Cure to Aging

The Path Into The Twelve Visions World

The country is sinking toward a catastrophic era with the rise of socialism.  Over thirty years ago, I wrote about this coming catastrophic era.  As I prophesied this looming catastrophic era in my literature published in the mid-1980s, I wrote that we were in a race, a race between rationality and irrationality.

Now as the catastrophic era approaches, rationality has lost the race.  The problem is that rationality, reason, logic no longer register with the majority of people.  Decades of media brainwashing, educational indoctrination and a mix of other problems, particularly the rising rule of man in America, have nullified the benevolent power of rationality, logic and reason.

Rationality just doesn’t work anymore.  What moves the majority now is: emotional and physical urges.  That’s right, primitive urges from the forces of nature move us, direct us.

I have written about this in my literature, about the forces of nature and about how two to three thousand years ago man leapt beyond nature into human consciousness, and how the forces of nature now wreak havoc in conscious man and his civilizations.

Man is a conscious being, not an automatically reacting, unconscious animal.  So those automatic controls, those primitive urges, those forces of nature will devastate mankind (if dominating and directing civilization).  Unfortunately, the majority of people today are controlled by those forces of nature; they are controlled by those primitive urges.

For example, consider this primitive urge: we seek the path of least resistance.  In nature, the animal spends the least amount of energy for the maximum meal, for example…maximizing food for the least amount of effort spent.  That path of least resistance unfortunately still drives us today, in all areas of our lives.

So, the majority of people vote for the politicians who appeal most to that path-of-least-resistance urge.  The result is inevitable; the result is socialism and the redistribution of wealth, which will quickly destroy civilization, as we are seeing today.

In today’s world, arguing socialism versus capitalism no longer works because that requires rationality and reason.  Rationality, reason and logic no longer work.  The ruling class has successfully numbed enough minds so that rationality, reason and logic are ineffectual.  The ruling class has, over the decades, successfully reduced the voting majority to those primitive urges, those easy-to-manipulate and easy-to-control urges.  By recognizing that fact, we suddenly realize how reasoning with people is futile.

Instead, we must win this battle of the urges by appealing to those primitive urges.  Now that does not mean that we are going to abandon rationality, reason and logic.  Rationality, reason and logic lead us to reality.  And that is why, in the end, we can win this epic battle of good versus evil.  Let me explain:

Our promises that appeal to people’s urges amount to more than mere political rhetoric, otherwise known as failed promises.  Our promises become fulfilled promises.  That difference, reality, will increasingly shift the tide in our favor.  Yes, our promises will appeal to the same urges, to those forces of nature controlling most people today.  But I will summarize the difference…

Let us first look at what politicians do: they appeal to the urges, the forces of nature, the get-something-for-nothing, the instant gratification.  They appeal to those path-of-least-resistance urges.  How?  Through illusions.  Through non-reality.  And how do they build those illusions?

As explained in my literature: politicians use true facts, true facts, out of context.  So the unsuspecting, gullible public hears those true facts, and they are true, so how can the voting public argue with those facts?  So politicians build illusions using true facts, true facts, out of context.

Now the Twelve Visions Party is going to appeal to people’s urges, those same instant-gratification, get-something-for-nothing urges, but in the background our plan is based on reality, not illusions.  Indeed, we are going to have reason and logic behind us…but only in the background, the plan backing up our promises.  Up front we are going to drive on the urges, appealing to those urges.

Consider the title of the TVP Platform: “Make All The People Rich, Including the Poor!”  Throughout the Platform, I write about becoming a millionaire without lifting a finger.  Indeed, we appeal to the primitive urges, the forces of nature, the path of least resistance, the get-something-for-nothing urges.

But here is the unbeatable power in our approach: we appeal to the urges, but behind it all, what we promise is real.

Let us look closer: in my literature I write about the personal computer revolution of the late 20th Century.  That technological revolution revealed that when regulations are held back as they were in that particular industry (personal computers sprang up so fast the authorities did not know how to get a handle on regulating that phenomenon), the geniuses of society when given freedom move technology forward so rapidly that our buying power increases hundreds or thousands of times over.  So in a few short years, one could purchase what, just a few years earlier, only multi-millionaires could purchase.  That is the reality behind the TVP promise of living like a millionaire without lifting a finger.

