Cure to Aging

The Prime-Law Amendment Will Bring Undreamt Wealth, Health, Safety To All Including The Poor, The Elderly, The Underprivileged

The one proper purpose of government is protection against initiatory force, threat of force, coercion and fraud.  Any other purpose ultimately depends upon initiatory force in the hands of a ruling class, the rule of man, which takes away our freedom and, therefore, our prosperity.

Indeed, the more free a country, the more prosperous, as demonstrated throughout history.  For the first time with the Prime Law, we are talking about a pure protection-only government and, therefore, a fully free country.  There has NEVER been a fully free country on our planet.

Moreover, for the first time, we have reached the technology to experience a universal prosperity-explosion as first seen in the computer industry.  If technology is set free to rapidly advance, we can ignite that prosperity-explosion in all industries.  Prices will begin falling to fractions as happened to the computers.  Buying power will soar.  People’s buying power — all people’s buying power — will multiply a hundredfold, a thousandfold or more.  They will become rich, including the poor.

America originally rose quickly and was so much freer and more prosperous than other countries because she was a country brilliantly controlled by nearly flawless rule of law and not subjected to flaw-filled rule of man as so many other countries.

Yes, man is full of faults, motivated by ego, tugged toward temptations, attracted to easy money, corruption and dishonesty.  Man is imperfect, including all Visionaries.

Therefore, the Twelve Visions Party takes America’s rule of law one final step further:  By going down to the biological fundamental of protection — no initiatory force — the Prime-Law Amendment would end lawmakers from recklessly creating new laws that have nothing to do with protection, and the Prime Law would end justices from recklessly interpreting law and opening the door for government to control us through “social justice” and the “social good”, and the Prime Law would stop bureaucrats from recklessly establishing regulations based on political policy instead of the one proper fundamental of protection from initiatory force.  For, any law or regulation beyond protection against initiatory force requires initiatory force; the government regresses into the rule of man.

The Prime Law takes the rule of law all the way and ensures a pure, protection-only government.  A pure, protection-only government is also a get-out-of-the-way government, which sets free the geniuses of society and ignites the universal prosperity-explosion.  The flawless Prime Law is the final rule-of-law integration the founding fathers missed.

The Prime Law has the potential to become an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, where the Prime Law has belonged since the creation of the U.S. Constitution.  Let us take a close look at that possibility:

The U.S. Constitution’s three main principles of inherent rights, government by the people, and separation of powers provided the basis for the freest and most prosperous nation in history.  Just imagine over two centuries ago the new ideas of a nation created to ensure a person’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as written in the Declaration of Independence, a nation governed by the people, a nation with watchdog checks and balances on political and bureaucratic powers.

The delegates of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 also gave careful consideration to the division of power between the federal government and state governments.  The U.S. Constitution, which emerged from the Constitutional Convention in 1787, is called the supreme law because the state constitutions and both federal and state laws cannot violate the U.S. Constitution.

The U.S. Constitution does a nearly perfect job setting down the principles and system of government.  Things went wrong because of continual misinterpretation of the Constitution over generations, which led to repeated violations of the Constitution.  What was missing was an overarching constitution, so to speak, the prime law of no initiatory force.

Had the Prime Law existed since the beginning, our country would have entered the wealthy/healthy/safe Twelve Visions World generations ago.

If the Prime Law eventually becomes an amendment to the U.S. Constitution — the Prime-Law Amendment — we could again have confidence in the U.S. Constitution, for it brilliantly sets down the system of government and separation of powers, starting with the three main powers of 1) making laws, 2) executing laws, and 3) interpreting laws.

There would be, however, a fundamental change with the Prime-Law Amendment: The whole concept of a government based on power — separation of powers, division of powers, checks and balances of powers — would change from a government based on power to a government based on service.  That fundamental change from a power basis to a service basis would evolve a businesslike system — a businesslike protection service, as detailed later.

Let us take a closer look at what the Prime-Law Amendment would accomplish.  First, over the past century, our government existed for two purposes:

1) To protect the people

2) To promote the social good

To promote the general welfare of the people has been misinterpreted to mean: increase their standards of living or their wealth.  Well, as demonstrated throughout history, politicians cannot do that; the government cannot increase standards of living except through force-backed redistribution of wealth — a violation of the Prime Law.  Government should provide the conditions for individuals to pursue their purpose to prosper and live happily.  The government can guarantee those conditions through the Prime Law, which calls for a protection-only government.  Indeed, the Prime Law and its protection-only government guarantee the conditions that promote the general welfare of the people.

Instead, our politicians spend our money ostensibly for the “social good”, but they really want the ruling-class glory and power and reverence that goes with spending money (other people’s money).  The evidence is clear: they do not want anything to do with the deeper effort that goes with soundly spending money.  They want control; they want power; they want re-election.

The repeated misinterpretations of the U.S. Constitution has led to these blatant violations of the Constitution, such as spending our money beyond protection while bankrupting our children’s future with debt, which could never occur with the Prime Law in place.

So, career politicians with the help of federal justices and regulatory bureaucrats have made a mess of things.  Our well-being, standard of living, and wealth can be dramatically lifted by unhampered market businessmen and women…by the geniuses of society.  But the erroneous second purpose of government must first end.

That bogus purpose of government to so-call “promote the social good” sprang up over the years through career politicians finding ways to spend money and become more and more likable for re-election.  (You will see this so clearly in the James J. Hill story in Chapter: The Geniuses of Society Bring You Everything.)  The Prime-Law Amendment gets rid of all that, forever.

