Cure to Aging

Specific Actions Going Forward

The Twelve Visions Party 

We learned that our founding fathers did not care for political parties, and that political parties are not even mentioned in our Constitution.  We know that our first president George Washington warned the nation against political parties, insisting in his Farewell Address that political parties will eventually serve themselves instead of the needs of the people.

We also learned that the Prime-Law Amendment would render political parties obsolete.  Party policies and platforms would no longer have meaning as every law, every regulation would pass or fail per the Prime Law, the fundamental natural law of individual protection, the supreme law.  That means every law, every regulation could never harm or hold back YOU or your property…could never harm or hold back the geniuses of society or their businesses.

I conceived and built the foundation of the Twelve Visions Party.  The Twelve Visions Party exists for one reason: to bring America the Prime Law, thus eliminating political parties including the Twelve Visions Party.  The Twelve Visions Party is unique: it is the ONLY political party that is in essence a NON-political party.  By bringing the Prime Law to America, the Twelve Visions Party would depoliticize and set free business, science, and education in America, unleashing the geniuses of society to send our standard of living soaring.

For the five years following my creation of the Twelve Visions Party (the TVP), my readers with my guidance took that TVP foundation and formed the TVP National Committee and several TVP State Committees and, in 2009, held their first National Convention in Chicago.  They formed an official third party and put up a presidential ticket for the 2012 presidential election.  The fledgling Twelve Visions Party ticket received a few thousand write-in votes.

Since then, I have expressed to my readers that the TVP is an idea, a vision of the full potential of the Prime Law.  But to sustain a third party is too demanding on many fronts…on the financial front, on logistics and time and, honestly, political risk and personal safety.

So I expressed to my readers that we do not need to struggle with keeping the Twelve Visions Party active.  Let us instead join together and spread its ideas, particularly presenting the people with the need for the Prime Law.  A Prime-Law Amendment to the U.S. Constitution would send Americans’ standards of living into the stratosphere.

The push must now be for mass-awareness of the Prime Law with the eventual goal of the Prime-Law Amendment to the U. S. Constitution and to all the State Constitutions.  That energy spent to spread awareness of the Prime Law will do a lot more good a lot more quickly than money and time needed to sustain a third-party structure.

The Twelve Visions Party is an idea — the perfect non-political party built on the Prime Law that will obsolete all political parties including the Twelve Visions Party.  A time will come when the majority of people know of and believe in the Prime Law.  That will be the time to actualize and build the Twelve Visions Party for the stated purpose of obsoleting itself with its goal: ratifying the Prime-Law Amendment.

For now, let us spread the word about the Prime Law, which brings me to where I am today: to the need to let your friends know about the Prime Law.

Aggressively Spread the Word

Starbucks, on the beach in Hawaii…I sit with my coffee, my pencil and paper, gazing at the ocean.  Early morning walkers and joggers pass by along the beach-walk. Early morning hush…peaceful activity…perfect conditions for writing.  I inhale the Hawaiian ocean air, pick up my pencil, put it to paper and let my thoughts flow…

My writings successfully create the conditions that lead to wealth, health, peace.  Now, we must reach critical mass: we must spread these ideas to millions upon millions of ordinary people to actualize these writings, such as the Prime-Law Amendment — something our founding fathers longed for.  By the way, feel free to talk about the Prime Law with your friends, especially in today’s rising socialistic anti-business, anti-wealth environment. 

As I sit here watching the waves break, I ponder how the Neothink® Society has created the conditions for both everlasting personal happiness (includes wealth and love) and pure societal freedom (includes laissez-faire free enterprise), which happen to be the conditions needed to achieve the very complicated goal of curing complex diseases, including aging itself.

With stagnation as the cross we individually bear and creeping socialism as the cross society bears, the Neothink® Society provides surprisingly simple solutions:  Poverty-bound individual stagnation quickly gets replaced with wealth-bound individual creation with my techniques.  Poverty-bound creeping socialism quickly gets replaced with wealth-bound freedom with my elegantly simple Prime Law that everyone can easily understand and get on board.  So talk to people about the Prime Law.  Tell them that banishing initiatory force means that debilitating laws and regulations would perish, freeing the geniuses of society and the economy.  Standards of living would soar.

With growing personal and societal wealth, with no more personal or societal poverty or stagnation, people would become so internally happy that their demand for more life would grow.  As the demand for more life grows, and as freedom grows with less regulated businesses, the supply of longer life will rise to the demand…but only under the freedom of a Prime-Law America.

My writings lift you into that wealthy and healthy world few ever experience.  People with these secrets do not die unfulfilled, without experiencing money, power, and romantic love.  I took four decades to research and develop the stunning wealth-generating secrets and turnkey techniques.  Do you dream about becoming wealthy and living longer?  I will help with that!

Most people want the immediate money they enjoy after discovering my highly-guarded money-making secrets.  In fact, that money-making power is why I personally rose from poverty to my Starbucks on the beach in Hawaii.  I no longer witness crime around me.  I witness luxury and beautiful people around me.  I want you to experience the same.  Two paths exist to that wealthy world: 1) Universal Wealth through the Prime-Law Amendment, and 2) Individual Wealth through the money-making secrets revealed in my lessons to continue over your year-long journey.