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The Ultimate Illusion Of “Compassion”

I don’t think Americans in general realize the history-changing political damage that’s been done during the Coronavirus shutdown of 2020.  This was a major leap toward socialism.  And this was the ultimate illusion of “compassion”.

The state governments forced so-called “nonessential” businesses to shut down across the country, killing our economy.  They enforced stay-at-home orders, severely diluting our individual liberties.

But how else should the government have handled the pandemic?  Let’s go to the Prime Law to get our simple, non-confusing absolutely right answer.  Ready?  Let’s do this:

Remember under the Prime Law, government may not initiate force against any individual.   Keep that in mind while I point out a couple of things first:

Perhaps the most powerful tool of abusive government is creating illusions.  From the beginning the illusion was created that the virus was far more deadly than it was with models showing over two-million Americans dying.  The models gradually, continually came down as the number of deaths came in at a fraction of those illusions — as reality fought back and eventually dissolved the illusions.

And it is worth pointing out that the number of deaths were exaggerated.  You see, deaths from, say, heart failure or cancer or some other disease…among those who also had contracted Coronavirus, even if the Coronavirus did not kill them, were still counted as Coronavirus deaths.  That was dishonest, stoking the illusions that the virus is more deadly than it actually is.

The highly inflated models and highly exaggerated deaths caused dreadful fear throughout the population.  In fact, the models were so exaggerated that the fear essentially paralyzed the people into not resisting the unprecedented shutdown of their businesses, their private property, and the unprecedented shutdown of their freedom, their stay-at-home orders.  People passively allowed their civil liberties to be stripped away out of fear — fear created by the age-old tool of abusive government: illusions.  Political illusions of “compassion”.

Now, let’s get back to the Prime Law and not initiating force against any person, property or contract.  And remember now, the Prime Law is Natural Law or God’s Law we are born with — meaning it rises above man-made law.  Whereas the Bill of Rights, after over 230 years of battle scars from battling against man’s law, has weakened to the point of near-impotence against governors shutting down businesses (i.e., private property) in the face of the Coronavirus.  The Bill of Rights no longer protects us against government taking advantage of a crisis to strip our rights.

But understand that a governor ordering so-called “nonessential” businesses to close would not hold up against the Prime Law.  First of all, the Prime Law is generalized, unlimited Natural Law we are born        with — God’s Law or “Divine Law”, above specific, limited man’s law, such as the very specific and vulnerable Bill of Rights…vulnerable over time.

The Prime Law, by contrast, is clear and untouchable by man’s law: “Article 1: No person, group of persons, or government shall initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual’s self, property or contract.  Article 2: Force is morally-and-legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article 1. Article 3: No exceptions shall exist for Articles 1 and 2.”

So, no governor could order businesses to close.  No governor could force private property to lock its doors.  No governor could force individuals to leave their businesses or offices to stay at home.

With the Prime Law, no businesses could be forced to close and no people could be forced to stay at home.  Then what about the pandemic?  Well, this is where self-choice, self-responsibility, self-leadership comes into our lives.  Each individual would self-determine whether or not to keep the business open.  And each individual would determine whether or not he or she would walk through the doors of the businesses that chose to stay open.

And here is what would essentially happen:

People would base their decisions on reality, not illusions.  With the Coronavirus, people with autoimmune disease, people in their 70s or 80s with heart disease or cancer, people living with elderly folks in the household would mostly stay at home and be extremely careful with social distancing and good hand hygiene.  But younger healthy people would be more inclined to live more normally, going through doors into businesses, restaurants, events, etc., building herd immunity.  But it would all come down to INDIVIDUAL CHOICES, not government control, stripping our individual rights.

If this were Ebola, probably most people would choose to stay at home.  Certainly most businesses would close.  With Coronavirus, not so much.  The individuals will be making those decisions — NOT GOVERNORS, not the government.  Whereas the Bill of Rights — weakened specific man’s law — could not stop the massive power grab by governors, the Prime Law would not allow it.  With the Prime Law as the 28th Amendment to our Constitution, neither the federal nor state governments could have issued stay-at-home orders, and the governors could not have ordered so-called “nonessential” businesses to close.