Indeed, we can take that same computer-industry model and apply it throughout all industries.  This TVP idea of removing regulations, removing the ruling class, setting free the geniuses of society to start this Great Technological Revolution for which the computer revolution was the forerunner…this TVP idea will win people over.  Why?  The urge to get rich is now backed by a plan of reality.  The plan is real and sound.  Instead of political rhetoric and empty promises, the people now see a real course to living the lives they were meant to live!

Addressing our urges, we have plans of reality.  Backing up our promises, we have reason and logic.  We are for real!  The people will love our appeal to their urges, and they will fall in love with our plans of reality.  Live like a millionaire without so much as lifting a finger, and it’s real, it’s real!

So there you have an example of appealing to the urges and delivering reality.  What a powerful combination.  In the long run, that one-two punch of the Twelve Visions Party will be unbeatable.

Now that live-like-a-millionaire claim should roll foremost off your tongue when you are in a public setting talking about the Twelve Visions Party; you should not necessarily concentrate on or talk too much about the Prime-Law Amendment or the Protection-Only Budget.  For, the latter educates, the former stimulates.  Instead, reality is backing up our appeal to the urges.

People will ask you, “How will you make all the people rich, including the poor?” Give them concise, short answers.  Simple, easy and real.  For example, give them the answer I just gave you.  Say ordinary people today can buy computer power that, a few years ago, only millionaires could buy, and the Twelve Visions Party plans to spread that same model throughout all industries.  So, in a few short years, everyone can have the buying power to purchase things that just a few years prior only millionaires could purchase.

I guarantee you, with that answer, you will spark their interest, and then they will want to know more.

Now pay close attention to this point:  If you give a talk to a room full of a few hundred people and in your talk you describe the Prime Law of Protection and you talk about the Protection-Only Budget, after your talk, perhaps a handful of people will stick around to ask questions.

Now, if you give a talk to a room full of a few hundred people, and you talk about how in a few short years their buying power is going to multiply a hundred times, maybe a thousand times, and how they are going to, all of them including the poor among them, in a few short years live like millionaires, I guarantee you that afterwards, dozens of people will stick around to ask questions.  I know because I have experienced it.  That is the difference in today’s world between stimulating versus educating.  We must stimulate first, educate later.

The blend of stimulation and education, a blend of stimulating promises backed by educating logic is properly captured in our TVP National Platform.

Over generations, urges stimulated and manipulated by illusions from our ruling class have completely blocked out reality.  That is why our country is sinking toward socialism.  The TVP combines urges with reality.  This is the only way to defeat the ruling class and the rise of socialism.

Scale of Importance

What you are participating in, the founding of the Twelve Visions World, is perhaps more important than the founding of our country.  I will explain my very large statement:

The founding of America was a stunningly successful effort to move away from rule of man to rule of nearly flawless law, the U.S. Constitution.  It was the most powerful move into freedom ever known on Earth resulting in unrivaled prosperity for over two centuries.  But at the time leading into the American Revolution, many Americans did not want to break from England.  There was no imminent threat to the colonies’ survival.  Then Thomas Payne published Common Sense, which enlightened the colonists with a powerful sense of right versus wrong, and that publication ushered in the Revolutionary War.

But things were not so bad here before the war that brought us our independence and our brilliant system of government under the U. S. Constitution.  By contrast, the growing socialists, imminent terrorists and economic threats to America today threaten the existence of our civilization as we know it.  We stand in the doorway to a catastrophic era unlike America has ever seen.  Threats of nuclear, biological, chemical, power-grid and cyber attacks…as well as threats of a major economic collapse make our mission with the Twelve Visions Party and the Prime Law — that is, the founding of the Twelve Visions World — even more important to the survival of our civilization today than the founding of our country was to the survival of our civilization over two centuries ago.  I say this not to lessen the magnificence of the founding of our country.  I say this to bring perspective to the magnitude of what the founding of the Twelve Visions World — the new world — means to all of us and our children.  Indeed, our lives and the lives of our children depend on our success.

Only the Twelve Visions Party can stop America from succumbing to the deadly rule of man.

All of us who are not part of the ruling class are in the same family, and we are all victims.  And our children and their children will continue to be victims as this fall to the rule of man continues.

