Cure to Aging

Prime Law

The premise is simple: man is imperfect.  Man is flawed.  Man is vulnerable to incorrect opinions, selfish agendas, destructive temptations, misguided behaviors, dishonest corruption, even manipulative evil.

By removing all imperfections — by removing man from making the political and legal decisions — a perfect “power-reactor explosion” of wealth, health, and peace will overwhelm society…sooner than later.

The problem in all political and legal systems ever known to man is: they are ultimately controlled by flaw-filled man.  The American political system, for instance, whether liberal left or conservative right, in both cases is controlled by man — by flaw-filled man.

Civilization will take an unprecedented leap forward by removing imperfection, by removing man and his endless opinions and agendas from creating, interpreting, and executing law.

The method to remove man is the Prime Law.  The rapid consequence is millionaire-like prosperity for all the people, including the poor.

Removing Rule of Man for
Universal Wealth Including the Poor!

Once we recognize and remove from politics and law the inherent problem of man — flaw-filled creatures easily influenced by power and money — then we will quickly rise into a wealthy world…even the poor will rise.

Ruling-class power must be taken out of the hands of man.  Freedom and prosperity throughout history suffered when man created, interpreted, and executed the law.  On the other hand, freedom and prosperity throughout history soared when man was removed from the political and bureaucratic controls.  Our own country soared when we mostly removed the rule of man (i.e., removed a monarchy with our U.S. Constitution).

To complete the evolution into universal prosperity, the powers of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches must be taken away from the opinions and agendas of flaw-filled man and put into a flawless Prime Law.

If you take a hundred well-educated men and women and ask them their thoughts on important issues of law and politics, they will bombard you with many different opinions and agendas — as exemplified by the U.S. Senate.  Moreover, once in positions of political power, surrounded by the trappings of irresistible power and wealth, their answers become directed for their own benefits, for their own political clout.

Man is an easily influenced, easily corrupted creature.  Therefore, the laws that govern man (i.e., protect man) must be free of man.

The only way to be free of man is to reduce law to its essence.  Once at the fundamental nature of something there is no going deeper.  All the opinions, agendas, illusions, dishonesties and corruption — all man’s faults — no longer matter.  The fundamental nature stands unchanged, unscathed, unconditional, uncorrupted…plain for all to forever see and know, which is the nature of the Prime Law.

Protection of citizens is the only legitimate purpose of government and is the essence of law.  The fundamental of protection is captured in the Prime Law, which supersedes all law.  The Prime Law removes man — including all the smart law-school graduates — from the decision-making process of law.  Law leaps to another level altogether, for the first time completely free of man.

The Prime Law determines the creation or lack of creation of new laws — not man with his endless opinions and agendas and faults.  The fundamental of protection, the Prime Law, determines the interpretation of laws — not man with his endless egos, selfish motivations, and many human flaws.  The Prime Law determines the execution and enforcement of laws — not man who is drawn to intoxicating power, rampant dishonesties, and a capacity for evil.

When the Prime Law removes man from creating, interpreting, and executing law, something amazing happens: the heavy and corrupt ruling-class of man comes off society.  In that new freedom, society and technology soar.  A Great Technological Revolution takes off and causes our buying power to multiply a hundredfold, maybe a thousandfold, making everyone rich, including the poor!  We already saw the forerunner with the uninhibited computer revolution in which buying power multiplied a thousandfold in a few years.

Let us now introduce a new grassroots political party with the sole objective to remove man from creating, interpreting, and executing law in order to make all people wealthy, including the poor.1

1A point of confusion among a few readers has been expressed, as follows: “You say the Prime Law will remove man from creating, interpreting, and executing the law…but even with the Prime Law man would still create, interpret, and execute the law.”

Let me alleviate that confusion:  The Prime Law as an amendment to the U.S. Constitution would take complete control of governing and removing man from being in control of governing.  The Prime-Law Amendment would prevent man from creating, interpreting, or executing law based on any decision beyond the Prime Law, bound by the Prime Law, the fundamental of protection.  Our government will go into another dimension never known on Earth: a pure protection-only government with no initiatory force in the governing body.  Man will be prohibited from agenda-law, agenda-regulations, agenda-“justice” that always requires initiatory force.  Rule of man will be over.  Yes, man will create, interpret, and execute law within the Prime Law’s parameters of self-defense protection from initiatory force, threat of force, fraud, or coercion.  Yet man — our politicians and bureaucrats included — will be prohibited from initiatory force, from ruling via agendas; therefore there can be no rule of man, just rule of flawless law — the Prime Law.  Indeed, the Prime Law governs, not rule of man.  Man simply carries out the Prime Law of Protection as it applies to society.  That complete control over man and complete removal of the rule of man is why I use the expression: remove man from governing, for the Prime Law takes over governing.  Man must still create, interpret, and execute the law…but will do so as dictated by the Prime Law, void of his own wishes and desires, void of “man”, void of initiatory force necessary for rule of man.  Rule of man can never again create, interpret, and execute the law, for without initiatory force, there is no more “rule”.  There is just man bound by the Prime Law to initiatory-force-free protection only — the only proper purpose of government.  The Prime Law will finally deliver a purely free civilization free of the rule of man and will be  the  unbridled  launch  of our human potential.