Instead, under the Prime Law, each person makes an individual decision whether or not to keep a private business open or whether or not to patronize a business.  Each individual makes that choice based upon his or her circumstance.

The mass forced closures of businesses and the stay-at-home orders violate our Constitution, but we are powerless to do anything about it as our Bill of Rights — our civil liberties — have weakened to near impotence in the face of petrifying fear caused by illusions of “compassion” warning of millions of deaths to Americans.

With the Prime Law in place that protects the smallest of all minorities — the individual — then each person is responsible for oneself.  Each person decides what risks he or she wants to take.  No one, no governor could stop the individual from leaving open or closing his or her business on his or her private property, and no one, no governor could stop any individual from frequenting any place of business he or she cares to visit.  For, initiatory force is forbidden.  With such individual freedom and self-determination, people will cut through the government’s spoon-fed illusions to learn the honest facts in context in order to make their decisions.

Freedom and self-responsibility go hand in hand.  With the Prime-Law Amendment, freedom and self-responsibility reign, no longer a nanny state with government making our decisions for us, stripping us of our individual rights.

And, I might add: with people owning full responsibility now for themselves, they will search for reality and contextual facts in order to make good, productive decisions.  That would create a demand for a media outlet that provides context.  For example, during the sensationalized Coronavirus scare, the media put a microscope 24/7 on the Coronavirus statistics.  Whenever you put a microscope on one set of statistics, it creates an amplified blown-up focus that greatly overstates a problem…not unlike hypochondria.

For instance, people are not used to seeing death counts daily on the news.  People have no context when seeing those growing, daily deaths in a country of 328 million people.  And, the news has never put those deaths in context.  The news has never put up a daily 24/7 death count before the Coronavirus Pandemic.  So, people get very frightened seeing those daily growing numbers on all the news stations.  “That could be me,” goes through their heads like a mini panic attack.   But that is all part of the illusion.  In our country of 328 million people, more deaths happen daily for other illnesses.  For example, every single day, day after day, more Americans lose their lives to cardiovascular disease (about 2500 day after day) than the single-day highest death count from Coronavirus (about 1500 single-day record).

So with the Prime Law in place and people relying on their own research instead of handing that responsibility and their trust over to the agenda-driven power-thirsty government, the demand would rise for a media outlet that always strives to put facts in context for the people.  If such a media outlet existed, it would show the number of true Coronavirus deaths juxtaposed to flu deaths, heart-attack deaths, cancer deaths, auto-accident deaths, all during the same time frame on the same TV screen, which would put the Coronavirus deaths in context.

People living under the Prime Law seeking factual context would flock to such a media outlet that gave them the factual context they thirst for.  And yes, they would have known that the Coronavirus was not nearly the danger or scourge the power-thirsty government and media — solely interested in controlling the people — made it out to be.

The handling of the Coronavirus Pandemic was a major victory for growing government control.  In fact, it is a turning point in America, stripping away your individual liberties.  Forget private property rights.  Forget individual rights.  If government says, “Close it down and stay at home,” we obey or subject ourselves to fines, even arrests.  That is the beginning of the end.

But that could not happen with the Prime Law.  With the Prime Law, we the people truly own our lives, our property, our country — our freedom!  And there is nothing the government can do about that.  That is a turning point for the best.  And that is our future, with the Prime Law.

But now we have nothing — no control over our property, our lives, our country, our freedom.  The government does.  We sit at home and wait to be told what we can or cannot do.  That is a turning point for the worst.  And that is now our future, without the Prime Law.


The laws now in America are written to stop people from using force on each other, but the government can initiate force on its people, such as abusive governors and mayors and their forced lockdowns.  And now that the government has claimed this power over us, they’re going to do this again and again and again when the next virus comes in a few years.   And that’s a big problem.

The framers of our Constitution were worried sick about potential government abuse of its people, which is why they created the Bill of Rights.

