Cure to Aging

The Prime Law Needed for Living Wealthy and Healthy

I no longer need to prove to my readers or provide examples that most politicians do not work for our best interest.  Rather they work for their own political survival and power.  All readers here know that by now, particularly with the rise of socialism in America.

For the first time, the powerful political sinking spiral that the framers of our Constitution feared can be stopped.  Our antidote to political power at our cost is the Prime Law. 

Think about it: with no more use of initiatory force, the Prime Law removes all political power — no more laws and regulations that allow politicians to force the people to satisfy political ends…political agendas.  What is left — what’s allowed — is only proper government protection…responsibilities that benefit us, the people: the military, police protection, the courts, infrastructure, disaster relief (for a complete breakdown see the TVP National Platform).

Best of all, however, will be the soaring standards of living when all the debilitating laws and regulations come off the backs of the value-and-job creators — the geniuses of society!  The Prime Law is truly our savior.  In 2050, we will say that the Prime Law was the law that saved the world and made everyone wealthy.

How the Prime Law Makes You Wealthy: Lets Others Make You A MILLIONAIRE

If throughout your life you have tried and tried long and hard to make yourself a millionaire, the feeling you are now getting — HOPELESSNESS — is well-founded.  Think about it like this:  It’s kind of like when you are trying hard to lose weight, and you can’t!  You get to a point where you feel hopeless.  …There’s got to be another way.

There is another way — a little known secret.  And the Prime Law brings this other path to us.  Are you ready to try something else?  There is a little-known path to the wealthy-elite class today.  It all starts the same way: forget trying to make yourself a millionaire!  Instead…you let others make you wealthy.  You put the load on others.  You lean on them.  If you let them, if you trust them, the geniuses of society will make you wealthy.

But you have to shift your TRUST away from career politicians, regulatory bureaucrats, and political judges to the geniuses of society.  And that’s not easy because we are submerged by societal conditioning.  If the people know what I know, then all the people can be wealthy for the rest of their lives, including today’s poor.

Let’s explore this alien idea, the most highly-guarded secret of all time…of letting OTHERS make you a millionaire through implementation of the Prime Law Amendment.

That would never happen?  “The world is the way it is.  Politics is out of my control.  And besides, I’ve been taught that only slaving hard work can make me wealthy,” you say?  Yes, the Establishment wants you to believe that in order to keep feeding it with your taxes.

But our founding fathers did not want you to think that way — to relinquish political power to the government, to cede control of politics.  The founders wanted the people to hold the power and to control their government, a truly interactive government by the people, for the people.

The founders feared that if you ever considered the government “beyond your control”, then our country fails and heads into the jaws of despotism.  And at that point, you just continue along as a slaving, tax-paying pawn.

It’s time to wake up to this other path. Our founders call out to us from their restless purgatory to take this step!

This secret path is hidden yet so beautiful; some cry upon seeing it.  Indeed, you will immediately see how your journey heretofore was hopeless.  We live and die as subjects of what has gone wrong since our country’s beginnings.  That realization can bring tears to your eyes.  And then upon seeing this beautiful hidden path open before your eyes — the life our founders planned for you, the life you were meant to live, that something more you always sensed was there — can be so emotionally overwhelming that you may no longer be able to hold back those tears.  This beautiful “other path” into the new world can overwhelm you with its potential monetary and romantic rewards! 

A Prime Law Amendment to the U.S. Constitution — the final integration our framers barely missed — can bring this beauty to you.  Are you ready to take control of our government?  Our founding fathers are cheering you on.  Are you ready to face the deepest joy of your life?  If you hesitated, that is exactly why this approach to wealth is so hidden, so little known, for as our founders feared, we have given up.  We no longer have a government by the people, for the people.

How long do you want to continue along your current slaving path?  Work, pay taxes, barely pay your bills.  Too much is stacked against you, and LIFE IT TOO SHORT!  Something much better exists.  It’s time to wake up and take another path, a hidden beautiful path…the path our founders prepared for you:  the path of letting others make you wealthy.  Now, I want you to remember the magic word: TRUST.

We are convinced by — actually brainwashed by — our politicians and media NOT to trust the very geniuses we can count on!  For instance, if you cannot trust another way after what you have read here, then this approach will be a challenge.  Think deeply about this for a moment.  This is a life-changing moment for you: Can you trust a different approach to getting ahead? 

If you are still doubting, still not trusting, I understand — it’s part of our societal conditioning that guards this other hidden path to universal wealth. 