The one valid purpose of our government, as you know, is to protect the people from initiatory force, which includes providing justice.  The only way to guarantee the protection of all people — equal, unbiased and unconditional protection of all people of all races and all social classes and all career positions in society — is to protect the individual.  Regardless of race or social status, the Prime Law guarantees everyone his or her unprejudiced rights as an individual, as a minority of one — the smallest of all minorities.  Every individual is equally and fully protected.

Now, to provide comprehensive protection of the individual requires going down to and establishing the biologically irreducible fundamental of protection.  As an analogy, to capture the comprehensive nature of the cosmos requires going down to and understanding the irreducible, fundamental sub-atomic particles composing the cosmos.  The irreducible, thus indivisible, incorruptible fundamental of protection is: elimination of initiatory force, which is the function of the Prime-Law Amendment.  There is nothing deeper upon which to argue opinions or agendas.  The Prime Law says it all.  There is nothing more.

Indeed, comprehensive protection of the individual demands one prime law — one overarching, irreducible law: the elimination of initiatory force against the individual and his or her property.   With that one prime law, everyone becomes equally and fully protected from harm caused by man, including harm from government.

Therefore, with the passing of the Prime-Law Amendment, both the erroneous second purpose of government “to promote the social good” and the destructive ruling-class of man can never return.  Prosperity will soar forever as described throughout this manuscript.  What great news!  Indeed, one prime law was always needed; one prime law eternally guarantees protection and freedom.  That one Prime Law could bring about the Twelve Visions World (that you will enter during your year-long journey here).  The Prime Law must become our 28th Amendment.

With the Prime-Law Amendment in place, the Prime Law essentially becomes our Supreme Law to which every law must answer.  For, the Supreme Law will filter out every law and regulation in violation, namely those that serve the bogus purpose of so-called promoting the “social good”, agenda-law or political-agenda regulation which requires initiatory force.  Remember, the Prime Law is the biological fundamental, the point of origin, the beginning of all law.  Therefore, no further unhealthy law or misinterpretation of the Prime-Law Amendment could occur.  No more agenda-law, political-agenda regulations, or agenda-“justice”…no more violations to our U.S. Constitution.  Government could not tell us how to spend our money, redistribute our wealth or force us to pay taxes.  As long as we did not commit initiatory force1, we  would  be  completely  free.   We would not need ego-and-power-driven lawmakers stirring up legislation…with lawyers and bureaucrats using those laws to control us and drain us.  We would no longer need that parasitical ruling-class of man that destroyed our yet-unknown prosperity.  Their deceptions could no longer pass through the Prime-Law Amendment — including their forced taxes.

1Threat of force, coercion and fraud are forms of initiatory force.

Our government would cease to house a parasitical ruling-class of man as we switched  over  to  the  Protection-Only  Budget  that ends the funds for the bogus second purpose of government — to so-call promote the “social good”.  The Protection-Only Budget supplies funds to the one proper purpose of government — to protect the country and its citizens from   initiatory force, which includes the proper protection-based lawmaking and system of justice, forever unable to violate the Prime Law.

Now, what guarantees our government could never again grow a ruling class?  Government can grow a ruling class only through force — pay your taxes or be fined or, worse, go to prison.  With the passing of the Prime-Law Amendment, not even the government could use initiatory force and, therefore, would forever cease to be a ruling class.  Instead, with the passing of the Prime-Law Amendment, the government would function as a protection service you voluntarily pay for.

Gone would be the days of destructive government on the offense so-called promoting the “social good”.  Market businesspersons — the geniuses of society — would successfully take over that job of promoting the social good, and they will do that job spectacularly well as becomes obvious as you absorb my message.  Our new government would forever provide the one specific value of protection, which its citizens — its customers — would voluntarily pay for.  People will gladly pay for safety and peace.

Realize, the Protection-Only Budget described in the next chapter would not be enough to permanently end the ruling class.  The government could regress into a corrupt ruling class again, eventually, if government could use initiatory force against its citizens with a force-backed IRS.  In short, that ugly rise of the ruling class is what happened to our original, beautiful U.S. Government meant to exist for protection only.  The Prime-Law Amendment would forever stop the ruling class from happening again.  Indeed, the Prime-Law Amendment pulls out the roots of the ruling class — initiatory force, which includes forced taxes.

Without forced tax collection, government power is not a ruling power.  Instead, it is an earned power, earned from ever-looming, potential competition.  Our Twelve Visions Government is nonthreatening to its citizens — to its customers — and is incorruptible.

With initiatory force permanently out of the equation of government due to the Prime-Law Amendment, man can hold no ruling power — no rule-of-man power — and can never again hold ruling power over you or your business whatsoever.  For the first time, you will be truly free…you and the many geniuses of society!

The Twelve Visions Government will eventually evolve into a reputable business providing the immense value of protection — peace and safety — a priceless value citizens will gladly pay for.  If you were unhappy with the protection service, you could withdraw and not pay…and not be a criminal.  If enough people did that, a competitive service would rise up to guarantee protection — better protection.  Those free-market dynamics would force tomorrow’s government to provide honest and satisfactory value to you.  Those free-market dynamics would guarantee your best protection, including national defense and local police protection.

Those free-market dynamics would also free the geniuses of society.  With the Prime-Law Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the prosperity-explosion described in the following chapters would never end.