Cure to Aging

The Two Fundamental Movements of Life

Let’s go down to the deepest movements of life, down where the meaning of life reveals itself.  Beneath our many physical/ mental movements in life are two fundamental movements of life:

1) Improve oneself in order to live a better life (Neothink®).

2) Improve society in order to live a better life (TVP®).

Those two fundamental movements of conscious life (human beings) bring us happiness.  In other words, they bring us the meaning of life.  They are the reasons for the Neothink® Society (improve oneself in order to live a better life) and the Twelve Visions Party (improve society in order to live a better life.)  They are also the prerequisites to achieving the greatest possible feat of mankind, revealed earlier in my message: biological immortality.

Those two movements have been my life; I spent over forty years preparing those movements, spending long days and nights writing the necessary Prime Literature that provides the source.

Successful Life is Two Movements
(1) Neothink® and (2) TVP®

We move through life.  We move from our beds to our jobs.  We move from our homes to our schools and stores.  We move from our jobs back to our homes.  Children move from school to play to their homework.  We move from our careers to our dinners to our hobbies and to our family time.  We move through life.  Even when we are sitting still reading a book or watching a movie, our minds are moving through the story.  We move through life, directed by our objectives…from small objectives (go fishing) to large objectives (achieve that goal).

Underneath all our objectives, two fundamental objectives direct us through life.

Those two fundamental objectives are:

1) To improve one’s life — virtuously selfish movement.

2) To improve the world one lives in — virtuously selfless movement.

Directed by those two fundamental objectives in life rose the two Neothink® Society Movements: the Neothink® Self-Improvement Movement and the TVP® Society-Improvement Movement:

*Improving life for our loved ones enters as a subset of both those fundamental movements.

The Neothink® Society provides the blueprints for improving our own lives and becoming the persons we were meant to be and the blueprints for improving the world we live in and living the life we were meant to live.

Take a moment to look at those two movements of human life again:

1) Improve our own lives — The Neothink® Movement.

2) Improve the world we live in — The TVP® Movement.

Your year-long journey here takes you through those two fundamental movements of life.  Indeed, improving yourself and improving your surroundings are the two fundamental movements that will bring you wealth and happiness.  Members who went through the same Neothink® Journey experience enormous prosperity, wealthy friends, and they love their lives!  They discover happiness and fully enjoy the true meaning of life.

The Neothink® Society brings our chosen members major values: I show you how to replace our sinking world ruled by dishonest politicians and bureaucrats with a prosperous Twelve Visions World ruled by the honest Prime Law.  I show you how to excel and make money.  I show you our approach to health and anti-aging.  I show you how to raise children into geniuses of society.  And we are just getting started!  Your journey will lift you to another level of living as we release your human potential.

Make no mistake…as things stand now, our country, our future, is eventually headed toward disaster.  When you know all the variables, you know that our country has only one way out:  The Twelve Visions Party with its Protection-Only Budget and Prime-Law Amendment.  (The ordinary person, prior to the Prime-Law Amendment, has a way out:  The Neothink® Society with its Prime Secret of becoming the Self-Leader, as taught in my messages to come.)

For people to shift to the Twelve Visions Party, they have to let go of the idea of being led.  Instead, they must get used to the idea of being protected and nothing more.  As simple as that seems to you now, it took over forty years of developing the Prime Neothink® Literature to uncover why people will not let go of the idea of being led by a ruling class.  (Your journey over the next year in the Neothink® Society uncorks this bottleneck of human psychology to send you soaring to great financial heights, starting in my message next month.)

To get in the psychological position to let go of being led, to let go of having leaders and living under a ruling class, requires the Neothink® mentality.  By now you have been introduced to Neothink® and, therefore, you understand the danger of a ruling class.

Once the self-leader shift in thinking occurs, once people let go of the idea of being led by government and instead embrace the idea of only being protected by government, the rule of man will effectively end.  We will no longer look to being led and legislated and regulated how to live under a government backed by force.  Instead, we will merely look to being protected by a protection-service called government.

With the resulting economic freedom, the geniuses of society and super technologies will race ahead so fast that costs will drop dramatically, our buying power will climb rapidly, and we will live wealthy, healthy, peaceful, and entertaining lives.

The path to universal prosperity is elegantly simple.  However, due to our bicameral roots (explained during your journey), it is hard for people to let go of our leaders and end the ruling class backed by force.  It is hard for the ordinary person to become The Self-Leader.

But this journey opens the path for people to let go of being led by a ruling class.  And now, the TVP makes letting go of the ruling class a choice — the clear choice — and provides a step-by-step process to do so.