The Twelve Visions Party is very simple, as follows:

Free all victims by replacing the rule of man with the rule of flawless law, the Prime Law.  As you know, the Prime Law is the fundamental law of protection and is the cornerstone of a protection-only Twelve Visions Government.

Outside of the Twelve Visions Party, nothing on our planet can stop the victimization of our suppressed family.  The ruling class suppresses all of us who are not in the ruling class (or not receiving key advantages from the ruling class).  Indeed, we are all victims: the poor, the middle class, the wealthy market entrepreneurs and business owners (as opposed to the political entrepreneurs and business owners).  Now that is important to know because we have been played against each other throughout history.  We should — all of us should — live exhilarating lives, wealthy lives, doing what we love to do.  All of us.  And that wealthy life will come to all of us in the Twelve Visions World.

Instead of heading into a dangerous world of imminent socialist and terrorist attacks and economic collapse, we could and should be heading into a prosperous world of wealth, health, and peace.  As the Twelve Visions Party gains traction, great emotions will rise among the populace as the people discover the beautiful lives they were robbed of.  Those great emotions will be a mixture of exhilarating self-discovery and damning anger.  The ruling class stole from us the exhilarating life we were meant to live.

Reason Is Dead

Why is the Twelve Visions Party with its Prime Law the only movement that can save us?

The answer is: reason is dead.  Let me say it again, reason is dead.  Reason as the guiding voice of humanity has died.  Irrational wants and desires have replaced rational reason.  Illusionary political rhetoric promising higher standards of living for no effort has killed reason.

Politicians killed reason in order to easily rule over mankind.  As long as people do not reason, they will cluelessly vote for those who create get-something-for-nothing illusions.  Without reason, demagogues can promise the people Utopia.  Without reason, irrational wants and desires elect our ruling class and set up humanity’s demise.  Make no mistake: our demise has begun with the death of reason and the consequential rise of the rule of man and his controlling illusions.

With the many bright, even brilliant rational voices in our country today, the demise of our country continues.  Irrational wants and desires now guide the masses.  Voices of reason fall upon deaf ears.

I will not go into the long explanation of how reason died, but very briefly, it died in our educational system.  And the nail that closed shut the coffin came when greater than half the population received some sort of welfare.

So without reason, what do we do?  Our future is heading toward eventual disaster.  Our children and their children are heading toward a life of eventual poverty and danger.  And reason cannot save us.  It seems as though nothing can save us.  No one has the antidote to today’s sinking America because reason is dead.  Not even the most brilliant minds can stop our fall into disaster.  We do see some pockets of reason, some attempts at rationality, but they are not enough to arrest the overwhelming problems.

The Twelve Visions Party with its Prime Law is our savior.  Suppose for a moment the TVP appeals to people’s get-something-for-nothing wants and desires, but instead of irrational illusions, what the TVP offers is rational reality.  Reason does not even need to enter the equation.  Not at first.  We can circumvent reason and touch people’s dreams and desires.  As the reality of the TVP program washes away the illusions of political rhetoric, reason will reawaken in the people.  Like bringing them out of a deep spell, the Twelve Visions Party Movement gradually resurrects reason.  With the return and rise of reason comes the rise of the Twelve Visions World.  But first we must circumvent reason.  We must appeal to people’s primitive urges, wants and desires.  We must compete with the politicians.

Remember, reason as the guiding voice of humanity no longer lives.  If it did, we would not be headed in the irrational direction that our country is headed.

If reason is no longer society’s guiding voice, then what is?  The primitive guiding voice seeking the path of least effort — unearned entitlements, handouts, redistribution of wealth — now guides society.  Politicians stimulate and manipulate that primitive urge through unreal, unreasonable illusions.

So let us face reality that reason, as society’s guiding voice, is dead.  Let us face reality that unreasonable, unreal, path-of-least-effort urges now guide America.  So our TVP will approach the public not with arguments based on reason, but with emotions based on people’s primitive urges.  I cannot stress that enough.

Our strength, however, is this: when socialistic politicians appeal to people’s get-something-for-nothing urges, those politicians offer illusions.  They have offered failed illusions ever since the ruling class began three thousand years ago (their 3000-year-old secret).  When TVP Visionaries appeal to people’s get-something-for-nothing urges, by contrast, those TVP Visionaries do not offer illusions.  They offer reality, as clearly demonstrated throughout my message.

