization that you will now discover.  It’s our answer.

For the love of our children, take a close look at the following information that offers a good system, ending the rising rule of man and its privileged ruling class.  The following information opens the door to the better life you were meant to have but were always blocked from.

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