But now we learn that the Bill of Rights is not enough. In fact, our rights have been trampled on as of late. Americans are being forced to close their businesses.  This is wrong. There’s never been a law that unconditionally stops the government from wrongfully initiating force, or the threat of force, on its people – NEVER been done, not even in America. Not even in the Bill of Rights.

So we need something more – a law that would save America from this rising government abuse.  We need the Prime Law:  The Prime Law states that the GOVERNMENT shall not initiate force or threat of force on its people.

Forced lockdowns and stay-at-home orders would violate the Prime Law. Severe consequences would be imposed on politicians and bureaucrats who engage in such Draconian measures.  Anyone can certainly choose to stay at home, but the government is using force or threat of force when all people in a particular state are forced to stay home and shut down their businesses.  Dictatorial governors and mayors would be nullified by the Prime Law, for the Prime Law prevents our government from initiating force on its people. Our governors and mayors would be kept in check.

Think about it: protection of every individual from the government itself, from abusive mayors and governors.  Where our Bill of Rights falls short, the Prime Law steps in. This is something everyone could get behind and support together.  This protection from the government brings us all a new sense of freedom, like a breath of fresh air.

Smooth Talkers  

One observation through all this:  I noticed how governors, congressmen and bureaucrats in high positions all sound so eloquent, so well-spoken, so smooth.  Admirable vocabularies.  And I began to realize: No wonder they won their election or appointment, for their smooth-talking talent allowed them to rise above the others.  But as I listened to all those well-spoken authorities, I also began to realize their gift-of-the-gab was being used against us, used to hurt us, used to support the illusions and to usurp power from the people.  I realized all that brilliance and talent was actually being used to hurt the people and to grow the government.  It made me think: “No longer vote for those smart smooth talkers.  Instead, let’s put more down-to-earth businessmen and women in office — blue or white collar — those who may not have the gift-of-the-gab, who may have a smaller vocabulary, who may not sound so eloquent, so superior and so smooth…maybe America should stop electing the smooth-talking ‘superior specimens’ and instead vote for the down-to-earth plain-talking businessmen and women who focus on results.  Such down-to-earth people would support the Prime Law.”

The Stunning Change

The Prime Law removes government as the individual’s authority.  The Prime Law puts the responsibility of decisions squarely where it belongs — on the individuals it affects.  That psychological shift improves the efficacy of society exponentially as every individual makes the decision that is best for that individual.  The handful of agenda-driven power-thirsty politicians and bureaucrats no longer make the decisions for over 300 million people.

That shift of decision-making from the authoritative state to the individual is akin to business efficiency under the authoritative state versus capitalism, but at even a deeper level.  Indeed, the prosperity in a country where businesses work for their own best interests as in America far surpasses the poverty in a country where businesses work for the government’s best interest as in Madero’s Venezuela, Castro’s Cuba, Mao Tse-Tung’s China, Stalin’s Soviet Union.  Those examples of prosperity vs. poverty show us every time throughout history that businesses operating for their own best interests provide standards of living and prosperity that far surpass businesses operating for their government’s best interests.  That is true even for the same people living side by side now and in the past: North Korea vs. South Korea, Red China vs. Hong Kong, pre-Castro Cuba vs. Castro Cuba…and the tragedy that unfolded before our eyes in Venezuela.

As we can see from business — decisions made by businesses (i.e., by the productive working class) for their best interests, not for the government’s (i.e., the parasitical ruling class’) disastrous best interests — we need to do the same now with the people.  We need to bring decisions down to the people during a Coronavirus-like situation.  We need the people (i.e., the productive working class) to make their decisions for their own best interests during the Coronavirus and other similar situations, and not for the government’s (i.e., the parasitical agenda-driven, power-thirsty ruling class’) disastrous best interests.

Each and every individual making his or her own decision will result in a far, far greater societal efficiency analogous to capitalism versus state-controlled socialism.