The name of that new political party that removes man from governing — removes the corrupt ruling class — is the Twelve Visions Party (TVP).  Let us next see how the TVP will do that.

Presenting the Prime Law
Universal Wealth, Health, Safety & Peace

The Visionaries envision a profoundly free, wealthy, healthy, and safe society protected by rule of flawless law.  Man — even the most educated man or woman — is by nature a flaw-filled creature.  Any idea or thought put before man generates endless opinions, arguments, and agendas.  Moreover, man is vulnerable to ego, temptations, and irresistible power.  Man by nature tends to satisfy his own appetite first.  In other words, he puts his own gain before society.  At the expense of society, politicians build political clout and re-election power.

Historically, the more successful a political system is at removing man from making, interpreting, and executing law, the freer the nation and the wealthier and healthier the people.

Looking back: throughout the first millennium, the majority of people suffered, even starved under the rule of man.

The Magna Carta in 1215 AD began a trend of restricting the rule of man.  Prosperity eventually began climbing; the people began living in better conditions.

The U.S. Constitution in 1787 continued the trend by dramatically restricting the rule of man.  Consequently, Americans enjoyed unrivaled prosperity.  The majority eventually joined the middle class.

The Prime Law coming with the success of the Twelve Visions Party, will complete the trend by fully removing the rule of man.  All people will become wealthy, including the poor.

America dramatically advanced the evolution from the rule of man (a monarch) to the rule of law (the U.S. Constitution).  And America can complete that evolution from the rule of flaw-filled man to the rule of flawless law by fully removing man from making, interpreting, and executing law.  That final evolution is the Prime Law, which will lift society into unprecedented freedom and its people into never-before-seen wealth, health, and peace.

In recognition of man’s inherent shortcomings, the Prime Law lifts the rule of law to a whole new level not yet seen on Earth.  The Prime Law completes the millennia-long evolution of removing flaw-filled man from creating, interpreting, and executing law and will lead us to the wealthiest, healthiest, and safest nation to ever exist on Earth.

For the first time, law will be completely free from the faulty motivations of man.  The lawmakers, judges, and regulatory bureaucrats will no longer control law or regulations.  Instead, the Prime Law will control the lawmakers, judges, and regulatory bureaucrats.  Instead of man governing our country, the Prime Law — the fundamental of protection — will govern.

Wealthiest, Healthiest, Safest Society on Earth

Politicians, lawyers, judges, and bureaucrats (i.e., flaw-filled man) controlling our laws have eroded our beloved freedom and prosperity.  The flawless Prime Law permanently removes flaw-filled man from subjectively creating, interpreting, and executing agenda-law.  Law and justice must now adhere to the Prime Law — to protection only — the one and only proper purpose of government.  I’ll say it again: No longer will flaw-filled politicians, lawyers, judges, and bureaucrats control our laws and regulations.  Instead, the Prime Law will control our flaw-filled politicians, lawyers, judges and bureaucrats.  Perfection will control imperfection.

As you now know: a protection-only government will spawn a new freedom that will set free a Great Technological Revolution that will bring universal wealth and health to America.  Furthermore, with full government resources focused on protection only, Americans will enjoy the safest society on Earth.  The Prime Law was the one missing ingredient our forefathers needed to forever preserve the beautiful country they created.  The Prime-Law Amendment is our road to universal wealth, health and peace.

Every Twelve Visions Party candidate, every elected or appointed Visionary will sign the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) Contract.  That TVP Contract binds every Visionary’s decision in any local, state, or federal office or position in all branches of government; the TVP Contract binds every Visionary — yes, flaw-filled man — to the Prime Law.  (See the TVP Contract in The Universal-Wealth Movement section.)

The results of removing flaw-filled man from controlling government will be universal wealth, health, and peace.  We will instead have a flawless Prime Law of Protection controlling a government of protection and controlling its flaw-filled elected and appointed men and women.  Law creation, law interpretation, law execution will be held to protection only.  Political agenda-law, agenda-justice, and agenda-regulations will vanish, setting free business and technology to do to all industries what they did to the relatively unregulated computer industry.  Americans will become wealthy as their buying power multiplies a hundredfold, a thousandfold or more.