You are probably having a hard time with the idea of OTHERS MAKING YOU WEALTHY.  After all, today’s rigged society always told you to work hard for success.  Work your fingers to the bone…and then you MIGHT see some success.  That work-yourself-hard-and-pay-taxes approach is the slave philosophy put into the entire non-privileged working class for centuries, for millennia, since the beginning of time.  Yes, drilled into our minds by the privileged ruling class who get rich off of us.  Put that behind you now.  Absorb my message instead…

And keep in mind: all that brainwashing of the past is why you doubt, or worse, are a nonbeliever that others, the geniuses of society, can make you rich.  But they can!  Consider this: BUYING POWER of computers has multiplied thousands of times, over and over again.  As Bill Gates himself said, “The statistics show that the cost of computing has decreased ten million fold since 1971.  That’s the equivalent of getting a Boeing 747 for the price of a pizza.”

With the computers, did you make yourself computer-rich or did the geniuses of society multiply your buying power to make you computer-rich?  THEY made YOU computer-rich!  …Now, can you begin to trust the geniuses to make you rich?  Can you trust THEM?  Can you begin to shift your trust away from the ruling class of politicians to the geniuses of society?

We all know, when it comes to computers, OTHERS MADE US COMPUTER-RICH.  Is the idea of others lifting us up and making you wealthy starting to seem a little less unrealistic?  And realize that once the Prime Law is in charge, political businessmen who get ahead with the help of politicians…well, they lose their political advantages, their political power as market businessmen move in with market power.  That will take care of the growing threat of big tech and their political power and control.  Remove their politically-created advantages with the Prime Law and the market businessmen move in and create the greatest values for the people for the cheapest prices.

Indeed, market businessmen and women — the geniuses of society — drive up our buying power so we can live like the rich.  They bring more and more values to our lives.  But society’s power brokers do not want us to “get it”.  Hopefully, you are beginning to “get it”.

So let’s do more of “letting geniuses make us rich” today in our own lives.  There is a path we can take: the Prime Law Amendment.

You see, if we could only turn over our trust to (and free) the geniuses of society who want to make us rich, we would be very wealthy without lifting a finger!  It’s a major mind-shift after centuries of steady ruling-class brainwashing, but one that will make us live wealthy!  We could live rich without the societal illusion of working ourselves to our graves.

We have the opportunity — the power — to lose our slave-path that gets us no significant prosperity.  That slave-path is designed to pay taxes and quietly support the ruling class.  We have the power to lose that.  

Imagine what we have to gain: the wealthy life the geniuses will bring to us.  They will lift us to the wealthy elite class if we give them pure freedom.  That all happens by trusting and freeing those geniuses of society — freeing them from destructive force-backed regulations — with a Prime Law Amendment to our U.S. Constitution.  It’s what our founding fathers would have wanted for us.  It’s how our path began during the time of the three titans — Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone — before President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the early rise of the rule of man in America.  …It’s what will let our founding fathers finally rest in peace.

Here is what we are up against: We are conditioned NOT TO TRUST others…beyond our “trusted” establishment leaders.  And that is why so few of us enjoy the wealth available to us from the true heroes of society.  Instead, most of us go through life in the old ruling-class paradigm that began thousands of years ago in Egyptian societies — the people working as slaves to the ruling class, the Pharaohs.  That paradigm still exists today: the wealthy political ruling class and the slaving non-political non-ruling class.  That is the old monarchal ruling-class dynamic our founders did NOT want for us.  The Prime Law Amendment is the freedom-path our founders wanted for us.

Break free from the old paradigm; TRUST the geniuses of society.  Trust them over the political rulers — over the modern-day Pharaohs of society.  FREE the geniuses with the Prime-Law Amendment.

Can you do that?

It’s a completely new way of thinking.  But the result is the Prime-Law Amendment to our U.S. Constitution that frees the geniuses from destructive regulations to bring us soaring buying power and luxurious living — for all people, including the poor!  Genuine universal wealth for all Americans.

Look in the opposite direction than we are told, look away from trusting our ruling-and-influencing class, look away from our politicians and media, look instead to our geniuses.  Then a secret path to prosperity and wealth — the Prime Law Amendment — opens up to us.  The geniuses will bring you into their world, and you will enjoy wealthy living from then on.  Life is short so we must make this shift happen now.

You and everyone can be wealthy sooner than later.  Indeed, as you will see, if everyone chooses to trust this new approach we can all become wealthy, even the poor!  This is the greatest kept secret of all time: the Prime Law. 

So trust freeing our geniuses to make us wealthy.  Join the Prime-Law Movement.  It is time to let go of the old exhausted paradigm of trusting our ruling-class leaders: our politicians, regulatory bureaucrats, political judges, and mainstream media.

Once we make the leap with the Prime-Law Amendment, then others (those geniuses of society) can begin to make us more and more prosperous as they drive up our buying power.  Talk to your family and friends about the Prime-Law Movement.  The word must spread.  This is the 3000-year-old secret to universal wealth.