In this war of good versus evil — of the non-ruling class versus the ruling class — we pursue our battle plan: we do not use reason up front.  We do not educate.  We, instead, stimulate people’s wants and desires just like the socialists.  Moreover, we let the country know we are all victims.  In fact, we can outdo the politicians at their own game.  But we are backed by reality, not illusions.  The people will begin to see how it all works.  They will begin to see we are offering reality, not bogus political rhetoric.  People will begin to see our fast track to riches is real, not empty promises, not political talking points.

So from the desire/want perspective, what are we offering the people?  Here it is.  Here’s our face to the world: the TVP is the greatest get-rich phenomenon in the history of civilization.  Shout it from the rooftops, sing it to the media, play it from your guitars.  The Twelve Visions Party is the greatest get-rich program since civilization began.  Give people the analogies they need to hear.  Tell them about the computer revolution, a forerunner to the Great Technological Revolution with a TVP Protection-Only Government.

Give people all your compassion, genuine compassion for their unnecessarily suppressed, even wasted lives.  Let them feel your genuine compassion for them; let them know you care, and they will stand by you.  Energized, they will campaign for the Twelve Visions Party. They will fight for the Prime-Law Amendment.  Even those who are not used to reason will stand up and cry out for the Prime Law!


Can I walk into a living room of a lazy welfare recipient who refuses to get off his couch and get a job…and still feel compassion for him?   Honestly, yes I can.  For I know the bigger picture.  I know illusions from his failed education and from our failing politicians have conned him, and he has conned himself, and I know his precious life is wasting away.  Soon it will be too late to change.  His one and only precious moment will pass by, wasted, and then he will just pass away.  Yes, I do feel compassion for him.

I feel saddened for the loss of the happy, exhilarated person he was meant to be.  Remember, we are all born as innocent human beings with the promise of a creation-driven life and exhilarating happiness.  In a Twelve Visions World, our lives will be exhilarating and happy.  Even the helpless welfare dependents will become motivated to make TVP successful and to remove the ruling class.  All people, including the welfare poor, will get behind the Twelve Visions Party if they can live like millionaires.  They will get behind the TVP Movement for removing initiatory force from those in power…from those political leaders whom we are led to believe we love…those who promise the poor great things but fail to deliver on those promises that are only illusions.

Once people feel the TVP’s compassion and their possibilities, well then, in time they will back the Twelve Visions Party.  The Twelve Visions are not merely political rhetoric, not empty promises.  People will realize the TVP’s Twelve Visions are real.  The Twelve Visions World is everything the TVP promises.   Reality backing the TVP’s promises is unique and powerful.  The Twelve Visions Party will steadily gain momentum until it becomes unstoppable.

We will deliver speeches and post messages and organize campaigns that say the Twelve Visions Party is the greatest get-rich program since the beginning of civilization…remove the ruling class and everyone soon lives like a millionaire.  We will attract the masses through such stimulation.  Remember, reason is dead.  Eventually, as more people get introduced to the ideas in our message, they will evolve their stimulated emotions into integrated reason.  We hope to resurrect reason and save this crumbling world.

By understanding the nature of our approach, you will begin to see that we will pull just as many voters from the left as we do from the right.  Many people with lower incomes are consumed with a sense of being victimized, although misdirected because of the illusion-masters, our politicians.  The entire non-ruling class has been victimized and robbed of the life we were meant to live…the poor, the middle class, even the wealthy.

I want you to now embrace the fact that we have been victimized.  It is part of our job and campaign strategy to make our victimization known: the ruling class suppresses the non-ruling class.  We are all victims of the ruling class.  I want you to know and emphasize that you have been victimized.

Those who have read our literature know how our lives have been suppressed by the ruling class.  Without knowing better, we have been held down, all of us from the liberal left to the religious right, from the poor to the rich.   We can, all of us, come together to eradicate the true culprit, the monster in disguise, the rule of man, the ruling class.

The monster in disguise played our family — the non-ruling class from the unemployed poor to the wealthy market entrepreneur — against itself for millennia.  The ruling class has done this throughout all civilizations throughout history, but the victimizer is and always has been the ruling class.  The ruling class is the family of society that exists by rule of man, by ruling over you and me.  And America is falling into a deep, dark hole under the rule of man.  We are falling into an underclass!