That scenario is not a hypothesis; prosperity explosions have occurred among civilizations throughout history by somewhat pulling back flaw-filled man from the controls of government, reducing political agenda-law, agenda-justice, and agenda-regulations.  In fact, our country is the shining example of an evolutionary leap from a man-controlled monarchy to the nearly flawless law-controlled republic.  Of course, a great prosperity-explosion followed the creation of our country.

Over two centuries later, the Twelve Visions Party gives us an opportunity at the next and final evolutionary leap away from flaw-filled man-controlled government to flawless law-controlled government.  The Prime Law is the missing integration our forefathers did not pull together, the should-be capstone to the U.S. Constitution.  The Prime Law is the missing link to pure freedom and soaring standards of living, forever.  Indeed, that missing integration completes the U.S. Constitution, makes it flawless and fully removes flaw-filled man.  The U.S. Constitution was the stepping stone to freedom; the Prime Law is the capstone to freedom.  A great prosperity-explosion will follow once again.

The Twelve Visions Party recognizes and captures this opportunity for all people alike…including the poor and the elderly.  The Prime Law results in universal wealth for the first time ever on our planet: the next evolution of freedom will bring all Americans a wealthy, healthy, and safe life.

Actualizing Universal Wealth & Health

The Visionaries have a great vision: we see soaring standards of living; we see all the people becoming wealthy, including the poor.  We see all the people gaining good health, including the elderly.

Universal Wealth and Health

In this age of rapidly advancing technologies, in a time when buying power can rapidly soar as we have seen with the computers, Visionaries realize that all citizens can soon experience multiplying buying power and great wealth if the government returns to its one proper purpose of protection only and removes itself from its improper purpose of promoting the “social good”.  The return to a protection-only government will result in an explosion of freedom and wealth for the people, especially in this age of rapidly advancing technologies.  All the people including the poor and the elderly will enjoy abundance and wealth.  Universal wealth and health are now actually possible.  The Twelve Visions Party exists to actualize that possibility.

Unprecedented Wealth, Health, and Safety

The Visionaries envision a profoundly free, wealthy, healthy, and safe society protected by rule of flawless law.  That Prime Law of Protection — no initiatory force — applies to and restricts government itself.  Therefore, a government unable to use initiatory force on its people ends all power-building, force-backed, political-policy legislation and regulations for the “social good”.  Without force-backed political-agenda-law, without force-backed political-policy regulations, without force-backed political-agenda-“justice”, then entrepreneurs, businesses, and their super technologies are held back no longer.  What we witnessed during the relatively unregulated computer revolution will occur across all industries (including the medical industry) to bring us a Great Technological Revolution.  For the first time on our planet, a government would set free a Great Technological Revolution not just in the computer industry, but in all industries, quickly bringing unprecedented wealth, health, and safety to all citizens.

The Millionaire-Phenomenon

The flawless Prime Law, not flaw-filled men and women, not agenda-and-ego-driven lawmakers, will direct all political decisions and actions and restrict them to protection from initiatory force.  At that fundamental essence of legitimate law and government (i.e., protect the people from initiatory force) not only politicians and bureaucrats, but all people can easily determine the proper protection-only laws.  Who is in office becomes irrelevant; political and personal agendas and endless opinions become irrelevant; party affiliation becomes irrelevant; what party holds power becomes irrelevant.  The Prime Law of Protection and nothing more remains relevant.  Flaw-filled man no longer controls government.  The consequences of decisions and actions locked down to the Prime Law will be staggering.

Without political agendas, political policies, and political egos controlling legislation and regulations, the geniuses of society will finally be free to accelerate the Technological Revolution and drive our buying power higher than we have ever seen.  This millionaire-phenomenon will come to all people, including the poor.  Other spectacular consequences are shown in the following pages as well, such as unprecedented health, happiness, love, peace, security, and safety.  At the state level, popular planks listed by the Republicans and popular planks listed by the Democrats will either be moved eventually to the private sector if they have nothing to do with the one proper purpose of government — physical protection of the people — or will fall under the Prime Law of Protection.

TVP Planks & Consequences

Rule of Flawless Law to Replace Rule of Flaw-Filled Man: Throughout history, the more that societies moved away from rule of man to rule of rational law, the more prosperity the people enjoyed.  The Twelve Visions Party presents and supports the Prime Law.  All party members will sign the TVP Contract that binds all decision-making to the Prime Law.  The Prime Law completes the long evolution from rule of flaw-filled man to rule of flawless law.  The result will be an unprecedented prosperity-explosion for the people.

