Cure to Aging

An Open Letter To:

Larry Ellison, David Murdock, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Peter Thiel, Michael Milken, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Sean Parker, Yuri Milner, Robert G. Miller, Sam Altman, Jack Dorsey, Steve Huffman, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Anne Wojcicki, Dmitry Itskov, Igor Ashrbeyli, Bryan Johnson

Dear Sergey Brin,

Most of you have put substantial money into anti-aging/longevity research projects. But all the research being done today is stuck in the thick sticky web of regulations, legislation, litigation slowing down progress and burning through far too much money and time.

I have a proposal to remove that debilitating web. Removing that regulatory web would free progress to move fast at fractions of the current costs. We would cure heart disease, cancer, and aging itself within a decade — within your lifetime.

I propose to all of you the idea of pooling your money to purchase territory from a country — any country — and then working together using your wealth and influence to get your territory recognized as a microstate, a new country. Then, move forward free of politicization… free of suffocating regulations, legislation, and litigation. Establish the Prime Law as your Constitution to guarantee lasting freedom in your new country.

The Prime Law as your supreme law establishes pure freedom and makes the new country the place to go for unencumbered rapid medical research. Quickly the new country would become the medical mecca of the world. In that regulation-free environment, the cure to killer diseases would rise at stunning speed at a fraction of the costs and time. Within one decade, the killer diseases including aging would be cured.

Here you will see why the only way to cure aging in your lifetime is to function in a Prime Law Society.

Here I address starting a new country under The Prime Law. (I then go into what would happen if the Prime Law became the 28th Amendment to our U.S. Constitution.)

But the idea of starting a new country – a microstate – founded on the Prime Law for the distinct purpose of becoming the world’s unimpeded medical research paradise would be much less complicated than my description here of a full-fledged nation, fully populated with all its infrastructure needs.

Your microstate would be laser-focused on medical progress. Purchasing territory and working toward a microstate for the purpose of creating the world’s medical mecca free of burdensome regulations and politicization… would not require nearly the developmental complexities described in here.

Keeping that in mind, what I present here introduces you to the full dynamics of a Prime Law Society and why it is the only path to curing aging within your lifetime. Remember, the process of forging a microstate for the purpose of becoming the medical research center of the world would be far simpler, foregoing the massive infrastructure of a fully functional populated new country or a Prime-Law America (and foregoing the need for the new political party with twelve visions in here.) But here, you get the full grasp of what a Prime Law Society would bring to us… along with, yes, immortality.

Mark Hamilton

© Copyright 2023 Mark Hamilton