The Twelve Visions Party with its flawless Prime Law of Protection and its Protection-Only Budget is our only savior.  Realize there has never been a pure Protection-Only Government, never in the history of the world.  A pure Protection-Only Government backed by the Prime Law and Protection-Only Budget would quickly deregulate and depoliticize all industries.  The many regulations and legislation that have nothing to do with protecting the individual from initiatory force would go away.  In other words, all industries, for the first time, would experience pure freedom.

Our recent experience of nearly pure freedom of an industry was the personal computer industry of the late 20th Century and early 21st Century.  The computer industry raced ahead without the burden of politicians and bureaucrats regulating and politicizing that industry.  The result was computer buying power multiplying a thousand times.

An Anomaly?

Some people might say, “Well, that’s just an anomaly due to the invention of the silicon chip.”  But we have seen cases of this throughout history, such as the earlier example involving the railroad industry over a hundred years ago, before the development of high technology altogether.  That example of  James J. Hill and rising standards of living due to that one genius of society makes the problem of the ruling class clear.  Indeed, while he was free to move ahead unburdened by the government, he made even the poor wealthy.  But everything came crumbling down when the politicians and government regulators got a hold of that industry and destroyed it.

And we have seen other examples throughout history, one being the car industry with the evolvement of the assembly line and the rapid acceleration of buying power.  Mass production followed and spread throughout America and then the world because of the assembly line.  Buying power multiplied throughout the car industry and then throughout other industries until the government stepped in with regulations and legislation, politicizing those American industries and reversing their prosperity explosions.

Computer Revolution…Great Technological Revolution…Health Revolution 

The personal computer industry was so unique and happened so quickly and moved so rapidly that bureaucrats and politicians just did not know how to get a handle on it to begin regulating and politicizing that industry.  So it advanced very rapidly, and computer consumers became computer rich.  That same phenomenon will spread throughout all industries with the Twelve Visions Party’s Protection-Only Government.  That same freedom paradigm will play out in every industry as the Twelve Visions Party and its Prime-Law Amendment and Protection-Only Budget deregulate and depoliticize every industry.  By swiping away the thick web of regulations and legislation with the Prime-Law Amendment and the Protection-Only Budget, all American industries will become as free as the computer industry was.  Prices will plunge.  Buying power will multiply ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times.

The medical and health industries will be no exceptions.   Only the Twelve Visions Party can swipe away the thick web of regulations and legislation entangling and paralyzing the medical and health industries (via the Prime-Law Amendment and Protection-Only Budget).  With the heavy regulatory and legislative burdens gone, those industries will soar.  New medical technologies will soar, and prices will plunge.  Research and development programs will thrive.  Indeed, more research money than ever before will pour into those medical research and development programs because the investment risks will fall dramatically with the thick web of government regulations and legislation out of the way.

Medical breakthroughs will happen beyond anything the world has ever seen.  Costs will continue to plunge.  Complicated diseases will be eradicated in that never-before-seen environment of pure freedom.   We will live increasingly disease-free lives and much longer lives with higher quality of life for a fraction of the cost.

With that insight into the health and medical industries, I will reveal something about the Twelve Visions Party that I have never before made public: Neothink® is a new way of using our minds that we discovered in the early 1980s and developed ever since.  Neothink® makes seemingly impossible goals possible, tangible and real.  The Twelve Visions Party is designed to make all people rich, including the poor.  Now we know just how impossible that seems in today’s world.  But it is possible because the Twelve Visions Party rose from Neothink®, from tomorrow’s new world.  Again, Neothink® is a new way of using our minds, using integrated thinking to achieve marvels the world has never seen before.

Indeed, the Twelve Visions Party will make all the people rich including the poor.  Instead of political rhetoric, our Neothink® approach is easy to understand and is self-evident.

Instead of trusting and following our leaders, with Neothink® we become self-leaders.  We integrate facts, concepts, events together like pieces of a puzzle.  As those pieces come together, a puzzle-picture begins to form, a picture never created before, never seen before…a complete picture of a world, our yet-to-be known Twelve Visions World.  That Twelve Visions World will bring us happy and prosperous lives, the lives we were meant to live.