Protection-Only Budget: Imagine all taxpayers’ dollars and government’s efforts going toward protection, which includes the military, protection-only legislation, homeland security, police, courts, and prisons.  Crime would decrease dramatically.  Taxes would decrease dramatically.  The geniuses of society, without the bogus government-on-the-offense holding them back, would cause our wealth and health to soar.  (The following chapters give a better understanding of the unprecedented wealth that will result from the Protection-Only Budget and its government-on-the-defense.  The principle applies at both the federal and state levels.) 

Depoliticize and Deregulate: End politicization and regulation of our lives and businesses via the Prime Law of Protection and the Protection-Only Budget.  Get down to the one proper purpose of any government: protection from initiatory force, threat of force, or fraud.  By removing the bogus purposes of government, particularly regulatory programs for the “social good”, the Twelve Visions Party removes the massive and improper government control over our lives and businesses.  By getting government out of our lives and out of our businesses altogether, we free the geniuses of society to do wonderful things for us, as follows: 

Unprecedented Security: The people will be well taken care of by the geniuses of society, rising by the many millions as the Twelve Visions Party ends political-policy regulations that have nothing to do with protection from initiatory force.  The millions of freed geniuses will drive technologies into new dimensions that bring undreamt of values to the people…remarkable values that meet and surpass people’s needs and solve their problems.

Universal Wealth: The costs for those new technologies will keep falling toward zero, similar to the personal computers during the computer revolution.  The Great Technological Revolution will happen in all industries and make ordinary people more and more wealthy as costs in all industries keep falling.

Universal Health: The new technologies, racing ahead in all industries, will especially race ahead in the medical industry without the destructive cost-prohibitive FDA regulations holding the geniuses back.   The geniuses will eradicate disease after disease, and their soaring new technologies will drive down medical costs.  People will live with increasingly better health for increasingly longer lives. 

Job Explosion & Evolution: Businesses will strive to keep up in the rapid progress of the Great Technological Revolution; everything will change as businesses, to stay competitive, concentrate on bringing out their greatest asset — the unique creativity of their employees.  Ordinary people will experience exhilarating entrepreneurial-like jobs at their places of work, and they will love going to work as they discover the creation-driven life, the life they were meant to live.

Extraordinary Marriages & Love: The wonderful falling-in-love feelings in the early weeks of romantic relationships will tend to return.  Why?  People will rise from a life stuck in stagnation.  They will rise into the creation-driven life of their dreams.  With that growing source of happiness inside, filling them and overflowing into their romantic relationships, they will forever feel the power of love.

Educating Geniuses: Our children and grandchildren will become “smarter” than today’s smartest people.  In tomorrow’s Twelve-Visions-World education, children will be taught how to integrate knowledge to build success and lead themselves.  Our children and grandchildren will see right through the illusions and will no longer need or want to be led by “authorities”.  The need for a ruling class and its political-agenda regulations will become repulsive to the graduating self-leaders tomorrow.  Our children will grow up to live a creation-driven life — the happy and prosperous life they were meant to live.  The old structure of education cannot compete against the new mentality, and education yields to the coming schools of geniuses (more later).

Eradicating Crime & Terrorism: The fear of terrorism will rapidly decline, and crime will nearly cease.  The Twelve Visions Party will concentrate every action and every dollar toward one purpose: protect the people from initiatory force, as declared in the Prime Law.  Safer-living statistics will soar.


When 20th-century visionary Henry Ford discovered that the workers should not manage the work, rather the work should manage the workers (via the development of his assembly line) society experienced an enormous prosperity-explosion.  Mass production took off, which accelerated the Industrial Revolution.  The people’s buying power — their wealth — skyrocketed.

When I discovered that the flaw-filled lawmakers, judges, and bureaucrats should not control the law,1 rather the flawless Prime Law should control the flaw-filled lawmakers, judges, and bureaucrats…society became poised to experience another enormous prosperity-explosion.  Unleashed geniuses of society and nonrestricted super technologies will accelerate the Technological Revolution.   Once again, the people’s buying power — their wealth — will skyrocket.

1Misinterpretation of the U.S. Constitution, often through ego-driven, political-agenda “justice”, steadily opened the way for justices to control the law.  The Prime Law forever ends that steady regression from the rule of law back to the disastrous rule of man.  Rule of law — the flawless Prime Law of Protection — will permanently reassert itself with the Prime-Law Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Indeed, the Twelve Visions Party is the Party to make the people rich, including the poor.  That is our Vision!  We have reached a rare moment in time and technology that could literally make all people wealthy.  The Twelve Visions Party clearly recognizes and reaches for the switch to ignite the prosperity-explosion.