Cure to Aging


The Twelve Visions Party is an unlikely, precious phenomenon that has gradually developed over decades.  First the Prime Literature had to be completed – thousands of pages of literature that develops the idea system and application systems upon which a new world, a much better world, the Twelve Visions World would rise.  Decades of work went into developing the Prime Literature that idealizes the Twelve Visions World.  The Prime Literature lays down the thinking tools and application systems to free civilization from subjugation…from political leaders and their ruling class pushing America down.

With the Prime Literature in place, we are now ready to actualize the better world in which there is no rule of man, no ruling class.  There is only a Prime Law we all live by.  With the completion of the Prime Literature idealizing the Twelve Visions World comes the next phase – the phase we have now begun – of actualizing that better world through the Twelve Visions Party.

This phase, patiently awaited for decades, requires safely shepherding this vulnerable newborn party safely into the harsh political world.  With our success, civilization shall no longer be subjected to the rule of man, living under a ruling class.  Subservience shall be eradicated and replaced with absolute freedom as all men and women live with invincible individual rights under the Prime Law.  By freeing the subservient class – freeing the citizens and the geniuses of society among them – standards of living will soar as described in the National Platform How To Make All the People Wealthy, Including the Poor.  The TVP Platform and Bylaws are groundbreaking documents changing the way political parties have behaved and misbehaved since the beginning of this great country.

The TVP has one purpose: to bring about an initiatory-force-free, protection-only, service-based government via the Prime-Law Amendment and Protection-Only Budget, forever ending the age-old power-based government and its virulent force-backed rule of man, forever depoliticizing America (and eventually the entire world), thus setting free the geniuses of society, launching the wealth of mankind.

The Great Replacement Program

A concentrated TVP drive called the Great Replacement Program will focus on replacing career politicians with working people, replacing the political ruling class with the working non-ruling class – replacing republicans and democrats with visionaries who have signed the TVP contract binding the visionaries to the Prime Law.  We will bring down the rule of man as we rally support for the Prime-Law Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The Great Displacement Program

With the success of the TVP, a TVP President and Vice President and TVP Cabinet Heads (with support from TVP members of Congress) would orchestrate the dismantling of the federal bureaucracy that has nothing to do with protection of its citizens, coordinate the displacement of its resources including the Great Sale of government assets (that have nothing to do with protection) to the private sector…government assets including federal land that serve not the Prime Law of Protection.  The Executive Branch shall shrink its size and focus to one laser-like purpose: the protection of its citizens as defined by the Prime Law.  Revenues from the Great Sale shall pay off Social-Security obligations with interest and pay down the national debt.

Indeed, the TVP President and Vice President, TVP Cabinet Heads, TVP members of Congress shall oversee the transition into the new governing dimension of NO initiatory force as described in the Platform.  That Twelve Visions Government operating under the Prime Law shall leap from a destructive power-basis to a productive service-basis – from a destructive ruling class to a productive protection service.

With the ratification of the Prime-Law Amendment, the government may no longer initiate force of any kind – not through laws, regulations, or litigation.  That new-dimension Twelve Visions Government could never again hold back the geniuses of society, who will now make our standards of living soar.  Ending the rule of man launches the wealth of mankind.  Everyone will become wealthy, including the poor.

The Prime-Law Amendment and the Protection-Only Budget are the two pillars upon which the Twelve Visions Party stands. The pillars will bring us universal wealth, health, and peace.  Indeed, this cannot be stated enough: all people will be wealthy, including today’s poor as we defeat the deeply flawed, powerful political structure in America today.

Prime Literature Foundation

The Prime Literature in the Neothink® Society presents us with a world governed by the Prime Law as opposed to man.  The Neothink® Society has for over thirty years developed the Prime Literature Foundation upon which this movement is built along with the Visions toward which this movement is headed.  The goal to dramatically improve civilization through the political process demands deep and wide integrations beyond what most citizens know.  Visionaries interested in office must read the pertinent Prime Literature and gain confidence and faith in this vision based on decades of integrating and writing.

Without the big picture as seen in our writings, it is easy to misunderstand and misuse this political movement and political party; it is also easy to become frustrated, rebellious, even destructive to this precious and vulnerable movement…this movement to rescue America and then the world from civilization’s disease: the rule of man.

Always protecting the TVP, the National Executive Committee shall select officers who most deserve their positions based on the effort and performance they have put forth and based on their integration with the Prime Literature Foundation and its big picture…officers who will grow this tender political movement into a strong, unstoppable movement: an idea whose time has come.

Selections vs. Elections

Major problems in politics arise from the election process.  The election process creates “vote-gathering politicians” who cause severe harm to society in order to win or buy votes from substantial segments of the population or to win favor of big donors.  Indeed, election and re-election fever creates win-at-all-costs purposeful distortions of reality and convincing illusions among politicians prior to and while in office, while in power, which ultimately ushers in the destructive rule of man with his illusions of “social good”.