Let’s take the Coronavirus as an example.  Under government-controlled decision-making, the country’s economy gets destroyed.  Millions — tens of millions of people lose their jobs within a month or two.  Under individual-controlled decision-making, perhaps we would experience a ten percent at the very most slowdown of the otherwise very robust economy.  The number of deaths may have even been less when the responsibility of each individual is squarely on each individual’s own shoulders.  The vulnerable and those who love them would work that much more diligently to protect themselves and their vulnerable loved ones.

So how do we make this major, dramatic shift from government-controlled decisions (stripping away individual rights) to individual-controlled decisions (preserving and championing individual rights)?  Now there is a simple process:  The Prime Law — make it the 28th Amendment to our U.S. Constitution.

Remove Anxiety

Once you absorb and integrate the Prime Law — inalienable God’s Law — into your existence…your view of the world simplifies.  Illusions evaporate, and you see things for what they are.

The mainstream media hysteria fizzles into white noise.  Everything becomes clear.  Everything becomes calm.  I call it the Prime-Law Peace of Mind.

Yes, you relax.

Frightful doomsday scenarios vanish into thin air.  Your mind has the tool to put down such agenda-driven fear-games designed to control it.

Adolescents can now embrace the Prime-Law Peace of Mind.

So, let’s teach our youth the Prime Law.  It’s the antidote to decades of the liberal hijacking of our schools.  My youngest child, my 16-year old now takes on anyone pushing the age-old anti-man, anti-business illusions of “man-made destruction” that narrative now being climate change and capitalism.  He sees right through the dangerous political agendas and political correctness all around him, particularly the left’s weaponizing racism to boost socialistic big-government programs.

And believe me, there are problems with the right too, and he can see those problems with the Prime Law as his tool. (I will not get into the right’s problems and illusions at this time as the left and the pull toward socialism is winning the battle.)

If you want to see the world with elegant simplicity, you too need to absorb and integrate the Prime Law.  Then you will experience the Prime-Law Peace of Mind.  The world will no longer confuse you.  The world around you will no longer cause conflict within you.  Guilt placed on you by agenda-driven activists will lift from your shoulders.  You will become free, light and at peace!

This reaction is especially true for the younger generation that has been tortured with false guilt by agenda-driven politics.  Perhaps the worst of all is the guilt put on our youth exclaiming that man destroys our planet…another illusion dispelled earlier in Chapter Illusions. 

End Sabotage of Natural Unity

In Chapter Illusions, I wrote about illusions controlling and dividing the people.  Underneath it all, and without realizing this, most people do want the same thing — what is best for the country and its citizens.

How do I know that?  The answer is: people by and large are rational and honest.  And rational, honest people want what is good for our country and its citizens.  A natural unity exists among rational, honest people.

But something has taken away that natural unity…taken control of and divided us: the politicians’ powerful use of illusions, as mentioned earlier.  And something else sabotages that natural unity: the politicians’ powerful use of hyper-emotional issues.  For example, let’s consider two hyper-emotional issues: right-to-life and racism.  Stop to think for a moment just how little a role those two issues actually play in your life:

If your family believes life is sacred at the moment of conception, and nearly half of American families do, then those in your family will not ever get an abortion.  Beyond your own family, this issue does not directly enter into your life.  So this deeply personal matter is mostly a family matter among loved ones, yet vote-seeking politicians on both sides use this hyper-emotional issue to rile up and divide people all over the country.

And similarly, if racism is not present in your family or workplace, which it isn’t in most families and businesses, then racism really does not enter into your life.  Yet, vote-seeking politicians use this hyper-emotional issue to rile up and divide good people all across our country.

These hyper-emotional political talking points let politicians take control of and divide many, many good people.  Indeed, vote-seeking politicians cause division among good people all across America; they sabotage the natural unity among those good people.

Most people want the same things: prosperity, good standards of living, good health.  But that common ground is too often ripped out from under us through political illusions and hyper-emotional political talking points.  You now know the Prime Law obsoletes political parties and gives us all what we want most: prosperity, good standards of living, good health.  Illusions and hyper-emotional talking points would fade away, and the division they cause would vanish as good people’s natural unity took over.  And, finally, the Prime Law would go a long way in curing the root cause of racism.  …Let us make the Prime Law our 28th Amendment!