The Neothink® Society is creating the puzzle pieces needed in our world to bring together the Twelve Visions World.  The political movement is one of the puzzle pieces.  Indeed, the TVP Movement, that is, the Twelve Visions Party, the Prime-Law Amendment, the Protection-Only Budget — this political movement — is one of the key puzzle pieces to the Superpuzzle that brings us the Twelve Visions World.

The Neothink® Movement, that is, your Neothink® Journey, our Neothink® Messages, the Neothink® Society and Neothink® Clubhouses — this self-improvement movement — is also one of the key puzzle pieces to the Superpuzzle that brings us the Twelve Visions World.

Today, I will make public a third key puzzle piece to the Superpuzzle.  It would be useless without the two prior puzzle pieces already laid down — the TVP Movement and the Neothink® Movement.

Remember, the Twelve Visions World will bring us the wealthy, happy lives we would want to live for a very long time.  The third major puzzle piece is the Neothink® anti-aging movement.  Imagine the Twelve Visions World and the happy and wealthy life worth living far longer than we live today.  Indeed, people will be so prosperous and happy they would want to live forever.  Aging is the extremely complex disease of cellular degeneration, and it is much more complex to arrest than cancer and heart disease.

Today’s highly regulated and politicized world renders this third puzzle piece impossible.  But tomorrow’s non-politicized purely free Twelve Visions World would accelerate this third puzzle piece.

This third puzzle piece is dependent on two critical puzzle pieces to be laid down before it, which we have now done: the TVP Movement and the Neothink® Movement.  Let us see how our two prior puzzle pieces generate demand and supply:

Puzzle piece number 1: Demand.  In today’s suppressed world, the ruling class suppresses the non-ruling class.  Life for the ordinary person loses excitement, achievement, growth.  In a suppressed politicized world there is minimal desire or demand for substantially longer life.  Through our Neothink® Manuscripts, the Neothink® Society and Neothink® Clubhouses, however, through your year-long Neothink® journey with us, we give you the tools to rise from a suppressed, used-up body in the labor force to an exhilarated, self-leading value creator.  We open the door to true happiness, to the creation-driven life you were meant to live, even if you are now retired.  You and our exhilarated, happy members love life, and they desire, they demand, longer life.

Puzzle piece number 2:  Supply.  In today’s politicized world, the ruling class politicizes and regulates the non-ruling class.  Rapid medical progress is impossible.  Only in a truly free, non-politicized environment could rapid progress against the most complex diseases including aging occur.  Only with the pure freedom provided by the Protection-Only TVP Government could the never-before-imagined size and scope of research and rapid progress against aging occur.  Only in the Twelve Visions World could the supply of longevity meet the growing demand.  The cure to aging is a cause-and-effect formula that is elegantly simple as follows:

The demand of the happy people wanting to live longer would be overwhelming in the Twelve Visions World, a world without suppression filled with creative, wealthy and healthy citizens living in peace.  The supply, the progress against the disease of aging, would be free to flow and to rise to the demand.  With such demand-and-supply in the Twelve Visions World, the cure to aging would follow.

Indeed, you can see why our two puzzle pieces had to be laid down first: Number one, our Neothink® Movement: your Neothink® Journey, Neothink® Manuscripts, Neothink® Society and Clubhouses to lift people from their great suppression in order to discover the self-leaders’ creation-driven lives of exhilaration and happiness.  They love life and demand longer life.  And two, our TVP Movement: your Twelve Visions Party, Prime-Law Amendment, Protection-Only Budget to depoliticize America and provide the pure freedom that will allow for anti-aging research to rapidly advance.

So, after thirty years, we are now ready to pursue the third puzzle piece to the Twelve-Visions-World Superpuzzle.  We are now ready to pursue the Association for Curing Aging.  I will enlighten you during your year-long journey.

Our master plan to bring you into the wealthy Twelve Visions World happens during your year-long journey here. Happiness, wealth, health, peace and longevity are synonymous with the Twelve Visions World.

By now you realize that the Twelve Neothink® Visions are possible and profitable.  During your year-long journey, we bring you into the Twelve Visions World where people are not suppressed, where people are creative and living the exhilarated happy lives they were meant to live…where they are wealthy, healthy, living in safety and peace and where they want to live much longer lives…and where the geniuses of society are working hard and unburdened to bring those happy citizens longer and longer quality-filled lives.