As good as it may feel to vote, elections and campaigns (and actions taken while in office for re-election) based on half-truths, deceptions and illusions enable politicians to jump into positions of power they did not earn, or worse, to abuse power they now have.  In the Twelve Visions Government, positions will be earned based on value/effort/performance (not on campaigns) as in any value-producing business.

“Free elections” are needed for representation only because we live under a force-backed government.  If society embraces the Prime Law and removes initiatory force through the Prime-Law Amendment, then elections and representation become unnecessary and obsolete.  Performance and results replace elections and campaigns.

Indeed, in the Twelve Visions World, positions in government will be filled by performance and results, not by elections and campaigns…just as in any value-producing business.  In a businesslike setup, where services are paid for voluntarily and not paid under coercion and force, positions and promotions are filled based on competent performance and results, not on campaign promises and illusions.  For example, value-producing businesses do not hold elections for their positions.  Representative democracy needs representation because we live under a pay-by-force government – under the rule of man.  Without a pay-by-force system, we will not worry about representation because we simply withdraw pay if the service is unsatisfactory.  So-called representation gets replaced by real results, real value, real value exchange.  Good performance and value replaces representation when the Prime-Law Amendment becomes law.

Within our own TVP, we will begin a post-Prime-Law-Amendment structure.  As a businesslike structure, the TVP’s National Executive Committee (NEC) is the administrative leading head (leading head is described in the Prime Literature).

The NEC shall select the TVP Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates in lieu of caucuses and primaries.  Similarly, when the time comes to replace or fill a vacated National Executive Committee seat, including the National Chairperson, the NEC shall select the officer based on performance – on real results and value.  The same applies to the Executive Committees of all TVP affiliates.  The TVP shall break from the “free election” representation model that brings about campaigns, deception, illusions and rule of man.  Instead, we now transition to the post-Prime-Law-Amendment businesslike environment of performance, effort and value.  TVP Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates, state and local candidates, officers in the National Executive Committee, officers in the State Executive Committees and in all affiliate committees will be selected based on the effort/value they have delivered (not on empty promises they make).  Performance, effort and value – not campaigns, promises and deception – is how we will internally run our political party and how we will select our candidates and officers, as detailed in our TVP Bylaws.

We will require all TVP affiliates to do the same. Flaw-filled man harbors self-indulging agendas and, when given the opportunity through illusion-based, election-based politics, would devastate the TVP political movement.  Those problematic possibilities get cut off in a businesslike, promoting-on-effort-and-value system.  In our case, effort and value also includes integrating the big picture of the Neothink® Society’s writings and taking to heart the sole purpose of the TVP: to depoliticize America by removing initiatory force.

The TVP shall NOT ever entertain the election process to determine its candidates and officers.  As any value-creating business, the officers are selected based on proven performance, big-picture integration, effort and value, not on campaign promises.  Selections may come from within or from without of the TVP Committees as long as the selection is a visionary who has signed the TVP Contract.  The National, State, and Local Executive Committees shall select their officers and candidates through a majority vote of the respective Committee members as set down in the bylaws.  The Executive Committees will act as “Board of Directors” in their respective jurisdictions.  A majority vote of the entire Executive Committee is needed to approve a new officer and to select a candidate. 

Moreover, TVP officers and candidates must understand that self-indulging “big political ideas” must be replaced with one simple idea: an initiatory-force-free America – a depoliticized America.  TVP officers and candidates must demonstrate a deep understanding that the TVP is not a typical political party.  TVP is the party to ultimately disintegrate political parties.  No off-message showboating or power grabs are tolerated in the TVP; no “strong political leaders” with “strong political ideas” are tolerated in the TVP; just a disciplined focus on depoliticizing and protecting America by bringing about an initiatory-force-free government through the Protection-Only Budget and the Prime-Law Amendment is welcomed in the TVP.  Again the TVP is NOT typical politics and is NOT a typical political party.  The TVP is breaking new ground with the objective to bring government into the new dimension of NO initiatory force and to, therefore, disintegrate the traditional dimension of force-backed politics.

The deeper understanding of the Prime Law and Protection-Only Budget and how to apply those pillars free from anyone’s opinions or beliefs is not an easy concept to fully grasp.  To successfully end initiatory force and depoliticize America – the sole purpose of the TVP – requires the pure and simple platform applying the pillars free from underlying opinions or beliefs.  The TVP will prevent “good political ideas” (not the purpose of the TVP) and prevent non-Prime-Law, contradictory messages from entering into the TVP.

The success of the TVP depends upon the presentation of its ideas as well as the ideas themselves.  The TVP Platform effectively appeals to people’s primitive urges while backing up those urges with reality.

A Worldwide Movement

The TVP is a worldwide movement to bring civilizations out of their only-known poverty-bound dimension of initiatory-force-backed ruling classes into the never-before-known prosperity-bound dimension of no initiatory force, no ruling classes…from power-based governments to service-based governments worldwide.

This political movement out of civilization’s traditional dimension of power-based, initiatory-force-backed rule of man into the new dimension of service-based, initiatory-force-free rule of Prime Law must be looked at differently than anything in the past.  The structure of this movement must be looked at as a service-business.

We must shed our political skin and see the TVP from the perspective of a business.  The essence of the TVP is protection of American citizens under the Prime-Law Amendment and Protection-Only Budget (i.e., the Prime-Law Budget).  To that end, the TVP exists.  All else must go.

The businesslike TVP is very different than other political parties.  The businesslike structure will increasingly bring strength of focus to TVP’s sole purpose to end initiatory force – to the Prime-Law Amendment and Protection-Only Budget – a focus and purpose no other political party has.  Indeed, the TVP will grow in a businesslike way toward its single purpose to end initiatory force, thus depoliticize America (and eventually the world) for our freedom, prosperity and happiness.  There shall be no internal elections and re-elections within the TVP, nothing to obscure, compromise, corrupt, and eventually lose focus on our purpose and drift from our goal.  There shall only be a single, determined drive to depoliticize America by eliminating initiatory force and forever ending the rule of man and his ruling class.

Contrary to other political parties, the TVP Presidential Candidate should have no “big political ideas.”  The TVP is not about having a strong political leader and is not interested in that.  The TVP is about depoliticizing America via the Prime-Law Amendment and Protection-Only Budget.  That’s it.  That’s the one and only focus of the TVP Presidential Candidate.  Any visionary with political ambitions beyond a depoliticized Twelve Visions World (as described in the National Platform) shall not be selected for TVP Presidential or V. Presidential Candidates.  The TVP is NOT traditional politics…it is the anti-politics. 

The purpose of the TVP Presidential and V. Presidential candidates is: end initiatory force via the Prime Law.  Those with any further purpose including personal agendas, personal egos, personal ideas or beliefs or feelings…any purpose for running for office other than the simple idea of ending initiatory force thus depoliticizing America via the Prime Law shall not qualify for the TVP Presidential or V. Presidential candidacy.

All self-indulging “big political ideas” must be replaced with discipline and one idea and one idea only: depoliticize America through the Prime-Law Amendment and Protection-Only Budget. 

A totally free, voluntary-pay TVP government will no longer need elections and their destructive deceptions and illusions from vote-gathering politicians distorting reality to win substantial segments of the voting public for election or re-election.  The harm they do to society by “buying” votes while in power is exposed in the TVP National Platform.  Nevertheless, for now, we must compete within their ruling-class, pay-by-force traditional system run by elections for so-called “representation” (as opposed to positive results and value exchange as in the voluntary-pay TVP system).

The Fundamental Documents

The Prime Law is the fundamental, natural law of protection and therefore stands alone.  The Prime Law stands alone, untouchable, immune to amender.  The Prime Law directs all decisions and actions of the Twelve Visions Party.

The founding TVP National Platform is timeless.  That fundamental document is based on fundamental principles as   opposed to transitory pragmatism. 

Therefore, that seminal TVP National Platform shall forever remain the TVP National Platform, for that founding Platform is the fundamental expression of an entirely new dimension of civilization void of initiatory force.  That document founded on fundamental principles NOT on pragmatic planks will end politics as we know it, eradicating the political dimension of initiatory force and its virulent rule of man.  The National Platform takes civilization into the never-before-known dimension of no initiatory force, and that founding Platform is our map into that prosperous new world.  To reach our destination, to enter a new dimension requires the founding Platform.  The Platform is part of a lifelong journey to idealize and actualize the Twelve Visions World.  It digs down, down, down beneath the illusions and appearances, down to the fundamental nature of things, down to bedrock reality to lead us into the never-before-known dimension of no initiatory force…into the prosperous and peaceful Twelve Visions World.

The TVP Platform is a breakthrough document bringing us for the first time a political party, political purpose, and a political process from an entirely new dimension – the dimension of no initiatory force.  It captures the role of the TVP to obey the Prime Law despite personal ideas, beliefs, feelings and egos, to forego all grasps for glory and power and to pursue nothing more than the “boring” single-minded purpose of depoliticizing America through the Protection-Only Budget and the Prime-Law Amendment.  The Platform provides the TVP with the purpose, process, and structure to enter the new dimension of no initiatory force…to bring the world into the wealthy, healthy, and peaceful Twelve Visions World.

Are politicians and regulatory bureaucrats bad people, perhaps evil?  Some are and some are not.  In fact, some are honest, even noble public servants trying to improve society.  The stimulating clashes between good and evil among politicians and bureaucrats emotionally engage the people and keep their eye off the real problem: a bad system sitting on — relying on — initiatory force that enables the steady rise of the rule of man and demise of the working class.  All politicians and bureaucrats, good and bad, operate within a bad system — a system dependent on initiatory force.  For the first time, the Twelve Visions Party with its Prime Law offers the one and only good system— a system that banishes initiatory force.